The Patriot Program

This is a narrow overview on how it is in The Patriot Program wherein the primary operators are first The Business Tycoon., second, the Innovator and lastly The Son of The Businessman.  I think its not necessary to explain as to how and where got off first but lets just say it was a quest for the Business Tycoon’s son. A quest given by God The Father himself. First started badly in a world wherein the son got desintegrated by a test military robot. In that world the Business Tycoon was first the Senior Science Specialist of the city situated above the grounds.  To shed some more complications and more complexity to where and how it all started lets start as to how the Program works in innumerable earth worlds in which the first man is always called, Adam.

In a busy office of people going here and there in which office equipments and even furnitures do not resemble like in this world, a man who has just finished from weeping bitterly was holding a card in his hand trying to get his way and searching for a room. Hes utterly confused, broken hearted and terrified. He is still unsure of what is actually going on. He just met a beautiful young woman who explained to him that he has just been saved from being ravaged by monsters inside his household in Dumaguete City. He is an American national in his early 40s. A realtor and was married to a Filipina. Unfortunately the woman he married is a PBMA member. A satanist! The Beautiful young woman explained to him that he was replaced by an organic robot, his self was ravaged by monsters when his filipina wife decided to have him killed after putting all his assets under her name. That was also after an argument in which he wanted to take a vacation back home in America and his wife refused of his wishes. He was explained by the young girl in a weird fashion but formal that he is the daughter of his friend way back in college. And hes the one who had him saved but is currently not around. Upon realizing the truth, he cried bitterly realizing that the man who helped him get through college and finish it with his degree has again did something priceless for him inspite of what he did. He had his life saved! He was told that he will be briefed about everything and so he has to get to the room with the label written on the flash card. He has 4 cards with the labels of separate rooms. First he must get to the card colored in yellow. For several minutes, he wept bitterly like it was his mother’s funeral in his high school year.

Walking cautiously and still wiping off some tears in his face, he wondered in great amazement of everything around him! The fashion, the design of the office which would resemble twice the size of a basketball court. The faces and the hair, his eyes widened in disbelief when he even saw one half sized woman riding platform way above everyone scanning on the folders. Everything was different then suddenly from the three people that he saw arguing about something, the oldest noticed and approached him. “You need some help Mister. Let me look at that.”. The man called out the youngest and gave the yellow card to him then told him to go with the man in charge. He kept looking for me! “Yes! He is always here. Well one of them. But first lets finish those cards first ok?” He kept on insisting as to where i am but the young man pushed him inside the room and said “Just watch, listen, stand still”. When he got inside it was pitch black. Then after a few seconds a rectangular screen popped up! It shows a woman explaining “Welcome to the facility of the Patriot Program… You are not in world. You are deep and far away from the world where you came from. You are what you think you are. Your name is correct, age and your last memory. There are worlds in Universes. There are also other Universes. You are not in your Universe. You were saved from death back in the world where you came from… look in your right side that is what happened to you just awhile ago before you were here.”. Another screen was shown to the man. It shows him and his filipina wife arguing early that morning of going back home. And later on that night, his wife was talking to 3 men who are actually monsters. And on that same night he was killed by the monsters. The scenario paused minutes before the monster attacked him. He was made to see that time was frozen then he was replaced by an organic robot. He was then told no questions will be accepted from him until the orientation is finished so he must be quiet and mindful of his reality now. The explanation to him continues “…You are not dead. This is not Heaven or Hell. But there is such a place, both of them. This facility is dedicated in situations against the operatives of the entity supreme in Hell. And they are also the ones that had you killed. You are not yet dead. This is your second chance in life. The three remaining cards in your hands will bring you to your transformation as a new person…”. The man then realizes everything, he was just fooled by his wife, he was not himself. Then he recalls his friend asking him again for help and he just ignored him. He again wept bitterly. “You must forget everything that you know back in that life. The next card that you are holding will give you the choice on which path you will take. You can only chose on the choices that will be given to you. This facility is composed of races from different Universes. This is a facility dedicated only on one single goal and that is “Order in Existence”. Again another screen in his left was shown. In there he was explained about parallel worlds and he was amused to see the other versions of him on different choices in his life. He was made to understand where, what and who he is.  “…there are many sides to the persona of you. You are just one of them. If you have looked closely, you are outside this room.”. He was then informed that he can now talk and ask questions. He wanted to get back and take revenge. He was then given the explanation “Part of what you will go through will require you to be reborn. You will become an infant again to cleanse your soul of the evils of the world in which you once lived your entire life. Everyone in this facility is considered a soldier of their own accord. We become everything that is required to achieve our goal. The goal set by the alliance which is the strongest in all existence, and that is The Union of Kings lead by God The Father.”

When the man went out of the room, his face was different. His outlook in everything was different now. Hes not crying anymore. He was thinking then he was startled by the first man who approached him. “Well whats next on your hand, let me see. You shouldnt waste time with what you are now. Youre not supposed to take long here”. He was surprised to see another man talking to the younger man that brought him to the room. The man looked familiar and it seemed like hes also looking in his direction while talking to the others. It was his other self from another parallel world. His eyes widened when his copy shook hands with him. “You need to get to the other room now, you shouldnt waste time. I did the same thing. Go!”. His eyes widened in great awe and all he could say is just “yes”. His copy was amused looking at himself, his copy from the parallel world. The other guy then held him in his left arm and took him to the other room. He told him “It will be just like 5 minutes or maybe 3 thats how youll feel after getting out of here! Hahahaha! Youll remember me of course! Ill still be here, i wont be at Kandra yet. Go go now!”

Meanwhile on one earth world like this one, London. I was on a dinner date with a close friend and his wife. Theyre older than i am, 20 years older. Bill and his wife. I noticed that his wife whispered to him while i put something on my mouth from the delicious plate. Bill smiled hideously looking at me. 

-“So, Mark…wheres your wife? Whats the story with the empty seat beside you?”.
-“…shes uhhh..busy. yeah dad had her in this deal and she cant come until next week”
-“is that so?’

Its not easy living with dad and with everything. Then theres my grandma whose always being followed by 5 huge men from the military. He doesnt like to be joked at but shes trusts me more on business transactions that with my older brother, Clark. Clark’s a US Navy SEAL. At one time, he confronted me about my relationships. He asked me if im even thinking about AIDS. I told him that all of my relationships are from decent women. Things didnt go well enough. That was after I got to Sudan. It just confuses me. I thought there was only Clark. Then one night dad introduced me to this guy who looks like me. He said im going to become soldier wether i like it or not. I tried to run away with my laptop. I am Santa Claus. Im a computer genius. I can get to any terminal connected to a network with my laptop. I am the one who first designed the OS Windows. There are special keys there that will enable me to get inside the codes for me to manipulate all its operations and access every single terminal that operates on the same OS. Dad blocked my cards but that didnt stop me. One night while walking beside the road after hacking an ATM a car followed me, the next thing i knew something hit me from behind and i fell unconscious. I was still able to hear the words “Sleep tight, youre gonna need it tomorrow when you wake up.” It was my brother and he and his partner was laughing in amusement. This is one of the worlds wherein we have to live an entire lifetime to accomplish everything. We need to ensure that America is still a christian continent for Zion to come down to someday.Before this world, the parallel earth worlds. We replaced key personas in other worlds to solve disputes and conflicts. We can manipulate time. When we first saw this earth world it was not how it is. The Germans won the war. The Nazis ruled the world. There is a black cloud that enshrouded the cities of each continent. America fell to Germany, there were still resistance but it is still futile. In Russia, The Nazis took hold of everything. Their Prime minister together with the remainder of his men was able to hide and seemingly has a solution to take back their territory. Only them. The other continents are being led to misery, worked in factories and fed only with root crops. The ray of the sun does not him the skin of the citizens. They work, sleep and eat to multiply arms and food production for the armies of Germany. There is no white cloud on earth, well at least not for a long time. Thats how it was until The Patriot Program intervened and reverted time. I was there at Omaha Beach. I was the one who got in first. I was there when we cornered Hitler and his wife. I am the youngest General in Pearl Harbor. I was in each time line. That’s how it was back in the first parallel earth worlds. I was there too to stop Khan from getting to America with his army. It was my father who conspired to poison one Great Man in history in order for things to go bearably in the future.

But before all of this, I was a businessman playboy who got kidnapped in the desert. They wanted me to invent this weapon for them. I was also selling my technology to the US Military. What does not exist now in the remaining parallel worlds are the race that came from God The Father’s creation. The race in which an advanced alien race fooled them all underground and later on took every last one of them in their home planet to become workers, laborers and even guinea pigs. The planet’s size is bigger compared to all the planets in the Solar System combined. For the longest time this race became slaves. Until one day the strongest of them had a revelation from God The Father whom they were all made to hate. He was informed that what was happening to their race can not be stopped for if an attempt to stop it will affect everyone else on Earth. So now that the Planet is full enough of their race and their masters can not take more from other parallel earth worlds, it is now time to for what must be done in order to free them. Their numbers outnumber their masters 8-2. Though it is not a general ground to take over the planet, it can be done if their ruler or their Queen is killed. And no one can do it but the champion of their race which is him. From there he was confronted by two choices. Become the leader of the human race in that planet after taking it over. Or become still the leader and ruler as King of the planet by accepting the offer of the Queen which is also from their race. Only tortured, altered and combined with the race of their ruler. Her face, her beauty and her posture is no match to that any of other woman in this planet when it comes to seduction. He has already tasted her. Now he followed God The Father’s will for he calculated it to be correct. Back on Earth, they are just part of the crowd now here in this dominion they are better. Life can become more better. War broke out as planned by everyone in the planet. The only thing left to do is to kill The Queen. Armed with his sword bloodied with the guards in which only a man with his skill can do The Queen appeared in her seductive manner, He seduced him giving a choice, his kind of become his King. The Champion of the humans lowered his sword, thinking. The Queen went closer to him to entice him. The human touched him kissed him in her neck, smelled her aroma. And from behind, he pricked pointed object in her shoulder showing off her flesh inside her skin. Its is colored green and scaly. The man then thrust his sword in her heart and then beheaded her. From the glass walls the war and explosion was still visible. The man stepped forward on the circular shape infront of the glass holding the Queen’s head. It has changed in appearance into a hideous fanged creature. Everyone on the planet saw him. The battle was won by the humans. The man became King. And the entire Planet was ruled by their race. It is as what God The Father had planned for them. Still in this world, their race is influenced greatly with its gigantic structures by other alien races.But long ago, still in this parallel earth. There withstood other disputes between The fallen beings of The Heaven and the inhabitants of The Earth. The demons tried in the ancient times to rule the surface by possessing humans. The earth broke into multiple pieces. Daylight and lightning became as one in those days. The rain dropped heavily on earth but the sun never faded in its descent to flood everyone. There will people with great power in the ancient times. Humans that were possessed by Archangels and Demons. There were giants, there were monsters. There were also heroes of huge and small proportions, even a 5 year old boy. Until Satan himself thought that the pursuit to take over the surface will bring just nothing but loss of his people. There are ancient artifacts buried real deep in this earth to prove the war of the Archangels and demons in ancient times.The destruction of men by themselves. That is all the same in all earth worlds in regards to satan’s goal on earth. Until later on, it changed when mankind became one huge production ground for power cells. And so satan became a distributor of power sources to other advanced races in the Universe. He knew of his fate later on. He knew that the scriptures will happen. He will be bound and later on set free just to be vanquished. This time he has a choice outside this world.There is a place in existence in which anyone, any being can become indestructible, a God. Anyone who has a hole in both his hands and feet will be able to enter the door in which his holes are the keys into opening the gateway into becoming a God. That place has already been destroyed.There is one race also who does not belong to God The Father’s creation but was set here on earth to assist his Son. That said race is later destined to be taken back to their Dominion in which it is actually just a huge rock floating in the coldest region of space. That is how it was before until God The Father gave them a planet as a reward for their assistance on Earth. On the later earth, after 2020 they are to be taken out in a ship. Everyone from ancient times will resurrect. Everyone who is in the books will be seen alive and walking together with them inside their ship. Only those who have the same eyes as with them will be taken out of the planet. So as to why marriage between a different race was prohibited. Their race does not actually adhere to their President but to 5 Elders that can travel from different parallel worlds. Upon arrival to their dominion they will see the original copies of their being. They will be then briefed and made understood of their earth life. Those who became evil will be punished heavily. Later on it became a daunting task. So those who were evil was banished instantly but not entirely. They were made to fade away in an existence of nothingness.The earth is not supposed to be a place wherein another human being kneels down or in misery to another. Even with vast beliefs from other Gods, equality and unity was supposed to have existed but satan also became predominant in thier scriptures since the ancient days and corrupted those who are narrow in their understanding.And who was able to read my other blogsite that i deleted late last year? Everyone in the Patriot Program way back in what i would call ANCIENT times got possessed. First was The Businessman, my father. Next Mr. Branson and lastly i was too. Well actually im the one who first got possessed when me and Mr. Branson went in search for Supernatural Powers. Sacrificial lambs. Mr. Branson thought its not right but then there was no other way. Or so i thought there wasnt. I became close to Mr. Branson. He became like a father figure to me too. He was the one who first got a death scene at the facility that was first located in a building in The US. The germans stormed the place, luckily he was able to open the portal for me to get back to the past and change and mend our mistakes. It was after throwing our hats in the air in the graduation ceremony in Princeton that I was first introduced to The Program. An operative called me out from a distance. I thought dad was ran to a hospital but everything couldnt wait. Mr. Branson’s first words was “So…youre going to be a Superhero…your face, we can fix that along the way. I can see thats what they did.”. I was ran over by a truck. Jumped and crushed my legs from jumping off a building. I got shot, blown to bits and even got cut off in half with a laser beam during first days of Mr. Branson’s tests. We were reverting time. It was tricky when he first tried to manipulate time. They put me inside this cell and let me sit on it.  It was weird, its just only 5 minutes and they let me out then asked me “So? How was it?”. I answered in great confusion “Whats what?”. “What? Youve been gone for a month and a half? Cant you remember?”. That was the first ever time travel done in the program. The two of them laughed, it was a success.Everyone got possessed in the Program in the Ancient times. My father was not The Head of Operations in the first run. It was my grandfather who looks like him. They had Mr. Branson tortured infront of me at the facility which was located at the moon. Everything starts off in the Philippines. We do not change the reality in each world. We keep it as it is to make all the events become more anticipatable to us.  From the Philippines after high school i get pulled out and replaced. Operatives in the Program requires only humans that came from God the Father. If there was a Gong-Li, there was only one and it was a woman.

Possession by evil spirits is not enough to turn someone into fully destroying his soul. At the very end of a man’s breath, even out of the evils he has done in his life, out of sincerity he can change and make a sacrifice that can earn him a 2nd chance for salvation. Satan has deviced a way on how to fully turn a human into a self destructive machine, turning his soul into nothing but a vessel of wickedness. There were worlds that were destroyed by war. Still it survived and later on became a pleasing sight to God The Father because of reformation. That is because the survivors were still human. So in order to fully turn everyone into satan’s pleasing bowl of soup, one must destroy himself and everyone around him until the very last strength in his body. There were worlds that were destroyed by a plague, by a virus. I blogged about this last year. The Germans were searching for the a God like being. The one that will lead them into world domination or should i say someone that will get them to the Universe. Human knowledge is limited as we can only access a small portion of our brains. There were researches that proved successful in harnessing our full capabilities that they were all unstable, the candidate only survived for less than an hour. There was a combination of formula that if the right person or human is merged by it with his system, his brain will be restructured. He will become the God that will lead the Germans. A set of candidates were not enough. For a year the researchers failed. They needed more guinea pigs. They require a giant test tube. Things in 3rd world countries are easy to manipulate with money. So the test tube thing began in India. Russia reacted and later on they decided to put it on The Philippines since their most hated person is there. The reincarnate Jehovah! Well in this world its how it is. But in other worlds, it first came out of a company delivering cheap medical solutions to everyone in the entire world. The Umbrella of the world in times of crisis. So as how they were called later on for their philathropic operations everytime there were calamities around the world.  As time grew and the research was directed to The United States of America due to political issues in The UK where it first originated. The Pharmaceutical lab was later on called The Umbrella Corporation. With its CEO Albert Wesker. Yeah the movie. 🙂

Albert partnered with alot of the great minds of America. The minds that turned the entire earth into oblivion. Id like to add up with something here but i dont think its a good idea. Past relationships are sometimes better forgotten. But anyway, its one world that got destroyed by running and biting crazy people. If you can scroll down and visit my other blog in blogger, you can read all about it but not most of it. I wrote some of what happened when we got teleported from Bacolod City to Seattle in another parallel earth world. The other part of the story happened in a world like this one where we ended up in San Carlos. In another parallel world, the female Philippine Senator and her bf Captain in the AFP almost wrestled me inside the chopper. That was when the test tube turned blue with its liquid. I called up Base Command informing them that its blue. Command communicated with the pilot and distanced us from Negros Island. Then fired the nuke missile. The senator and the captain thought we were heartless. Everyone was already dead the moment we got there and i took a blood sample on one of the AFP soldiers guarding the airport.

That is how a soul is destroyed. A human soul is precious. Once is commits evil it is transformed into a powerful energy source. Murder will make it like energizer! That is a fact in all worlds.

There are more worse virus strains, that is the one i mentioned with the female senator. It is like a urine of a rat. It multiplies with liquid. And it infects in contact to the skin alone. So just imagine taking a chopper and getting a 5 gallon of water and showering it down below a busy crowd. Wait for 5 hours and everyone will grow fangs, get stronger and start running after everyone for the kill. It came from the middle easterns.

The Patriot Program later on grew in numbers with it’s operatives. Most were from The Temple of Light. As explained in my other blogs each parallel world’s reality is based on the question What If? There were people that became my family. Men that became my friends and women that became my wife, well actually not me always but the persona in that world. In the Philippines, there were 3 who became and play a major role as my wife in all parallel worlds. In other worlds, they became my enemies.

Mother Nature is always just. The Earth does what its inhabitants does to itself too. There are and all present in all parallel worlds man made forces of nature or catastrophe. And it is always true what they say that Mindanao is the Promise Land, that the entire archipelago of the Philippines will be submerged in water but never Mindanao, well only a little portion of the northern region. In one Parallel world, after WW3 fish became a rare part of the filipino meal. Pork became as cheap as 25 pesos pero kilo. Education was only granted for the elite in the first 10 years after the war that broke down every standard of technology in the philippines as well as the entire world. Migration was set without limits, hence it welcomed businesses entailed to prostitution. One pirated VCD costs at least 3k pesos in the Philippines as a precious item. There are only 3 shows left in the entire world and only one Channel. The most awaited show of all is the Bloodsport in Pampanga in which the entire carnage is set on one simple rule. The other two shows are WWE and the other is a live huntdown of scavengers in rural areas all around the world. The President of The Phillipines was simple with his SONA in his few words “…You can kill, You can steal, You can do everything you want. Just as long as you dont go against my business, no one will stop you.”. The Germans ruled the country. In Luzon and Visayas domestic toilets became illegal. High Tech public utility toilets were set up for free. These toilets are being continually replaced with cleaned ones. The human excrement in these toilets were being intentionally dumped all around the Ocean territory of the Philippines thus killing the entire marine life as we speak. Fish consumption is a luxury. With cheap consumption of pork, incest and heart related diseases prevailed. There was still a US Army base in Pampanga. The Americans left the place. I later on became resistance leader in Pampanga. We defended the nuclear arsenal left by the US Army. And guess what, monsters went in cohorts with us in defending the territory.

Satanism became a common religion in the Phillipines after the war. I became a construction worker in Pampanga. America sent US Navy SEALs for us but it went the other way around. For 6 years i worked as a construction worker, full time. I grew real big. That was after the war. Then later on to avert the threat on me and my family against the Germans i searched for a more secured place, an underground place.  During that time the sea became a carpet of human excrement. No one lived near the sea. We were lucky that me and my kids were able to get overseas before Luzon and Visayas was eaten by sea water. That was after i was able to raise 300k pesos. How? Well lets just say that every morning i was banging the concrete wall with my padded fists. And my daughter thought i was going  crazy talking to an imaginary friend at times. Only Mindanao was not eaten by satanism.

Man alone can not reform the earth into a Utopic era. But mother nature can. In all parallel worlds, Mother Nature cleanses the world with its filth in a lot of ways. Believe me that human excrement is the reason for earth quakes. Our understanding of the causes of earth quakes is just the secondary effect of the real explanation behind it. That i can not elaborate here but i know that someone from The UK knows what im talking about. The brother of one British SAS. The weirdo in the family.

I dont know if frequency got to them all but, in one parallel world hes my dad there. He made a mistake of taking us there at the wrong time. At the dinner his brother asked him “…how come you are not like your son? How come youre not so inclined with science?”. I spent most of my time in his place. Dont feel at home at the office with my other cousins. They all laughed at the table when they asked me about him. I got confused when they all sounded very troubled. I told them that uncle is a very good man, its fun to be with him. Everyone laughed. They all see him as the weirdo in the family. He and his wife scolded me as to why i only took two years in college. They wouldnt accept the fact that i am a time traveller and i am a valedictorian in Princeton. Uncle and i shared a lot of things. I know a lot of his secrets. And he too, knows about the aliens. He also told me not to trust his brother. My father in that world. Hell i dont trust his persona here too in here, 100 times moreover. Thats all ill say about that.

Evil Spirits
Evil spirits are powerful entities that came from the lord of the underworld’s concoctions. They are the opposite side of the coin. The corrupted version of The Holy Spirit. In The Kingdom of The Heaven there is a heirarchy of beings created in servitude to God The Father, to uphold his Holy Will. These were beings of power, spirits of different levels of strength. The most usable strength of power that God The Father uses at his disposal are The Holy Spirits. During the Rebellion in The Heaven, satan was able to lure and deceive a being that belongs in the heirarchy that there is another God that’s going to send cavalry when the war commences. Out of also being deceived, satan fell on earth and stripped off of his glory and power together with everyone that have followed him. All the rebellious beings from The Heaven that have fallen out of grace lost their beauty and power. There were also the spirits that God The Father would often use to inspire beings and that is the holy spirits now turned as evil spirits.

Evil spirits are the front liners in satan’s concoction to deceive the children of men. They are the ones that creates doubt, envy, argument, and question to a human being. These spirits are the ones that can put conflict and evil thoughts in the human mind. If you are going to base on The bible, the book will only give you a narrow view of how they really are. Evil Spirits comes in different levels of power. The most common trait that they have as with the same with all spirit beings is possession. During possession an evil spirit shares with his human host, his hatred, his mindset, his entire being. Everyone that has ever committed a high level of sin can be possessed by an evil spirit. Everyone who has been with a woman can be possessed by an evil spirit. Even animals can be controlled and manipulated by evil spirits. Evil spirits become one with their hosts! Although they can possess, they can never entirely control a human beings locomotor functions and that is in contrast with a demon which is also a spirit.

Everyone and almost everybody in this earth can be possessed by an evil spirit. Although it is a fact that they are sensitive to good acts or even just an ambiance that would suggest peace and tranquility, they can easily be waved off intentionally or unintentionally by anyone who has them inside their being. Say for example listening to praising songs and even singing religious hyms can ward off evil spirits inside a man. Sometimes even just fresh air. Evil spirits can be found in dirty places and they can become more powerful when you are in foul smelled locations such as comfort rooms. Possession from evil spirits is not actually a big deal when it comes to someone who you can not call evil. Anyone who is not a virgin or a celibate can be possessed by an evil spirit. You can picture them out as a bad feeling in your stomach or in your mind for during inhibition of these foul thoughts and impulses you become one with their likes and dislikes.

Evil spirits become powerful and amplified when they possess an evil individual. They become even more amplified and could develop more strength if they possess an antichrist or an unbeliever. During possession of an antichrist or an unbeliever, the evil spirit fully shares his sympathy on Jesus Christ and God The Father. Evil spirits and other foul beings from hell are irriratated and conflicted inside them at all times. They all still long to get back on how they used to be.

It is a fact that every rebellious spirits that fell down from The Heaven still long for God The Father’s grace. Everyone wants a second chance. They still want a second chance to love God The Father. But that is in contrast to his son, Jehovah. Everyone in hell thinks that it is only because of Jehovah that they have fallen out of grace. Every demon and every evil spirits believes that Jehovah must suffer. Every evil spirit feels a great just and supplication in their being that Jehovah must suffer and that whatever glory that He has in The Heaven it must be stripped off here on earth. That feeling is amplified and shared as one in the being of  an antichrist or unbeliever. Such is the same with other fallen beings too from The Heaven. In slight contradiction, there were also fallen beings who are different and still strive to be different and believed that God The Father could still bestow them redemption.

Satan only exists on worlds called Earth and on parallel earth worlds like this one. One common trait that they have is that they can communicate with each other using the people they possess. In each every one human, there are 4 evil spirits stationed to them.  They continue to strive to influence but even still their powers are only dominant with an antichrist or unbeliever. It is only in this dominion which is called The Blue Planet that they can roam freely and unquestioned.

Malaysia Flight H370
Saw the recent news about this. It is as what i have argued with one officemate that it did not crash but it was hijacked. First thing you should consider is the size of the plane. It is not just a domestic plane. And what is the plane made of? What are planes made of? Titanium alloy! Titanium alloy floats in water even the smallest pieces of it. Search on wikipedia about plane crashes and compare the planes, its size and how  they were when they were found! If youre smart enough you would conclude that the plane didnt crash after two weeks from the date that it disappeared. And please, with the plane with that size and number of passengers, it disappeared just that considering that alot of countries took part in searching for it. So humor with me, thats how ill say it. This is how it is in the parallel world about the infamous Malaysia Flight MH370. In one parallel world, the plane was hijacked and landed safely in Saudi Arabia in an airstrip in the Desert. Hostages were raped and secured in 3 rooms. There were 3 rooms. I know. During the rescue attempt, the Chinese guy got mauled by one of the rescuers. He is not part of the terrorist but he wanted them all to die. During the rescue, they were kept for a few weeks before letting the public know that they are alive and well. The resuce operation happened 3 months after the incident. It is a conspiracy between one of the official in the airlines and one malaysian politician and the middle eastern terrorists. The pilots were involved. They were both excited in raping the female passengers.

In another parallel world, the situation is different! The two bumbling idiot pilots are satanists! They went crazy and conspired to make a sacrificial contribution to their belief of the sex planet. They crashed the plane on a remote area in The Himalayan Mountains. It was a year and a half that the crash site was discovered. Everyone was dead. There were survivors but they got killed by monks who wanted the secrecy of their temple maintained.

In another parallel world, I can not fully explain that here. But they were only after a few passengers. After raping the women for days. They drugged them all to death and strapped them all back to the plane. The plane was flown to an area in which was believed it was crashed. Slowly the pilot hovered down the ocean and submerged the plane.

In another parallel world. It was us in The Patriot Program. The plane landed safely after 6 years with the passengers thinking that they just took off  and they are still on the same time line. It infuriated a lot of people but we needed to force everyone into getting into the same grounds for unification against an alien invasion 10 years in the future.

In another parallel world. The plane was taken by aliens and used the humans there for experimentation.

So the recent news about the plane. You can bet on that. You can also just imagine what happened to the female passengers.

Sept. 11, Terrorist Attack on America.
That was the busiest day of the Patriot Program. It started 8 in the morning. In that world, it was us. We are the secret advisers of The President of The USA. Me and my father from the Patriot Program. We planned everything. What didnt add up in their investigation if it is a government conspiracy is the plane that crashed in the fields. We took a Harrier Jet and had the plane blown to bits. There were people who took out the debris of the missile. Every turn and every second was under our control. In that world just as the same with other parallel worlds like this one, geographical locations in the middle east is entirely different! We saw in the past that Saddam was planning to turn Iraq into an impenetrable fortress. In that world, the territory of Iraq is located in the middle of other huge countries in which everyone vowed loyalty. He was slowly taking them all down under his rule. In the future, 3 years from the incident, Saddam declared himself as King of The Arab People and declared also Jihad. He abducted the Prime Ministers of other countries and shot them on live T.V.. He was also able to adbuct other VIPs. Saddam was able to put all the world leaders under his blackmail. Everyone was firing nuclear weapons at each other. No one can get to Iraq except for one Country. Russia. Only Russia’s technology was able to flatten Iraq. Even still, the aftermath of Saddam’s madness left devastation to America and the British people including the continent of China.

We replaced all the passengers of the plane with organic robots. Everyone was interviewed. I can still recall that i tricked Mr. Branson into having a lunch break first at 1pm. He retaliated in getting back at 4pm.

Mr. Branson, his Queen is actually from Cebu City. He chose her. Everyone in Cebu City knows her. Shes not a pageant candidate. In this world, i think shes also having one lucky good time in the middle east. Or maybe shes yet to get there. She later on betrayed Mr. Branson

Out of Control


I am just a simple man. But i have a complicated past. And i just want a simple life. With my present girlfriend who thinks i should become a priest. She told me that after she made love with me. Its not funny. Why?Because there are no priests who thinks that the catholic church is ridden with demons inside their congregation. Its what my mother informed me about catholicism. But we are christians and we prefer not to be catholics. That night outside hotel was the only time that i was able to think of my own self and not everyone elses. Rebels become beggars. Thats what one of my cousin told me in one visit. I met him for the first time. His talk was short  and its the first time i met him. He then left me to get to his parents. He never talked to me more that night except that he told me never to forget what he just said. I was just in high school during that time. My mother always talks about things that i know to be having something more to everything about it. My mother asked me about my girlfriend. My views on her matched to her expectation and she wanted to see her prove more of herself. She said we dont just marry a wife because of their faces but because of what and how they bring themselves up on the things they should qualify on the family’s criteria. And besides, she told me that i will have to leave for a very long time. Hopefully shes still there when i get back. That worried me a lot but she doesnt want to give out more details, my mom. She gets easily upset if i ask more questions. I just thought maybe my sister doesnt have to deal with much complication in her life later on. Shes almost past  her elementary but is still fond of toys. Then in just a matter of days, i dont know which person that i am now. I speak a different language. And i seem to be just where i am but feeling a bit out of place. I am not in England anymore. Im in 3rd world country. Im riding a passenger jeep on the way to the mall. There were people there that looked odd. Most of my acquaintances kept popping up in my head continously. I dont know why but i thought i already know them all.Riding up the escalator, i dont know why im there but i just thought i should be there and just as when i heared the booming sound of the boom box at the amusement center i felt like i was in a trance again remembering someone yelling out not to let go. Were climbing up the mountain and there were explosion. I have a cut in my right eye already and my black attire is dirtied with mud. From my estimate we are over a hundred feet from the ground in our climb. There are trucks down below and men firing at us. The bigger guy was shooting down with his right hand using an automatic rifle while his left hangs on to the rope. Then he yells at me “Hes not gonna make it!”. A guy is hanging on to my right hand while my left is barely grasping hold on the rope too. He got caught by the explosion and let go and i caught him. My machine gun is still strapped behind me. His weight is going to take me down. He looked as if hes starting to loose consciousness too with his eyes. He cant swing himself back. And i cant hold on more to the rope too. The rope is gonna get off from being fastened if he continues to add on to my weight. He uttered the words “This is not your fault…”. Then he lets go of my right hand falling down shooting at everyone below to his death. “Hurry up to the top!”, the bigger guy yells at me. I can see two more above us. From below a rocket prepelled grenade comes rushing pass at us. The chopper thats gonna take us out is on top of the mountain and were actually not supposed to take that route but information relay at us via satellite is that there are already men on the location that we are going to take. So we made the climb. Life is simple. But living in 3rd world is much more simplier. Get a degree and later on work in a high paying job. Thats what everyone goals for during their high school years. And i am now living with an aunt whom i dont always get along with for always breaking in on my room looking for money. Its just strange because i just dont always feel like i belong here but i know this place a long time ago. Sometimes its like im living a dream. And this dream is without my 5th grade elementary sister whose still fond of toys for 5 year old and i get to fix them when it gets broken. This is my life. I am sure of that everytime i get out of the house where people would go to if they want to buy pots. This house used to be just made of wood and bigger, up and down. Now its concrete without the trees and everything else especially the tall tree in which  i would sometimes climb up and fell once on my knees to the ground. I am sure this is where i live, i can still recall that my neighbor’s husband died out of being electrocuted at the sugarcane fields. I was even there when his dead body was laid infront of her beside the road. I was just 4 at that time and i saw a dead man’s body. She cried out real hard and its just weird that she blamed me for it with her words. No one was there when they took her husbands body but the people who took him. It was afternoon and i was playing outside.

At night, it confuses me at times. I would wake up and sometimes get awaken by this streak of light that would fade away when i turn to discover it.I dont know what’s happening at times with how i see things. But there were people that i met at the mall. Im always at the mall. Being at school bores me. I even believed that im more older than my age and i have done most of the things that im doing now especially school. And its just also weird as to why i always think of being at the mall everytime i wake up. Most of my thinking dwell on staying at the mall, i dont know maybe its because theres no more good ambiance back home with my aunt who cant borrow money from me because she keeps breaking my door knob and from what i can recall i have bought more or less 10 door knobs already. She just spends the money in playing mahjong.I got sick once and  theres no one else to buy me medicine but me. That bad feeling would just get to me in not more than 48 hours then its off. Then i had this dream of being on my knees with a terrible pain in my chest. I was hit by a punch and trying hard to get back from my normal breathing and its taking me a long time. I spewed out blood. It was not from a multiple hit but only from one single blow. The place is cold and we are inside a cold place and it looked like an old church with no chairs on it. And from a distance i can see someone sitting with a smile. From his side are two men wearing a red outfit that i can not devulge here. The man that hit me wears the same outfit but without the decorations that the other two guys beside the man that i mentioned. He looks real worried and wanted to help me get  up but the other taller guy who wears the same outfit with the guards signalled him to stay where he is. I still cant get off the pain, everytime i breathe it hurts like hell. Then the man that restrained the other that hit me to the ground spoke near my face “The ice outside is cold enough not to make your body rot for several years. Even when the time that the enemies of this temple comes to challenge us and claim this earth your body will still be intact. So if you die at this very moment, we will make sure that your body is burned to ashes… The secrecy of this place will be maintained.”. As soon as he said that i looked up to the temple master first staring at me. Then to the man that had just spoken to me, he was smiling hideously. He is also our mentor. I looked down and tried to get up. He then told me “Its also one hard work to burn you all day”. And so we fought again and this time the tables were turned. There was a mistake there that i was able to realize. My breathing confused me of what i was supposed to feel with my fist and it did not do the trick. Now i know my mistake. Its also the most common mistake that someone like us would often times make. The Temple of Light is different from inside and out. How is that, your eyes are different from the reality that it gives you. The old people says that we should not be confused from what is an illusion and what is make believe. He then turned the bird in his hand into a white mouse.
It is also from the Mall that my life took a different turn again. The big man that was above me while climbing the mountain was there and surprised me “Mark! cmon lets go.”. I dont know why but i just followed him and time doesnt seem to go the way it should again. I can recall my sister once inside my room while fixing her toy. She was asking me if im going to get married sooner. Shes excited to have a little girl to play with. In my mind, i have several levels of situation. I cant explain that. Way back before being in the mountains in a remote and secret small community of monks devoted to one singularity of purity, all i can always think of is how come no one has ever discovered them. There is a ship. Not a plane or a helicopter but a ship similar to the one that you can see on futuristic movies. I can recall our mentor getting off from the ship and complains “Its not always a nice ride with one of those, makes me dizzy with the turning around…”. Hes got a sense of humor, but that is also something that he always brings us to one difficult situation. He explains that the other races are arguing on a lot of things about earth. But for whatever situation in the end, the only thing that people like us should be assured of is about ourselves. We should never loose what we have now whatever happens.Back at the facility, while on sleep on earth world. My daughter confronts me of his brother and the others like him from other parallel worlds. She speaks in a different language that she got accustomed to from the planet that she now resides with her other sisters. And that is Utopia. Shes complaining as to why they took the little ones to another realm wherein theres nothing there but flying butterflies and bubbles coming out of the air, colors and cup cakes. Shes talking about her brother and sister from one parallel world, i get what she means. They need to train. The other Gods are also expecting greatly from them, theyre both one great matter of debate to the Union. One thing im confused is as to why shes wearing a shirt designed from this world wherein only little kids can get in. I was looking for her mother too. Then i woke up. Time as it is does not always seem to be how it is for everyone. A healthy mind comes from a healthy body. Check on your nerves. Consult a doctor. The entire organs and functioning of every crucial part of your body chemistry depends on your heart. You can lift weights for hours but how much longer can you run. There is no one who has psychological problems or with a problem in his mind who can run well enough. The mind is what controls your body. Depression kills. So at times, try to take a chocolate or spicy foods. That’s what i often times joke to people i know but that is a scientific fact. Want to be happy? Buy Hersheys.Then here i am again, suiting up our black attire. Theres only four of us. Its always dark. Most of everything in the place doesnt have a light, so if you have a  problem with your hearing, youll surely bump into someone. Even i dont know where it is. After gearing up we sit down on a platform in which would take alot of turns. The next thing you know, youre already dropped off from an aircraft that only has faint sound of its engine. Splashing down the water we know which way to turn. We should be there exactly on the right time. Its the only chance to take out the hostates. There are 4 of them. Most are females. The entire facility that they are held up have different operating schedules each day. Tommorow the back door is opened at 9 to 12pm. The next day, it will only be opened at 2pm. Something like that. Then the ventilation shaft is rigged with explosives too plus that motion sensors. We can shut down the sensors but only without the chief of security on the right spot and that is the time wherein he should meet one of his superiors and be back after 3 hours. That’s the only way in to the place. There is none. And theres also no other way to get inside the base but on the powerlines from the hill on the left. And we have to take down the guard on the tower, that we can not avoid not unless you want to trigger the alarm and the dogs on the fences. Its not supposed to take more than just several minutes to take them all out by getting into one of the vehicles and ramming the gate out. The powerlines were once huge risk too, we could have gotten electrocuted. We managed to get inside and as expected everything is gonna get fired up in not so very long from the tower wherein the guard got shot down. So we needed to move quickly. And as expected, the alarm sounded off. The corners and the design of the facility is to give out the intruders position without anywhere else to cover himself. Everything went real hot but we know were on the right track. Outside the door to where the prisoners are being held up, we were supposed to blow down the door. But soldiers already got to the prisoners first. Theyre just kids. They threatened us to put down our weapons and surrender or else they are all going to get shot. From on the other side of the door we can hear the hostages crying. Explosive charges were already planted on the door. We were signalling each other on what to do. Then boom, the door went down and there were just two people inside with the hostages. All of them fell down dead and everyone is intact. We got out, no one got killed together with the hostages.Then im back at the house again. But then its just a dream. I just got awakened at the carrier. No one needs to see us there. From the briefing I was made aware of Project Morpheus. They say its where i was in few months ago. And its crucial to alot of people’s endevors for their countries. For whatever cost we will maintain what the others have started. We need to be there, directly someday. I need to go back but not yet. I can still recall my superiors saying that our nation does not really put great sympathy on the man that have died on the cross but his legacy and his principles are more livable and sane than that of the satanists. Killing your own flesh and blood for luck and making your own family suffer to get prosperity is not going to be our nation’s belief. We will all see to that. Our superior said he doesnt give much debate if Jesus Christ is true but his way is more livable in having one fresh air in the morning than with satanists having the stink of stinking rats rotting right next to your plate.
 I slept at the chopper on our way out of the carrier. That’s whats in my dream then i was awakened in my condo. Im back in Manila. It was just 630pm and i got a phone a call from one of my friends-“Mark, nakuha mo ba yung naiwan sa desk kagabi?” Thinking deeply… -“Teka…” Theres a folder right next to the keys of your car. You should see the lawyer first thing today. -“A yeah, i have it here. Its for me right?” -“No, that was for Angela. Pwede ba pakidala mamaya? Please? Hindi pa kasi tapos yan e.” Youre not supposed to give it back to him. He made a mistake leaving it unattended last night. I dont usually go out in the morning on a fast food chain or on a restaurant to eat. I cook my own breakfast. I called up the company lawyer which is also a British national and gave him details about the folder. I faxed every single page. After an hour while working out on the bar he called me back. “…we have got to see each other about this!”After 30minutes, someone called me over the phone too. Its my girlfriend who keeps convincing me to stay out of Manila and get to Hongkong. We were on a restaurant last night and met some people. The long ride back to my condo got me. After talking to her i got confused of myself in the mirror. My hair is black, isnt this supposed to be yellow? My nose and the hairs on my arms. But its who i am. The mirror looked real funny and not that handsome. Anyway, the lawyer got my full attention that day. I wanted to know something first. I went straight to the office first the man that called me up for the folder was in hurry to take it from me. He kept insisting for me to give it back. He sounded real worried. From his talk and reaction i knew from there that something is up. I informed him that i contacted my lawyer about this and we will see each other after our talk. He got real upset, i got what i wanted from him. Now im sure the lawyer is going to have some work ahead about this. There are discrepancies on the reports.In a restaurant the lawyer and i discussed everything. He mentioned that some people are gonna get themselves one hard time in jail for it. Im also in to trouble when i was in Manila. But not that kind of trouble. One woman and his adolescent son talked to me in secret. She said that its not going to be a good idea if i get to Hongkong and i should put emphasis into knowing more about the woman that im now with.  “…magugulat ka na lang na nasa ibang katauhan ka na pagpumunta ka ng Hongkong!”. I dont know but no one warned me back home about Hongkong. No one. But shes right about my girlfriend. I know a woman. A woman who trully loves a man without deceit is one who always doesnt have the confidence to touch you with her hands but with her words and actions. A woman who trully loves a man, shows it with less touching. My girlfriend is fond of crossing her arms on mine making a gesture that we are always one. Shes fond of doing that in public. She likes to touch my face too when she explains. And my hands are always with hers. A person who has a secret agenda with you will always win your trust using your body temperature. I dont like it when everything she does when were around. She reminds me of this escort who was with my uncle back home and then later on that night she went off with my cousin. “…its all about sharing in this family!”. Then my uncle blinks his eyes when my cousin passed by with his dad’s escort. He was laughing after making that joke. Hes a strict man. He lost his wife a long time ago and finds no solution to finding a new one. I think. The last thing i know, the man that was really upset and infuriated about me not giving him the folder he was asking for got jailed after a few weeks and cried real hard at the court house. He also begged for a second chance. Sometimes when im driving, the thought of my sister comes into my mind. I would always wonder how is she doing now? For me its been almost 6 years since i last saw her. I planned to call her up when i get back home but something just always comes up afterwards.It was night time. My girlfriend wants to know where i am. I told her that im in this place and its going to take me 5 hours to get back home later on. She doesnt know im just 15 minutes away from her place and ive got a black outfit and a mask. Her house got no dog around. And from our talks, shes really just in her home. She doesnt live in an executive village. Theres just this remote place near the city wherein most well off people have gathered together to live in. No need for guards on entrance gates because the houses are very much well equipped with security devices, but hers lack the most. So i figured im going to play tonight. Of course i brought a knife with me. I was thinking, me slitting her throat is one ugly scene. Dont know what kind of reason there is to do something like that to her. Shes sweet and i just want to know some thing. This is just play. I might even surprise her in her bedroom. Thats whats going on in my mind. Then well play in her bedroom, i might surprise her!I parked the car just near the back of their fence. Its also not a tinted car. I used the same car. It’s almost 9pm. I climb on their fence on the left side, its more safer there since the fences of the other houses are more higher on that place. After jumping on the other side, i counted to five and  ran to the tree. I tried to listen first. I can hear some people talking, a guy was laughing. Theres just two people on my estimate. Tried to see if there are others. After 15 minutes of making sure of the surroundings i ran to the wall of their house. The glass wall and the door at the other end shows no one. I made my way on the are where all the talking is. And this is what ive heared -“Ewan ko sa pangit na yun! Hindi daw sya makakauwi kaagad…” -” Bat hindi na lang ikaw ang gumasta papuntang Hongkong kasi?” -“Ano? sya dapat ang gumasta papunta dun. Ewan ko ba, bat hindi na lang nila puntahan dito at ihypnotise. Di ko rin makaya e.” – “Hindi nga dapat dito, doon talaga” -“Patayin na lang kaya nila yun kung talagang malaking problem sya?” -“Tawagan mo kaya ngayon kung saan na sya at baka umabot lang bago mag 10pm, tapos puntahan mo at paligayahin mo kaagad sa kama! hahahaha! Ng sa ganun mahypnotise mo na kaagad.” -“Hahahaha! pagnabuntis ako ano kaya anak namin? Baka sa kanya magmana! Hahahaha! Bukas na lang, Baka malapit hatinggabi makauwi yun. Kakain pa sa labas yun e bago magdrive. Tang ina ang pangit ng magiging asawa ko if ever! hahahaha!” And from that talk, thats where my play changed. I realized im the one thats being actually played at. But i was also right on my feelings on her everytime were together. Shes out for something else. Something sinister. Walking real disappointed realizing the truth on my suspicion it was not a happy feeling. I dont think playing in her room surprising her there is going to be a good idea knowing that i have a knife in my right leg. I just walked on the way to where i jumped off from outside like im in the park having a hot head on the words that made me realize what she is. The next day she called me up but me and our lawyer is also busy about the lawsuit that we made pertaining to that notorious folder that contains discrepancies of various proportions. Its just one hell of a bad luck that of all people it had to be me who has to pick it up and take it home on my car. Several days after that, my mentor in the temple talked to me in my dreams. He reminded me of the days that will come for someone like us. And his words that everyone at the temple that needs to adhere to. They accepted me for a reason. No one gets trained just like that at the temple for no reason at all. He talked about celibacy.

The Last December

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I am supposed to write about The Story on Van Helsing but i have already written it 4 years ago.  Thought it was not as detailed as what im planning to write again, its boring doing it all over again. It by the way involves the book that has no name. It is colored maroon and divided into two. The other half is colored white pages. The other half is in black.  To an ordinary man, the pages are nothing but blank spaces. To a holy man, the white pages contains writings only decipherable to him. The other half of the book which is colored in black is only decipherable to a man destined to awaken the lord of defilement. Anyway, in that world the first time i opened it, it was nothing but blank pages! Its the book that me and Karol around the Vatican and the nearby homes of Italy which is under attack by evil spirits possessing everyone. I think the most horrifying scene that me and Karol stumbled upon is this home wherein there was this old woman sitting on the floor and facing down sideways. It was dark and only his entirety is visible to us. The entire room which is very spacious is all pitch black. She was murmuring when we came in. The door was not locked. Come to think of it, it is really very lucky for us that we never stumbled on that family earlier on wherein Karol was not yet ready. He was not yet able to discover everything within him. Before that house, we were walking really jolly on a dark street. No one was around at 730pm. Everyone was inside on locked doors because of the frequent possession. And i  was joking Karol about his wife and how was his first time with her. He made me promise not to tell anyone. I guess, its his way of showing off since i would often refer to his woman like mannerism. Its just funny messing with Karol with those talks, it amuses me with his responses.

Anyway, when we opened the door we were sure that there was trouble there for it was not locked. And it was Karol who suggested to investigate inside the house. Then we stumbled on this old woman sitting on the floor. She was murmurring! Karol stepped infront after my talks of offering her help from a distance didnt seem to matter. I told Karol that its not a good idea touching her. But he insisted and tried to hold her shoulder but then the old woman just stood up like she was a doll on strings being held up just like that. Her eyes were gleaming red and it seemed like shes never slept for a day. Then she spoke “Who do you pray for? What do you pray for? Time will come that there will be no one else to pray to.”. She smiled hideously and then spoke again “So have the two of you made your prayers? Have you prayed for him? And how about you have you prayed for your friend?  Have you prayed already so that that it may take you in to the light!” As soon as she said that, the entire place lighted up. All the candles lighted up. And we were both shocked to see 3 kids aging 5 to 8. One female and two males. Two adults male and female and one old woman. And then another man. All of them were floating upside down in the air like their balloons in the sky moving slowly. Karol ran back behind me while telling him “Now you know why i told you not to touch her.”. He replied “You go first again!”. The Archbishop stripped me off of all my weapons. They said that there will be no killing but only reading. The possessed are innocent people. So its always me first wrestling the possessed then while restraining them Karol would read the incantation from the book. The long crystal thing that the priests gave me got broken 2 days before that. Its shaped like a primitive handgun in which pointed to the possessed it will have him loose consciousness for us to read the incantation. The old woman which is obviously possessed holding both her hands and slowly walking towards us with her big smile was talking with her scary voice which is obviously not hers “I have asked these people the same thing! Look at them! What do you think were their answers? Do they know how to pray? hahahaha! Now answer me! Have the two of you prayed for each other?!”. I hurried to restrain the old women but she threw me off and then rushed to me holding me in my neck trying to choke me but i was also holding both her hands from squeezing my neck entirely. She was very strong and slammed me against the wall and she lifted me up several feet from the ground with her floating in the air. Karol shouted “Mr. Vanhelsing do not hurt her!”. It was really one inappropriate suggestion basing on the situation and shouted at him “Tell that to her!”. The old woman kept on asking and taunting while she was elevating me up against the wall holding my neck.”Have you said your prayers for him? Do you even know how to pray?! Tell me!!!”. Karol started to read the book and the old woman put me down, he tried to ran to Karol but i jumped on her and she went on top of me again shouting the same thing “Do you know how to pray?!”. I replied taking off her hands off my neck overwhelming her strength “Every hour and every minute!”. Karol warned me again not to hurt her so i just went behind her to put her to sleep. She tried to struggle to get me off but she lost her air. And Karol read the words from the book.

Thats all ill write about that. Lets start with the love story that everyone is amused about at the facility in the Patriot Program. I cant seem to recall everything yet in that world and living that life as part of a relaxation period but this is all just to it for now.

Month of June of the modern time, London.

This is a love story.

I work as as the New Accounts personnel at The Bank of The United Chambers of Commerce. Morning and everything seems to be as how it was as with the other days. Normally i would take most of my job from one of the senior female employees of the bank. Shes aged almost 40 and also direct with her instructions. She doesnt like to repeat herself.

From a distance sitting among everyone else in my own desk there’s this woman that caught my attention. She’s in my estimate 5’7 and fair skinned, red hair and beautifully worried face. She keeps looking at her papers then was making calls. In my mind “Hey stop calling the nanny, I already told her what to do with junior. She’s might be busy doing the laundry.”. I was telling myself she looks good in my apartment. Theres one lucky guy out there. She must be talking to someone from home. Half an hour have passed and I’ve got people asking me some little overview bout car loans. I was scanning some papers and trying to see how much work load I’m gonna get later on at 1pm. My job responsibility changes at the middle of the day.  I’m kinda feeling like Stanley Ipkiss. Looking down on the papers a voice enters my ears “Good Morning! Is this where I could talk to about making a loan in this bank?” I was not looking up yet and I replied “One fine day!Take a seat please!”. When I look to whose my next listener to my scripted explanation, I got startled. Her hair and her eyes, her lips. I don’t know why but I was like in a trance. I was imagining holding her in my left arm while my right hand was shooting down ninjas and then she looks at me and her lips gets closer. That thought got cut off when she raised her voice a bit “…the collateral!hello! Are you listening to me?”.

Its the beautiful woman that I was observing just awhile ago!

-A yes, we will require an applicant to file finance records. If you’re an employee you will have to…
-No! Havent you been listening to me? I said I want to know how can I avail of a business loan. I have an existing business going on. And what are the requirements? What are you going to ask for a collateral? See? That’s what I’ve been talking about.Collateral.

She got really upset. She was already explaining things and I was dreaming in front of her.

– Oh I’m sorry most of my customers were asking me bout car loans. And yours is obviously not. Actually our existing plans with your nature of loan does not require a collateral. I’m sorry but only people with businesses tied up to this bank and its affiliates can avail of your certain type of loan. I’m sorry…

She asked for more explanation and options. I gave her a lot of options. Suggested some banks too but she was there already. She was utterly broken down. She looked like she really needed it. Looking down and disappointed she was asking me if theres something I could do and talk to the manager. But its really impossible. I felt real bad. I wish I could help her. Its like the world fell down on her. Her upset mode at me has now turned one disappointing moment for her. Felt real bad. I was suspecting she really needed the money to save her business. When she got up and left she apologized for the way she acted at first. Told her fault. I was not in the same world with her, told her that. Her name is Miss Jennifer Hicks. I made her sign the form for new accounts out of  getting out of place when she cut me off my imagination. I was not supposed to do that. It was lunch break and I still felt connected with Jennifer’s bad feeling. Felt a bit sympathetic and kind of affected too. It was 2pm and the boss still haven’t called me in. If he doesn’t call me in then my duties in the desk doesn’t change. Still thinking deeply, I took out Jennifer’s file. New accounts. Shes not supposed to fill out that form. Scanning through the details, she’s single! 25 and she owns a restaurant! I’ve been thinking deeply. There a way to get the amount of loan that she wants but I’ll have to be the guarantor. She’s got a resto! Why not? I took more time thinking. Then I thought of becoming stockholder of her resto. OK her phone number is here. She needs help. Its not about ninjas. Its about her resto! So that’s what I did, i called her up and told her to get to this place and told them that I’m his friend and I’ll be the guarantor. And I’ll meet with her there too. Tonight! She insisted tonight. She was very happy and was not expecting me to help her furthermore. She called me a lifesaver and I just laughed. I told her see ya at 8pm at my friends place. She replied its a date! In my mind O my God! This is really happening. I’m going to be in a date with Jennifer. Just as after putting down the phone the boss called me in Hey Mark! Let’s go. Its all here!

Ill be continuing this and also about the things that would sometimes transpire at the office in the bank. And of course Mrs… I cant recall her name yet. Shes in her 40s, i get most of my work from her!






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Sacrifice : The Bruce Wayne Story

“I am not asking you to do everything for me Bruce, i know you have your own plans in life. We all do. Your mother is even planning to leave me and go back to Ireland! I know she told you everything that i want you to be. But now is not the time for you to understand the things I want for Gotham. I dont want to see everything that i have built for go to nothing. Someday you will have to make a choice. You will understand. I know you will. Youre a smart boy. But we all make sacrifices, we all do. Someday at the right time i will make sure that you will make your own too. And that will be not just for me but you and everyone in Gotham. You will have no choice. Your are my son… You will make that sacrifice.”

I was just a young boy, dad brought me to this special place near the manor. He said it’s where he would always find time to think of everything in his life. It’s where he would plan things for himself. And it’s where he proposed to my mom. At that time, when he was talking to me, i think he was rude. Sacrifice at a very young age of a man is hard to grasp. What is Sacrifice? Mom scolded dad after i asked her all about Sacrifice when we went back home.

Never forget your first time. I didn’t! It was at that night that I became one with the ideal of something that can not be broken. An ideal that came from my father’s last will. I trained and I transformed everything in me into something that I thought I don’t have to be. It is also at that point that I recalled my father’s words about sacrifice. And after realizing things through my own eyes I decided to be what I am wearing now, I decided to honor my father’s last will in which I initially turned down.   I never thought it will end up like this. I have to make the sacrifice. Without my sacrifice all that my father have worked for will be lost, without sacrifice Gotham will be lost, without my sacrifice the secrecy of our endeavors in the US military will be lost to the enemies of the American race. And without sacrifice I can never be trully happy with the woman I love. I am the one that must make the sacrifice, why? Because i am  Gotham. My family is Gotham. The Wayne family is Gotham and this is it, the only solution in order to maintain Gotham I must make the sacrifice. Because I alone can secure what my father have worked for in the past. My thoughts dwell on my fiancee and her family. If I don’t do this what kind of Gotham will our son grow up to? So that is why I will become who I must be, the embodiment of the Wayne family’s sacrifice. I guess maybe a year or two, everything will be solved. Standing tall and wearing the armor without the mask yet, that is what I am thinking.

Alfred spoke to me before getting in front of my Tank.

“If your father was in the same age you are now, he would have done the same…make him proud…If Brenda calls I’ll tell her youre at the Pentagon.”

A year and a half in the making, I wore the mask… “Alright dad… Here’s goes half of your fortune. If this doesn’t work, you’ll just have to find another guy.”

Next…  The beginning of it all.

Story update August 5, 2014.

When I was just a young boy there were times that I would feel bad things about our family. It is as if i knew the time will come that something bad will happen to us. I always had this feeling of badluck. Sometimes Alfred doesn’t get to pick me up but a big man and always in a hurry with the others. Dad is always at the manor inside his office with people that I haven’t seen before at the gatherings. They’re the ones that dad would make mom upset. Every time I see them at the house they never smile. It is as if their endeavors is not something to be taken lightly. Dads always tensed but resolved. New Project. That’s what he would always tell mom. She doesn’t want to get involved. But that’s how it always has been at the manor. People who are always seemed to be in a hurry and looks serious with their moves and faces. Never saw one of them smile. Theyre working on a new project. That’s what mom would always tell me. At one time I heared dad in a loud voice outside his office at the house while i was playing “The President could never be part of this”. Then an hour after that a displeased man went out of dads office and passed by me playing with my toy. I greeted him but he just passed by saying “You are going to grow up all by yourself someday..”. I never told anyone about it. Mom doesn’t want to do anything with those weird people. She would often be out of town on a business trip. Shell be gone for a month and sometimes two. One morning mom and dad told me that dad is going out of the country for a long time and we should pray that their project goes well. Before dad left with his men he hugged me tight. “This is for you Bruce…”. I can see that dad did the same to mom, he hugged her real tight. Mom cried a bit and I knew from there that its not about business. A month came and even three months then one morning mom hurried to me inside my room and told me that dads coming! From the way I analyzed things, they were able to accomplish a very crucial task and their lives were at stake.

Mom is the one whose always managing the business and she’s always not around. I don’t get to roam around the city always and not with at least 10 men with dad and mom. I don’t know how hard it is to explain things but I guess that’s just the way we are. My parents went overseas together and it took them months. Things went real boring with only Alfred around. But everything that i need and all that i wanted was just only a pen and piece of paper away.

Then the day that would mark the beginning of a new life started. I’m not a big guy at school and I often get bullied.. One afternoon at school i ended up in a fight, 3 to one. Of course we ended up at the directors office. After class in the aftenroon, walking to the waiting are inside the garden landscaped school, Alfred excitedly hurried to me and told me that mom and dad is with him. He also got surprised to see my black eye. There were more or less 12 people from a distance and I was already worried that mom might scold me for fighting at school. Alfred was calm “Just tell them the truth anyway it was not your fault”. Mom and dad was being surrounded by the big men, when we got close to them, mom approached me real upset “Tell me what happened!”. I explained to them that it was not my fault and they can talk to the director if they want. But mom explained that there’s no time and we have to leave. I can see dad from an distance explaining to four of his men and he slightly put his eyes on me. One of the mother of the boys that beat me up went to mom to apologize and she apologized to me too. Then mom said “We have to live now, you go on a separate car. Tomorrow. we will go to that place you mentioned over phone tomorrow alright?” Mom then turned her back in a hurry after kissing and hugging me, dad was walking towards us to talk to me too but mom restrained her in his right arm. So dad just left some words from a distance  Mom scolded him too while walking saying “Do not motivate your son to vengeful!”.

We were on a convoy of three cars. Mom and dad took the red car in front while me and Alfred took the black one behind. Inside the car Alfred asked me “Well how did it go Master Bruce?”. I answered “Were going to that place that I told you about”. I was explaining to Alfred when suddenly we heared an explosion! I saw that the red car in front of us exploded while were  on the road! I was able to hear the exchange of messages of dads men over the radio. “Go go go! Move pass it! Follow the drill!”. The black car just moved on and real fast. “Falcon one, this is a bad idea! I can see two choppers on the screens here, we should go back”.”Roger that black eagle, were turning around!” The convoy made a turn to go back when they spotted choppers near the mountain. I was able to see the red car that my parents took and its blazing in fire in the middle of the road. I asked Alfred about mom and dad and if they’re ok. His eyes were in tears and told me “Theyre ok! Just sit tight…”. He was very tensed. The nearest and safest place is the school so we went back there. Dads men instructed Alfred, “Your duty is to keep the boy safe no matter what, you understand?”. He was in a hurry and holding his machine gun. I was still able to hear him after closing the door “Take your positions and do not let them get pass that fountain! Shoot everything that comes out of the tree line.Secure the back!” There were shootings and explosion after half an hour. It went for a long time. Then Alfred decided to spill out the bad news because I kept asking him.“Master Bruce, your father begged me once that it is possible that he and your mother may be lost in an accident. He said hes going to do everything for me if I promise not to leave you until the last breath of my life. Master Bruce, I heared what your father told you awhile go. He told you to be brave… so please be brave to what I am going to tel you. Your parents was lost in that explosion. They were inside that car. And those men shooting at your dads men are the ones responsible. Be brave Master Bruce…” In my innocent age, i didnt know what to think, it’s hard to understand and to put together the belief of mom and dad being gone. They were actually in that blazing car that we passed by when we turned around.

I didn’t know what to say and I didn’t cry yet. Alfred hugged me while we were hearing gunshots outside. “Be Brave Master Bruce, be Brave…”.

Story update August 6, 2014.

There is not just one world. There are other dominions owned by God the Father and the members of The Union of Kings. They are the dominant alliance in EXISTENCE. As long as the events in other worlds is made aware to all worlds, they can never be taken. Everything is all about frequency, the brain is in tuned to the frequency in all Universes and Multi-verses. Anyone’s creativity that was put in public and brought to the world’s awareness is the frequency that have gotten to it’s creator. It is the reality from other worlds.

Call that funny but, there are Christians who believe those words to be true. Ive read that book in Indonesia years ago. But then who am i? Im just supposed to be some people’s object of suffering delight! hahahahaha!

So here continues of what happened back there where a coup happened in America. Wrote this hours ago in my tablet.

I am Prime Minister Bruce Wayne, this is where my sacrifice brought me now. It brought me at the Presidential seat now located at the tallest skyscraper in New York after the coup wherein the President himself blew up The White House. I can also recall that moment the General shouted in reply to his threat “Then we will all have to start all over again!’. And these are the memories that I keep on pondering with every time the luxury of solitude visits me at my office. And now here I am, recalling the day, the very first day that I met my wife. First lady Rachel Dawes.And I always can’t help it, for it was in those days where in my early age I was struggling to live a normal life without my parents. It makes my tears fell every time I recall that day, the day where I shed all my tears for my parents at the funeral. Their coffins are being lowered down and from the crowd I ran in front of the grave, Alfred restrained me but I was strong enough to get off from his hands. In front of them I spoke my last words for them two. “I won’t be afraid dad! I promise…and mom I’ll never forget all the things you said to me. I promise I’ll never forget them too.”. No one saw me cry at the manor or at the conference. But this time I knew it was the final minute of being close to them and that’s where I realized what I haven’t grasped yet, mom and dad will be gone and they’re gone forever. Everyone who has to shed blood for other people has their own traumatic experience. That was mine in a very early age in that world.

First 30 days of my life after the funeral was spent at the manor and no one else there but Alfred. One time I saw a little girl roaming around below the narrow beach at the back of the manor situated down below. I was surprised because no one goes there and now there’s a little girl so I hurried to get to her. I was strolling around too and same thing with her, I’m not supposed to be where I am. She was drowning when I got to her. I took a long stick and made her grab it. Luckily I was able to save her. She was trying to get the ball that fell off from above.

-“Are you OK?”

-“Oh my , moms gonna get upset. Thanks for saving me. I’m Rachel”

-“My name is Bruce and you’re not supposed to be here. Kids aren’t supposed to be in this place.”

-“Oh really? Then you’re not supposed to be here too.”

Without warning Rachel kissed me in the cheek. Then continued on her talk.

-“You saved my life! I live just over there”

I got horrified when she said that.

-“What? You mean at the haunted house?”

-” Its not haunted! You bumblebrat, The Dawes family owns that place. You must be a Wayne.” Dad told me about the manor next to us”

I heated Alfred shouting for me so we said our goodbyes and parted.

After a week I went through psychiatric help. They thought I might need it. I can still recall what the lady psychiatrist told me.. .” Life is not just supposed to be here in this place…its.boring here. You need to be


To be continued in this blogspot


This is the story of what happened in one Universe wherein one family of 4 was traveling from one Galaxy to another in order to avoid the turmoil in their home planet. The Patriot Program replaced a Senator temporarily while in crisis in an unknown planet. I replaced him. This is what happened to that family, this is how the story of how the conflict in their planet was resolved, by a Coup.

Vandreen Planet. All the senators conspired to one final solution. Genocide. I am one of the Senator of the planet that imprinted his blood as a sign of allegiance to the decision that we all believed was right. The great minds of our planet was able to convince us that if the continent continues to exist by the next 60 hours, the rest of the planet will suffer the same fate. After the incident, the Supreme Ruler of the Planet stood up in great anguish over the decision of the Senators that was secretly carried over without his last imprint. Three of us suggested to follow on the genocide with the Assassination of the Supreme Ruler. This conspiracy was found out. To assure of my family’s well being, i, together with the others decided to evacuate the Planet Vandreen. The name by the way was taken from the mineral that could only be found there. The only mineral that can be transformed into another element that is known to existence.

Fastforward… I was awakened by screams and applauses from a seemingly wild crowd! Im on a bed that’s almost of the same height with mine. My head is still shaking a bit and theres blood on my face. I was feeling dizzy when i got up. Around me are gadgets and even swords of different sizes and lengths. The wall infront of me showed a crowd outside from the circle holes. Then a robot approached me after getting inside. I didnt know the language it was speaking. I spoke on my own tongue and then it kind of like analyzed it then spoke again. This time on my own language. “You must prepare. Choose from all the weapons and everything infront of you. You are next”.  From there i realized that the ship was attacked by these people. And where is my wife and my son and daughter? I am still young, no one ages in our Planet. My age would resemble that of a 25 year old man in this earth. I cant fight off the robot. The door is locked and who knows what will subdue me outside the doors and im still feeling kinda dizzy. I want to go amok for what they have done to us but that will only end me right away. Infuriated and no chance of ruling over everything around me, i have no choice. From outside i was able to hear someone in his great voice when the ground was made to go silent. The robot handed me over a small gadget for my ears. It was a translator. A man with an authoritative voice spoke outside to everyone in the wild crowd.  “Each turn of the cycle of the moons this empire give you what you want like no other Planet can offer! Entertainment! We have gathered from afar off creatures, beings and even enslaved an Archangel! Hahahahaha! Battle! Shed your blood in fury! All of you inside your cages that hears my voice hear me say this! You are Entertainment! Choose!” The crowd continued on the next words “Entertain us!!! Kill for us! Fight for us! Freedom is your prize! Bore us! Die Instantly!”. The crowd then goes wild again then they were right away made silent. The man spoke again. The robot went up to me again and told me that i am next and i should choose my gadgets and weapons right away. There were alot on the huge shelves. I didnt want to do this. My thoughts dwell on my kids. What had happened to them? The last thing i recall is that there was an explosion on the ship. I was thrown afar off then i was knocked out. And my wife Sel, i saw that she was thrown afar off too. My tears fell for them. Maybe they are all dead and im the only one left alive. From the shelves i chose a sword. There were foot wear that can make you levitate. I wore one. There masks too that has special capabilities on them. One can analyze everything from pulse up to the organs inside of a creature and even inside machines. There are mechanical gloves that fires missiles and even lasers. There are armor too and of course a shield that comes out from a wrist band. I wore it. All the machines seems incredible. All of which have different logo that would suggest that it was stolen from other dominions. And i was thinking, what else could the others have? I was thinking that i will be facing a huge monster or a creature of the same height or size as i do but when the robot instructed me to go infront of the huge door and it opened I concluded that i could be terribly wrong! The Arena is twice the size of a football court and the crowd are thousands! And there are two gigantic screens on the left and right. It shows me. Everyone was going wild. The man who i was hearing awhile ago spoke but someone older than him pulled him back. I can see them from a distance with the eyewear that i was wearing. I was zooming on the upper most part of the Arena wherein i was sure, Leaders and possibly the King of the planet would be sitting. From both the left and right i can see two giants wielding swords, guards! They wear full mechanical armor. It was not clear if its day or night. I can see three planets close by on the sky and a bright light on far left. There are no planets of this formation from the Vandreen. It is from there that i realized that i am really far away from home, real far! I am a senator. I know and seen all the dominions in our galaxy! I can see from where i was standing the Special people of the Arena. I was zooming in on them and saw that the oldest was arguing with the younger one. It seemed like father and son. Then i saw him pointing at my direction. The crowd was going wild! Then the man from the elevated part of the Arena with the leaders raised both his arms and everyone ceased on screaming! The crowd is made of different creatures. There were humanoids too! The man spoke “A new day has emerge for our new Gladiator! And let me tell he is not just any other combatant that was given an honor to be where he is standing now! Monsters! Slimes! Entities! The Senator of Vandreen himself! Senator Ravi!!!” Everyone went wild upon hearing my name. Then the man who seemed to be the ruler of the Planet continued! “Battle tactics! Swordsmanship! And even the skills of the very warrior that we all once revered for the longest time and yet…of course he got cut in two! All in Senator Ravi’s memory!”. The crowd goes wild again and shouts in one accord! “Giant! Giant! Giant!”. The man made them go silent again and talked like a gentleman this time addressing directly to me. “Oh by the way Senator, i know youre confused. And that dizziness didnt come from the explosion. And let me introduce myself I am Emperor Hor-ex! Yes! I am also familiar to you, i must be. Your people chased me on your galaxy once but lets not talk more on that shall we?! And you heared what the crowd said…BRING OUT THE GIANT!”. From the other end of where i am standing, a huge light appeared! A huge giantic monster with horns on his head and sharp claws, standing like a minotaur with his long tongue, the crowd went real wild! It’s skin is clear from afar on which it is standing 40 feet tall, it looked concrete green and red. I can move real fast with the foot geat that i chose. The armor can also teleport me from only 10 feet radius. The sword can cut through gold. But it is nothing compared to the 8 fingers of the monsters with its blade like pointed nails. From my right, one of the creature was able to get my attention. It used a device to communicate to me. It informed me that the weak part is only his neck. The other weak part is his face but that will not an easy thing too. He also informed me not to use fire for it will only empower the monster in great rage. The most worrisome part that it informed me is that it may look brainless thinking of nothing but slash and eat but its brains are imprinted with the memories of the same warrior memories that i am imprinted on!

The gigantic screens showed me and the monster. From my distance i know that it is still a monster, the easiest way to kill a monster is for it to loose it’s temper. So from my left hand gear i fired a small rocket to its belly from where i was standing. I know it will get infuriated since it is where it tied up some body parts of other monsters that it ate. And everything fell on the ground! The monster ran amok towards me after it snapped it’s claws out real sharp and shining in metal like wolverine! I was able to spot that from where the Emperor is the older man was arguing with him. Calculating the monster, you cant side step on both corners its claws were long enough to reach you even on teleportation. And where would you hit it with its concrete hide? The target is the face or the neck. I was firing plasma bolts on its knees and was creating alot of dust from it. Still it’s speed didnt change. You can go head to head with a giant too especially the one with sharp claws. The firepower from my right mechanical arm was nothing but it was able to create a fog of dust, so thick that when the monster lunged his claws to cut me down i was able to hide from it.  I fired cables behind him on his ankles and it fell. I jumped real high to lunge my sword on its face but it is also quick and made a move slash me while on the air. The shield on my wrist band is impressive, it senses danger and it automatically came out throwing me afar off and before smashing my body on the walls, the thrusters on both my feet bursted out. The gigantic monster took out the cables on it’s feet. The crowd went wild. The creature that was giving me instructions communicated on me again. “Water! It’s skin will melt on water!”. But where the hell am i going to get water? I know he realizes that too. The giant regained composure, stood up and opened its mouth. It started to spew out smoke, black smoke! Then from the black smoke, fire!!!! My eyes widened in horror when it jumped at me right away. And again the shield automatically came out and this time it was wider! The giant monster attacked with fire but the shield withstood it. I almost got crushed when it striked its sharp claws! The shield was indestructible but the force is going to crush me. I bursted up to hit the monster’s face with the now wider shield and it almost stunned him. I was having thoughts of firing some missiles on the Emperor and then fly out of the arena but i dont think that there wont be some kind of shield to protect the Gladiators from flying out or firing at the VIPs including the Emperor who is now laughing at the scenery! My head was turning on his direction and the monster took advantage. I was thrown afar off from above and was trying to regain consciousness. The next thing i saw was that the monster was on top of me on the air with his right foot on to crush me. And from everyone’s view! I got crushed! Everyone went wild! The monster was still pushing with his foot onto where he thought i am now, crushed and dead. He wasnt able to see from his big foot that covered me, the teleportation light that got me on top of it’s head. And from there, i lunged my long huge sword on its brains. It is almost 10 feet long and 2 feet wide but it is incredible light weight. The left side who was cheering for the monster got cut off from their celebration of thinking that got crushed and then. The right side of the arena yelled out loud in return seeing that my sword pierce through victory inside the giant monster’s skull. It was still struggling to stay alive and had no clear mind anymore and it was slashing his face with its blade claws. It thought that i was still on it’s head. Until it’s right claw punctured its head and it fell dead even more. Everyone cheered out real loud! The gigantic screens showed my face and still i was thinking about my family. I wanted to cry. I was thinking that maybe they were horribly fed to other creatures. From there, i know theres nothing that i can do for them. I believed that they are dead. I know how planets are with these kind of entertainment. Captives are good for two things, Entertainment or nourishment.

The Emperor spoke “I think i made a mistake…oh no…You are not Senator Ravi… No i dont think you are him… Youre a Gladiator!!!”. Everyone yelled out loud. The sound of all their cheers is not a pleasing sound to my ears. It is an annoying misery for me. I want to fly out but i know, i cant just do that. The 4 giant guards appeared again on both sides with their swords. The robot communicated with me to get back slowly. Holding the sword on my right hand, my tears were falling. Maybe i shouldn’t have left Vandreen. And the story that happened in Luzon wherein a daughter of a Mayor was the only survivor to a massacre in their house one night. And her bf ended up as one of the suspect. Having no choice, the daughter of the Mayor Karla turned to an old ancestral house that they have in the mountains. The ancestral home turned out to be haunted by her dead relatives. Having no choice, being pursued by both cops and the killers, the haunted house with a chilling history about their clain is the only place safe for them two.

I am still writing the continuation in my cheap tablet. Next is the fight against the 4 armed dark green/black colored creature whose also taller than i am. Almost comparable to that picture above, i think it’s his cousin. Recalled something too…apart from this inter-galactic mayhem that i was in before. With the helped of the others, we were able to get this inter-galactic teenage violet-skinned entertainer to sing infront of the door, in which only her voice can open.  Ill try to recall that too. And i also have a faint memory of what we did in this one earth world in New York. There were 4 of us, one africa american and one female. It’s a story about a human that’s been overwhelmed by a powerful force and it is prophecied that only the 4 individuals from different parallel earths can stop the human that’s not himself. I can still recall that later on we found out that the human is actually just a little girl. And the only way to stop her rampage like Jean Grey in the X-Men movie is to kill her. And the Scariest place on Earth. In the Parallel world, it is located in the desert. An underground cave that will lead you to a relic guarded by Red Devils.

Plus, i might write down the story here as to how i rescued one 14 year old girl from her kidnappers because her stupid brother Vincent infuriated their enemies with his boastful talks over the phone. It’s a short story actually, her sister just ran to the car and no furthermore shootout happened. I might write that one here. And yeah i recall now. the adventure with my Super Secret-Agent ex-Girlfriend, we ended up at the earth’s core!!! It happened here during my vacation from my Carnival life!

And also about the Portal to another world! Or maybe the Parallel World of this earth. It’s a 20 ft swim to the bottom, situated on a mountain resort! In one Parallel Earth, it was not 20ft! So what we did is to dig it down and make the depth 20 ft.! And it worked! No breathing apparatus…touch the floor on the 20ft swim down. It’s actually guarded by enchanted beings. Now in this world, i dont know what’s the twist. Maybe you have to do it at night or maybe only by day. Or maybe the most difficult thing is that its on a predetermined cycle. Worse, maybe lets say during an eclipse! Or more worse, maybe only someone who has travelled on all worlds that exists now. Only someone who has the frequency of all worlds inside him. Or more worse than that worsest of all crap, the depth has to be more than 20ft, maybe it has be 50ft now. That’s one hell of a story!


Ravi! In different tongues the crowd composed of different races, horned, tailed, spiked, two headed, tentacled and even humanoids all mixed in one cheer for me. The sound of their applause is a pollution to my ears and they were all entertained. That is why I’m walking back to my cell just on the side of the arena. My thoughts dwell on my family, my tears fell for them. Maybe this is what I’ve got in return for the deaths of everyone in the plagued continent. Both young and aged perished in just a flash. There is no cure for the virus that will turn them into an abominable deformity. Maybe the God that some of them worshipped has cursed my family especially me. When I got inside my cell the doors secured me in. The robot whom is part organic advised me. “Do not put yourself too much in such grief, believe me if you want to live longer. No use weakening yourself for the dead.” He left me with a table of very nice food of all kinds. I didn’t ate yet. My mind dwelt much on my family. I can still recall my son talking to his older sister informing him that he will join the Armed Legion when his age permits. His sister cuts him short. “…You mean when mom permits” I was listening to them on one side and very amused. I recall Sel my wife talking while setting on the navigation. “So, maybe this time you will be able to put more attention on me…”. She has no idea the kind of attention that I was planning on later with her. Like any other race in the alliance, we lavish only once on our intimate desires only ones sometimes twice in what you call a year in this earth. Libido is power. We recognize that fact that’s why Vandreen has never been intimidated by other races. My tears fell for my family. Then I recall one time when the rectangular white ship of God The Father, the leader of the alliance visited us. In front of everyone wearing white raiment that glows extravagantly he tells us all and the entire planet was watching him “…whosoever among you will call on me and ask for my help with faith, I will hear him and I will give him directions. He will not suffer defeat”. All the senators was amused of him. Some laughed and said “We don’t need him, we have Vandreen”. Yes. We all put so much faith on the existence of Vandreen. It is on that very moment that i believed deep inside and felt God the Father’s words to be reliable and I knelt right away and prayed “God the Father help me. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what happened to my family.Help me. ” After that, I ate and it was really good.

There is no darkness in that planet. I recall that it is this dominion that we are after because of space piracy but their importance slipped my mind. After considerable hours of sleep, I dreamt. It was weird, it is as if I am a father and a husband to one different race in a beautiful planet and we are not humanoids. In that dream, we were happy as a family. The others live far away. The vegetation was nourishment enough. My loving wife and my proud son. Then a huge ship hovered down on our planet! It took my wife and son but our race was able to free them, in turn I was deceived and taken. It was weird! It is as if it was really me. I also dreamt of how I was conditioning myself. The robot informed me that I must train and he will take me to the training chambers, in there I was given instructions and warnings. I saw and met other races. None.of them talked much. We can never be friends. What’s the point? Were all going to kill each other anyway.

When I got back inside my spacious holding area there were new gadgets, armor, weapons and even over all face covering. The items they took from piracy! The robot told me, “Entertainment. Make them all love you and you will live longer. That is what you are now!”. One by one.I inspected my new toys inside my cell and I also tried it. The food is always delicious. It.increased my muscle mass and it made me taller. In my mind “Entertainment, if that is what I’m cursed to be then I will give them a good show that they’ve never seen before. If this is what I am now then so be it, everyone on that arena will end up in pieces with me” .

I will be continuing on this story maybe by tomorrow night or the next night. Saw this news about Power Rangers. In this other media i mentioned one story about them. Its me again! It’s a dark story and not a ridiculous childish genre and i hope the writers of X-Men will really do a good job coz that’s whats on the news. Anyway, with mine the Power Rangers Story. We were not really called Power Rangers there. No one called us Power Rangers! We didnt call ourselves that and we are just 3. We are college students who stumbled on a lost boy who asked for help and i took him on my house together with two of my friends. Later on that night at my home all alone with the boy we got attacked by an armored alien! That’s where he confessed where he came from and from what he did  to the armored alien, i believed him. The outfit is also different. It resembles the ironman suit except that only vital portions of the limbs and the body are covered by the armor. And a long saber on the hip that would really cut off a man in half. One similar thing with the movie here is that when we transform we really have to say “It’s Morphin Time!” The boy is a prince from another planet. Before his father lost his breath after being attacked in their home planet, he sent him to earth with the powers to give to the rightful ones that can protect him. It was months after the first attack of the aliens and the three of us got a beating. We realized that we have to train on how to handle a sword and we have to get real fit. So we trained real hard not letting  everyone know what were training for. The aliens were not childs play, theyre comparable to the mortal enemies of The Predator. Theres no giant robot too. Later on, one Chinese guy who was a witness to our battle with the aliens approached us and offered help to train us. We got lucky that night that he was there watching us defend the place! He insisted that our fighting techniques is not enough to protect the innocent like him and his family. And that he believes that it will not be long that we will get killed.  The chinese guy trained us.  The armor is capable of jumping from almost 50 feet, you can magnet yourself on the walls. But you cant fly. Your speed, strength and agility is amplified 50x too. Still without the proper skills and technique, youre gonna end up impaled by the aliens and eaten by them. One of us almost got killed when the aliens attacked us separately in our homes. The ceiling and everything fell on her, she hasnt transformed yet. They thought she was dead. Luckily she was able to transform even with those debris on top of her and she surprised her attackers exploding out of the piel of debris with her sword.

To be continued…

The Last 5 Year Old Boy On Earth


This is a short story of how an innocent 5 year old boy named Michael saved the world from Alien Invaders.

And no his name is not pathetic Kevin whose already a college boy but acts like Galgo in the movie The Expendables, pathetic idiot!

Monday, Michael’s mom was hurrying up to finish everything for her and everyone on the house. She cooks the food and does everything. She’s a single mom having 3 kids. The youngest is Michael a 5 year old boy and the oldest is Michael’s 10 year old sister and the 2nd is the 8 year old boy. Michael’s mom was supposed to get him to a school to for evaluation. She’s a single mom who does everything at the house and Michael loves her mother so much that every night he waits eagerly for her to take her bag from her. Michael was all dressed up and so is her brother and sister. Then the phone rang and after Michael’s mom was finished taking the call, plans changed. She cant take Michael yet since he’s going to a different location and her boss requires her to be on time at exactly 9am. Michael’s mom works as a Supervisor to a Grocery Store and earns enough for her and her children. Her husband separated from her and married another woman. Michael was left all alone in the house. The nanny was supposed to come in at 7am but she called in to informing that she will be late. Michael as a secret hideout down the basement! In there, he would always find solitary time for not getting disturbed playing his favorite game on his PSP. Michael is fond of playing the game ,Inter-Galactic Invaders in which he is almost done finishing the game. So after Michael kissed her mama goodbye he ran down the basement with his PSP and played with his favorite game. It was already 10am and the nanny hasnt arrived yet. An hour passed by and Michael was still all alone when went back up to get food from the fridge. Michael ate alot then suddenly a strong quake rumbled the ground! He thought it was nothing and went back to the basement. Michael Finished the game yelling out loud! Now he can boast to his neighbor too that he was able to kill the Alien Invaders on the game! Michael felt sluggish and fell asleep… And so Michael dreamt…He dreamt of being the Starfighter in the video game that he was playing in his PSP!

Michael was awaken by a huge rumble on the ground! It was strong enough to shake him from the connected tables that he laid himself with! Michael ran hurriedly upstairs to see what was going on! He was expecting his mom and his brother and sister to be home but he was still all by himself! The nanny was not there yet! Michael peeked on the window curtains to see what was going on outside as to where the rumbling was coming from. Michael’s eyes widened when he saw that everything outside was filtered blue! No one was around and no car was passing by. From a distance he got startled when he saw a Jet Fighter exploded when a small ray of light hit it! Michael ran hurriedly to the phone and looked for her mother’s number at the directory but there was no answer. Michael waited and waited, he tried looking outside the window again and nothing was there. No one was outside until afternoon came! Now the filtered blue outdoors became reddish pink! Michael was clueless on what to do holding peanut butter sandwich that he made for himself out of the fridge! And the rumblings on the ground came back again! It became stronger and stronger! Michael peeked outside and his eyes widened to see a huge robot walking carefully not damaging any structure! And a ray of light was coming out of its chest examining everything. The ray of light moved slowly towards Michael’s home, he got alarmed and ran back down to the basement bringing with him a plastic of bread and peanut butter!

Michael was right and very wise when he went down to the basement and took the plastic of bread and peanut butter with him. He even cleaned his mess at the table in a hurry when he saw that the giant robot was about to flash the light on their home. The robot is scanning for people inside every houses using the light from its chest. Michael locked himself inside the basement, the light that scanned their house was so great that it worried Michael for it might slid itself inside his hiding place. Standing infront of the door Michaels heart pounded heavily. He was able to hear some screams outside their neighhbor! Someone got caught and she was screaming for help! The other voice was from his friend and he was crying for help too! Everything is happening like his dream just awhile ago, the video game that he would always play is whats going on now! The begging screams of his friend for his mom outside made Michael’s tears fell! He was horrified too that the aliens might get to him. Michael’s neighbor and his mom was taken and they were good people. He even got to sleep on their house once. It was 1pm and Michael was worried that the same might have happened to his mother and brother and sister! Michael cried but he kept it to himself for the robot outside might get to him. An hour passed and Michael was able to hear that the robot was walking away with its hard steps on the ground and so did the voices that he can not understand. Michael stayed at the basement longer and has no thoughts of coming out yet. He finished all the food that he brought with him. He has no heart to cry anymore. He realizes that if he cries more he will end up like his neighbor. So Michael just sat down at the floor in the basement. At 4pm nothing can be heared outside not even the dog that would often bark to his annoyance. Michael decided to get out and look for himself and saw that nothing inside their home was touched and so he walked cautiously to the window to peek outside. There was no one there and everything was already in filtered blue this time. Still, none of the houses was damaged! It is as if nothing just happened! Michael doesn’t know what to do yet. He opened the fridge and scoured for food. Michael ate a lot thinking that by that time his brother and sister should have been there and his neighbor calling him out to play. He knows he shouldn’t cry and he doesn’t want to play his PSP for it reminds him of his neighbor and it might give out his presence inside the house.
It’s 5pm and still nothing. Michael stayed in the kitchen and has no idea of what to do yet. He knows he shouldn’t get out. So with only cheese and milk from the fridge Michael went down the basement again to hide. Not knowing what to do, he waited there. Until 730pm came and he heared a noise from above… Michael was terrified! There were footsteps walking hurriedly to the door in the basement that he is in! And it was strong enough to open the door by force! “O my God! Are you ok? Theres a Transformer movie filming outside and we cant get back home right away! Alot of people are getting hysterical! Our neighbor was part of the filming too!” It was Michael’s mom!!! Just kidding…:), ill continue on  the story!

Next on this story is The Book of Power.
“Someday they will come, The World will know, That there were not just men, There are people with supernatural powers in the old days…”

Picture out a single man real exausted and wielding a sword. He is just a village man. Battered and running away. One Barbarian go to him and he was able to jump on him from above. His knees are trembling weak from running the entire day. He recalls his wife an hour ago in the village that was attacked by Barbarians, she was bleeding to death from a shot of an arrow and shes also pregnant. She tells him “You are outnumbered, outmatched…and outwilled…take the sword and go! No one must take it. Its too late for us…Avenge us another day! Go!” The village man was on his knees and in great exaustion with the sword on his right hand. There is mud all over him from wrestling the huge barbarian that he had just killed. And now he is surrounded by the others riding in horses and wearing full battle armor, all 20 of them surrounded him. They were after him for something, for why did they chase him when the entire village was already theirs! Suddenly, the sword of the village man glows. A voice of a woman whispers “Hold the sword over your head if you want to live…”. The village man did as exactly as he is told and the sword revealed itself in great power and the barbarians in horses were all incinerated from being hit by lightning that came from the sword that got it from above! The sword glows with great power and the village man was astounded! He could do nothing but blame what happened to the sword and weeped bitterly. “Where were you just awhile ago! You let everyone in the village die!”. The voice of the woman replied “There is nothing that you can do for them but you lived and i will let you do more than just avenge your village…With the sword, you will claim the Book of Power!” This is the story of Darius. My story…


Sorry i cant continue on with this story.I was instructed not to, i guess they have plans for this. So maybe next is The Book of Power. But then again maybe i can only write a few about that story.

Someone out there is planning to wear formal attire and with the full confidence of The Universe she will come up to me with her professional talk asking me to stop what im doing blogging all the stories that she will claim is hers. Well, that’s just how it is here in Dumaguete! Everything that i own is not mine. Hell even my son and daughter are not mine. And everything that i will claim is not true. And everything that i will say is me is not me but their “Tito Randy”. So come on down!!! hahahahaha! Who could it be? The daughter of the drug lord? The guy who think’s its not right using his identity few years ago together with his mom? Or the childish pathetic $h%T that i almost broke this afternoon. Or the crazy woman who claims that the story “My father’s wife” pertains to her relatives in The U.K.!

The Book of Power
A short summary of the story. And there goes the people who believes in “The Divide” crap! But lets not dwell into that craziness.

Just like the movie Jack The Giant Killer. In the real old days…as time passed by fact became Legend and truth became fairy tales. In the real old days there were men that can elevate everything around him with just a gesture of his hand. There were people that can burn anything with just a stare. There were people that can elevate and their agility is just but with only a blink of an eye. This is the story of how it was back then during the times of Barbaric disputes wherein the Kingdoms of men were once tried to be overrun by beings with great power. Much similar to the ones you all call now as Vampires. Long in the real old days, men would take their journey and even their goals in life from sorcerers and witches. The Barbaric population from Scotland arose all in great numbers during that times for in order to survive during those days, men must converge as one against other convergences in other continents. And the Barbarians planned to be more wiser than any other convergence. The Barbarians planned to rule the other lands outside Scotland. And through the counsel of their old witch that accompanied them in their quest they set forth out of their homeland in a quest for one major prize to take them into their victorious goal of overthrowing Kings from their thrones. The Mystical Sword of the Gods. The origin of the sword is unknown to anyone but to the woman that was tasked to hide it. In the past, There is one island plagued by beings that would come out of the earth. Demons in great stature and bathed in fire. They say that hell is in great war with each other. The Kingdoms of hell are not in one and other demons connived to go up on the surface to enslave men and try to over run the surface earth.  One man tried to stand against these fiery beings and lives were lost in their attempts. Still, more came and the ones that they vanquished still arose back to life. The man knew he needed a weapon to ultimately destroy the evil that lurks beyond the earth and continues to increase in numbers. So one morning, he called out to the Heavens and knelt then spoke with his great voice overshadowing the cliff infront of him “I have lived all my life not believing and even mocking the people that would talk about powerful beings that exists in the heavens and must be revered! And yet here i am now! If there trully are powerful beings beyond the heavens that i am looking up to! Hear me! I am kneeling infront of you! Give me the weapon that will vanquish the terror that lurks from below the earth! Give me the power to defeat them! Give it to me now, if not then there is no reason why i must live this life for it is impossible”. After saying so, the clouds moved as if it covered something in a great amount in the skies and thunder and lighting mixed all together. The man looked above and saw light slowly appearing from the clouds, the light became bigger and clearer! And the great light hit the ground infront of the man! And light showed itself as a sword that landed on the ground in answer to the man’s call! And so from there, the demons that came from beneath the earth was vanquished. The powers that came from the sword overwhelmed the demons and every last one of them were extinguished!The demons revealed that the rulers of all the factions of hell can have the surface below but theirs is the surface free of commands from any of the Lords that tricked them into misery of falling down to earth. The sword displayed much power that it gave the man the strength of an Archangel. And so in one night, the fate of everyone on the island was determined through the man! Until one remained, The Fallen Archangel! Out of the crack that rumbled beneath the ground fire exploded out of the earth revealing a winged form that would suggest that he was once a being of beauty, only deformed from top to bottom, even it’s wings. Feathers can still be spotted on the wings of the Fallen Archangel whose not comparable to be elevated on a wing of a bat. The Archangel spoke with his voice encompassing the surroundings of the man. He pointed his finger unto him. “Do you know who owns that sword that you are holding right now…Before we were thrown into this dominion of decay, we were stripped of everything our Glory, our powers, our beauty and even our weapons! God The Father, decided ireversibly! And alas! He has smite me deep into my heart with what he has done! The sword that i have wielded back in the heavens for seemingly an eternity is now in the hands of a human! Now, i will take back what once was mine!”. The Fallen Archangel whose great in stature and with his wings fought the human! But the power of the sword that was once wielded by an Archangel leveled with the Fallen Archangel’s strength and might! The Fallen Archangel was banished in existence by the same sword that he once wielded in The Heaven!

Later on as time passed by, the man started to wither in old age. There was no one to take care of him. He had no son to inherit the sword. He can not bury the sword, nor he can not take it with him in his grave for the demons will know it’s location. The Village leader who is a woman suggested that she take the sword with her into the far lands in order to protect it. And so the man agreed for the sword should never be in the hands of an evil man. For it’s power is strong enough to put one kingdom into its knees. And so the woman took a journey together with her family not letting everyone know the real reason as to why abandon their home. And the woman bore a daughter. And her daughter married a man named Darius. So connects the details above. When the woman died of old age she instructed her daughter and her husband to hide the sword. She bore a daughter and not a son, she was optimistic that maybe someday her grandson will wield the sword at the right reason and the right time. The sword was hidden in disguise near the shelves. Its handle was made to resemble as one of the decoration on the shelves. The power of the sword was never known to any man outside the island where it was granted. But it was revealed to a witch from a demon! And so the barbarians directed by a witch set forth on a quest to claim it!

No one knew of the The Sword of The Gods not even the powerful beings that dwells in the caves. In that timeline, there were men who lives in obscurity in the caves in the mountain area. Their powers are recharged in darkness for their hearts are also dark. And they are men of power. Within their hands lies great awe and marvel for they are capable of creating wonders and even deaths unimaginable to many. They are men of power that no one can defy. They are awake at night and slumbers at daylight for the light of the day narrows down their capabilities.

One night they all arose altogether, there were 11 of them. They wore an elegant black attire that would combine the essence of a warrior and a gentleman. The Leader spoke to the one closest to his right 
-“What happened to the man that you spawned? How come there are no words from him yet?”. 
-“That huge fanged-bat is doing nothing all day but lavish on women! I will cut off his pointed ears if this goes on for an even more longer time!”
-“No! Just let him be. Let it be for now. Only time will tell what he can do with what we have given him. And at the right time, we will collect what he will establish… for us!”
Their leader continued…
-“The numbers of men are rising everyday, the tale of the Book of Power has already consumed the lust of many great men. It is as i have planned it to be. They set out for it. They will take the perils for it, they will battle for it! And when they have it in their hands, while they take their joy in claiming it. We will also exercise our right to take what is ours in the beginning of their struggle. The Book will be ours.”

So why not continue on The Last 5 year old boy on earth? Dont know? Just feel like it! Next? Is the story of how a butterfly saved the entire galaxy! Only one thing i can say…Hollywood has not yet pictured out how the alien invaders in that world operates their machinery.

Ill try to see about the love story. The one that started one morning outside the building at the library wherein i was able to pick up something on the road. In London! Yeah it was me! Again! Dont like it? Please click on the X button on the far right upper side of your browser. LOL!

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