This article is of original composition of Mark Adrian Cawit. The formulation of my writings did not came from any Christian Church Leader. This is all 100% Mark Adrian. If you think these statements are ridiculous and untrue, please be reminded that this blog was not intended to make people believe. This is my “Killing Time Blog”.

And so, this is how the Parallel Earths began. Ive written all about this for the past 2 years in my blog. You wont see this in any christian doctrine as of present time yet. Nor will you see this in any christian church being taught. For this is from the Doctrine of Utopia. And yes, go ahead. Call my crazy. ūüôā But rest assured, this is no antichrist article. For lucky is the man who understood that his soul needs to be pure in order to be saved in the last days of his breath in this earth. This Parallel Earth.

In the very beginning of God the Father’s creation, There were two worlds. They were both perfect worlds. There was no evil. There was no Satan. For in the very beginning of God the Father’s rule there was Lucifer. And as stated in the bible The Archangel Lucifer was full of Glory, in him is bestowed the highest glory of beauty and light. And in the very beginning of it all. There was God the Father’s son in The Kingdom of The Heaven, Jehovah. And in those two perfect worlds lies God the Father’s love for all his creation. The human beings. They live without suffering and without pain. So great and so different are the humans in those perfect worlds that their health requires them only 3 hours of sleep to regain their energy. But God the Father has a plan. And part of that plan is to ensure that all his creation in The Kingdom of The Heavens and on the perfect worlds that he created remained as it is, secured and without blemish. And so there was God the Father’s closest friend and ally in existence. King Odin, the ruler of Asgard. There were also other Kings and Gods. But they were not united. There were continuous rumblings and unwanted wars and disputes. So King Odin proposed to God the Father to become the ruler of an alliance to put order and balance to all that there is in existence.¬† An alliance must be forged to maintain what is to become destiny of every existing being in the Universe and other universes. And so to cut short, The Union of Kings was formed. There were 20 minor members of Kings and Gods. And there were 4 major members of the Union. The 4 major members includes, God the Father as the Leader. The 2nd Major Power of the Union is King Odin. The 3rd is King Marvel. The 4th member is Jehovah’s close friend whose name must not be mentioned. And so…The Union of Kings was successful in maintaining order and balance on existence in each Universe and the effort continued on. Such union between conflicting territories was made possible through a “Good Will Offer”. And that is “The Planet of Power”.¬† The Planet is inhabited by women. Through this planet, only a God can recharge himself when his powers are depleted. It is also the same planet that Lucifer grew great jealousy of with Jehovah. The same planet that triggered his great rebellion against God the Father’s Holy Will. I have also written in detail about this Planet in my blogs last two years ago. And so…there was also founded a great authority among the members of The Union of Kings. A powerful entity the knew everything and how to do everything in existence. I will not explain more about where and how he came from. He is called The Overlord. For in him, The 4 major Members of the Union asks for council. And so they visited him and asked his council, God The Father himself asked the overlord “…How can one of us be truly the most powerful God of all?”. The Overlord answered “If one of you crucifies his son on his own dominion and your son does not condemn you or the people that crucifies him, then You will become the strongest God of all. And Time will never again overcome you…”. And so the Gods found out how they can become more greater than each other.

And so… God The Father made another world likened to the two perfect worlds the He first created in lieu of his plans for his entire creation.¬† That world that he created within 7 days was called Earth. For it is biblical that God The Father at first destroyed man in the entire face of the Earth for they learned and knew nothing but wickedness. And he regretted that he ever created them on the earth. And he chose Noah so as the bible says. And it is also biblical the God The Father at first was not all knowing as to how a human being is. And so God The Father carried on his perfect plans on everything including his plans for his son Jehovah. And as the Bible says, “And so God loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son”. For in that earth the rebellious Archangel Lucifer was thrown and he hid in the pits of Hell. The purification site of the wicked souls. The Lake of Fire beneath the deepest pits of the planet earth! And he made for himself a Kingdom there for the wailing and gnashing of teeth empowers the fallen rebellious beings from The Kingdom of The Heaven. And so man became wicked through Satan’s deception and devices. And everyone who died on earth went to Hell. There was no doctrine for everyone to follow on how to be saved. And so came Jehovah on earth. Born out of a pure woman named Mary. And He was called Jesus. For the name of God The Father was given unto Him on earth. For in Him lies God The Father’s Holy Will. And He is the embodiment of God The Father. The Son is The Father but The Father is greater then the Son himself. And so through the Son. who became man on earth everything was fulfilled. The humans were given salvation from Hell. A direction on how to get back to where they came from and that is from The Kingdom of The Heaven. And so as it is written, Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross! He did not utter any condemnation to God The Father. He fulfilled what must be done. Nor did he utter any condemnation to the people that mocked and crucified Him. And so as it is said by The Overlord himself in his council to the 4 major members of The Union of Kings. God The Father became The Strongest God of All in all existence and Time can never rule him over anymore.¬† And so as it is fulfilled, man on earth has received words of how to live by the rules in order to be saved from the lake of fire. And Jesus Christ came back to The Kingdom of The Heaven in full glory of his Ascension to the throne at the right hand of God the Father. And it is there that God the Father was able to make other worlds. He was able to duplicate existing worlds including its inhabitants. And so these worlds are the same as with the world where Satan fell upon. And on those duplicate earth worlds exists also what exists in the first Earth. There is also Satan and everything else. And so…these Parallel Worlds are all plagued with Satan’s devices and deception. The children of men were wicked and became who they are for the world was the only world that was introduced to them. A world where Satan overcame everyone using their very own weaknesses. And the Earth Worlds were not the only one that was plagued by the evil entity Satan. All the dominions of The Members of The Union of Kings were infected with the disease that is called Satan! And so the members blamed God The Father and demanded that an exchange must be done. But God The Father offered them a better deal. As it is planned God The Father offered his son Jehovah to solve the problem. He will again for the 2nd time go down on earth as a human being and direct the humans to salvation. And on other dominions, He will replace key persona to deal with Satan’s devices. All the members of The Union of Kings agreed to this.
But all other dominions of The Union of Kings were as easy as it is foreseen by God The Father himself. The most difficult one are the Parallel Earth Worlds that now empowers God The Father. If He does not save the souls on it, these worlds will no longer empower Him but the strongest entity down below the planet, Satan! And so, Jehovah will need help! In saving Parallel Earth Worlds, Jehovah and God The Father went to what remains of almost extinct race in the coldest regions of space. Also a member of The Union of Kings. And different from all other, their ruler is not a God. These race hide in obscurity from all other races for they were before the notorious Inter-Universal Burglars of The Universe as we speak. And their deeds brought their planet destruction. These race now are trying to survive in a space station fixed on a huge rock. It was agreed that their race will be reborn on Earth. The entire race will live on earth and will later on assist the reincarnate Jehovah in his quest on Earth. And so God The Father visited them. Jehovah was introduced to one of their Princess named Xinhua. And she gave Jehovah what makes him even more powerful. And her beauty caught Jehovah and in some point thought of her to be her Queen but God The Father forbade him for her race can not merge with that of God The Father’s. And so this said race assisted Jehovah in his quest on earth worlds, their duplicates or copies on each Parallel Earth worlds became Jehovah’s ally. No spirit can possess them. They recognized him and he always ended up having a wife from their race. But all of these has changed later on in the farthest run of the quest after all Parallel Earth Worlds were saved. Parallel Earth worlds do not cease to exist in order to empower God The Father. This in turn became a different matter to the duplicates of the race thats always there for Jehovah. The Parallel Earth Worlds became even more difficult for the race that once allied with him now sees him as their enemy. For their doctrine was influenced by Satan. And it is as expected that Satan will be able to find out how Jehovah won the other Parallel Worlds and saw that this race is instrumental in achieving the reincarnate’s goal. So as early as in ancient times, Satan put himself in their doctrine. Jehovah will become their enemy. They became Jehovah’s enemy in all remaining existing and duplicating Parallel Earth Worlds. And the only way to salvation for them was recognized by their entire race as an enemy. For they thought that the body is for pleasure and that there are other beings in the universe that will give them salvation. For the truth is not acceptable to them, that the price¬† that was won by their original copies can only be attained through a clean soul and that is through Jehovah. And that price is salvation from this world corrupted by Satan. Salvation onwards to their Utopia, Their very own perfect world. A world wherein no one is miserable. But that is not the plan of their race in this world. And so other races takes great advantage of them for it is also a great business in the universe, the business of selling human souls.

And so how does this Parallel Earth worlds differ? They differ from the question, What If? And God The Father created worlds and they were innumerable and only He can number them. And the first man on each world is called Adam. And so these worlds differ in questions that you can also base on yourself. For that is how God The Father was able to learn and understand how a human being is. That is how he learned all about his favourite creation. So ask yourself, What if you didnt go to college? What if you didnt take this offer? What if when you were little, your aunt didnt support you after your parents died on an accident? God The Father knows everything about you and everything that is to be and that was never be on this parallel earth. Therefore he knows how to deal with justice in each and everyone on his creation. That is the Parallel World. There is Satan, There is Jesus Christ. There is you and me. But situtation and reality at some point in time will differ to the question What If.


Mark Adrian Cawit

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