The Planet of Power

This article is of original composition of Mark Adrian Cawit. The formulation of my writings did not come from any Christian Church Leader. This is all 100% Mark Adrian. If you think these statements are ridiculous and untrue, please be reminded that this blog was not intended to make people believe. This is my “Killing Time Blog”.

This is not how the texts runs but if I have the best seller book here from the Parallel World, surely, the first two pages that contains these events will make you laugh and understand as well. The book in the parallel world that will also make you grab the bible. After God the Father was done creating the Planet Earth and everything there is in the Universe for 7 days, he was drained of his powers and rested. While taking his relaxation from being depleted of his powers in creating the Universe, He took The Archangel Lucifer and The Archangel Michael to accompany him in searching for other dominions in the Universe where The Kingdom of The Heaven also resides undiscovered even until now. While sitting comfortably on the ship together with two of God The Father’s chief Archangels he discovered a small planet which appeared to  be fully vegetated and there were no space vehicles guarding it which signifies that it is still an undiscovered dominion. God The Father first decided to go down on The Planet on a separate small vessel.On his way down, He was astonished of how beautiful the landscape was. Then without warning He saw a multitude of its inhabitants which were females running towards him in great delight to meet with Him. These females were very attractive and different with their beauty. One of them stepped forward to touch God The Father. First she explored His face. Then the others followed exploring and touching his entire body with their hands. And they all encircled God The Father like little children playing with each other. And God The Father noticed that their touch energized him and made him lively. And as the females encircled cheerfully and laughing merrily like little children, one of them started to  tickle God The Father. It is from there that God The Father discovered that each tickle meant recharge to the powers that he lost from creating another Universe. From there God the Father discovered that the beings on the Planet can energize and even make a God even more powerful in contact with them. And each tickle that God The Father took from the females returned back his glory and might that was depleted during the creation. After God The Father was done, He went back to the mother-ship where The two Archangels waited for him. God The Father wanted them both experience what he experienced at The Planet that they have just discovered. So he gave both Archangels physical form first. Then He sent them to the same vessel that He took go down the Planet. And just as the same when both Archangels went down to the Planet they were greeted by the females. But when the female inhabitants got closer they were shocked and astounded with their new visitors for they were both different from the first one that they played with moments ago. And they all gazed in amazement from head to toe on the Archangels that awaited for their action on them. One of them stepped closer in great awe analyzing Lucifer’s face! She touched him with her right hand and  explored the contours of his face. And then she encircled around him analyzing Lucifer’s entirety. Then she touched his chest traversing her fingers all around the contours of his body. They were both different for their have wings. The other females who stood by in great amazement couldn’t believe what they are seeing too. Then without warning, the female the went on a closer look on Lucifer slowly turned old-ugly. Her supple skin crumpled. Her beautiful face turned unpleasant. Her hair transformed curly and ragged like that of an old woman. All the females that saw what had happened to one of them were horrified and stepped back! Lucifer was surprised too! The Archangel Michael restrained Lucifer for he tried to convince them all to come back. But Michael was able to make him understand and so it seemed. God The Father saw the entire incident! It is from there that He discovered that the beings that can recharge and amplify his powers is only for The Gods! God the Father decided to end the misery of the female being that turned old-ugly and he made them all understood and communed with them all. God The Father vowed protection for them in honor of allegiance. And so the Planet of Power was protected by God The Father. Jehovah was also made aware by God the Father and he made visits there. Lucifer grew dismay for even with the mishap, he felt power. He was recharged. He was amplified. And Lucifer wants more.He believed that with the right amount of power he can turn into a God. He ambition to become and even more powerful than Jehovah whom he was very jealous of. And so, that is where it all began. The origin of Lucifer’s rebellion and the formation of an alliance that will determine the fate of the entire existence as we speak. This is also the same Planet that crazy antichrist would always dream of every time they do something very evil. Their enticement on their lunacy. They believe that when they die, they’re not going to hell but on a Sex Planet.

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Mark Adrian Cawit



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