This article is of original composition of Mark Adrian Cawit. The formulation of my writings did not came from any Christian Church Leader. This is all 100% Mark Adrian. If you think these statements are ridiculous and untrue, please be reminded that this blog was not intended to make people believe. This is my “Killing Time Blog”.

Last two years ago i blogged about Utopia. Any world which is not like this world or a complete opposite of the world where we live in now can be considered as Utopia. What exactly do i mean? Dont tell me that for you, the complete opposite of the world we live in is a barren wasteland. Before you decide so, please go to CNN.COM, FOXNEWS.COM and all other News Websites. Whats the opposite of the nature of the current events stated on those websites? Look up in the skies at 7am. Get out in the open at 1pm. How does it feel with the sun? Look at someone whose age is 50 years old in this world. You want to see wastelands? Get yourself to India and also here in the Philippines in Luzon area. You can consider the filthy places abandoned by settlers from provinces as “Barren Wastelands”. What is Utopia? Utopia is the Perfect World that God The Father created before this parallel world that we live in now. In that world, the only unpleasant thing that you can literally and utterly see and smell is in your toilet bowl! In that world, the song “Love will keep us alive” is a literal truth. There is no word such as “Miracle” in Utopia for the lives of Utopians are built on what we define in this world as a Miracle. For in that world God The Father bestows the full extent of his love for mankind. Especially for humans who have won the ultimate prize in enduring the world where we are right now. Utopia is the reward for the clean and the faithful. Defining and explaining Utopia is very simple for me. Ill just imagine how life is in this world and picture out the opposite[laughs]. So to continue on more with The Perfect World Utopia. There are no spirits in Utopia. Theres no such thing as luck in Utopia for God the Father’s love and blessing shines down in full to Utopians. Therefore suffering does not exist in Utopia. God The Father’s Perfect Plan for the human race  is not hindered or pestered in Utopia. Therefore that world can be labeled as a Perfect World. There are no locks or fences in Utopia.The road is sterilized every two hours. The shine of the sun is comparable to how the sun shines in this world at 530am. And the houses are in far considerable distance from each other. The leaves on the trees looks edible. The colors of the world is entirely different, its lively! The worsest news that youll see on TV is a car accident. Let people see you punch someone and theyll be on a state of shock. The cops there are funny, if they will apprehend you theyll talk basing on the book “Halt! In the name of God The Father. Stop what you are doing! That is bad for you. Listen to me now…”. Policemen are huge guys too but slap them while talking their line and theyll cry like a baby. But no, Utopians are not violent human beings. People dont yell at each other. Your problem is their problem too, for they know that everyone’s lives will affect each other’s “Essence of Happiness”.

There is a government office wherein you can go and find your partner in life if by the age 15 you dont have one yet. In there, you will be shown in a computer, a Database of Single Young Citizens. Once you make a choice, the other will be notified. A meet will be arranged to discuss each others interests and if a partnership in one roof could be carried between couples. If both couples agree, they will live in one roof. Principles and values in Utopia differ. Everyone considers the fact that their actions and decisions today will affect the “Essence of Happiness” tomorrow when they wake up. Women in Utopia are different with their way of thinking on a partner. Sex is a part of a relationship too but you cant get anyone on bed not unless your principles match. And principles in this world and in Utopia are different. In this world, a woman may have a strict vow that shell only give her virginity to the man that will level with her family and fit her criteria. But that is just talk because here is Mr. Hollywood hunk guy and surely on the very first date shell lose control and surrender herself to him. Women in Utopia are not like that. If you cant level with everything that she likes and you dont connect with how she sees things and how she wants to feel things, the only thing you’ll get is friendship and someone to lean on like a family. Everyone knows that everything that exists can affect your happiness. The design of the building, the position as to where the cars are parked. The wardrobe you wear. The way how everyone brings himself up. Everything that you can see with your eyes can affect “The Essence of Happiness”. So a Utopian knows that everyone around him or her is their business. Which means in each being a Utopian has the core of what we all know in this world as “GOOD”. Everyone knows that someone’s suffering could be his suffering too if he lets it be. And someone’s happiness and success will eventually his or her happiness too. That is how a Utopian thinks. That is how God The Father wanted a human being to be. If Satan was not permitted in the very beginning, thats how the world would have been.

How is a daily life of a Utopian? First of all what is a Utopian and the Planet itself? Saying again in great opposite. The Atmosphere in Utopia is different compared to here. Humans still breaths oxygen and breaths out carbon dioxide but if you are going to put an adult from this world to Utopia, He will fall and die because the atmosphere in Utopia does not fit the human body that lived the standards of living in this world.  A Utopian sleeps at about 10pm. Normally they do. There is no cooking oil in Utopia. In this world you need 8 hours of sleep in order to be fully revitalized. In Utopia, one only needs 3 hours of sleep to feel more lively for the next day. So that means, a Utopian wakes up at 1am in the morning. She calls her mom and asks her if she gave the excess amount of money from her bank account to this family. Her mom informs her that she even advised them to get to this firm to fix their lawn and get a better landscaping job in their home. A Utopian gets real disturbed if the amount of money in her name gets too much. Normally an average citizen would only limit himself to only 100k, if they get more they can keep it. But thats not how  they are. They see money as sin if it gets into excess and not used in helping other people. The cars are small. It only fits two. Theres no Church.  And theres just one religion! And that is God The Father. In a community, people would meet each other in one spacious venue and share each others feelings and everything else and they will explain how God The Father makes them happy. Each turn of their talk gives everyone assurance that life is always meaningful under the Essence of Happiness if we all remain as one. Miracles is part of everyone’s life. There’s this one woman ones who explained to everyone how deeply sorrowed she was when she lost her loving husband a week ago. She explained as to how confused he was that her husband was taken away from her in the early stage of their family life but she accepts that God The Father always do the right thing for everyone. And infront of everyone also she pleaded and believed in great faith that God The Father is unquestionable in his decisions and she also believed that God The Father loves them so much that by the words that she has confessed she asked for her husband back. Everyone around her was not really that optimistic about her wishes for they all know that everything happens with a very perfect reason. But After a week and half, one afternoon, the widow was startled by a voice outside her door calling out knocking. It happened in the part of Utopia wherein people who are called Filipinos in this world lives. The voice called out “Hello! Papasukin nyo ako! Please! Maginaw na dito sa labas! Hello! ” The widow was not really that optimistic on the truth that it is her husband basing on the voice. But when she opened the door in intent to help another human being in distress, she realized even more how God The Father loved her so much that God The Father answered her request. The entire incident was made known all over the globe. They exhumed the coffin and found that the corpse was not there anymore. The same thing happened to the widow’s dog too! What is Utopia? Its a Perfect World wherein everyone in this world will find funny and easy to take over because of its innocence. A world wherein no one in this world will ever grasp its innocence. There are also Malls in Utopia and even Disco Houses! YES! Theres night life in Utopia! And the music are not childlike. They’re not “Twinkle twinkle little star, how i wonder what you are…”. The music in the Disco Club uplifts your soul!The lyrics are all about good values. The rhythm is still yet undiscovered by any artist living in civilization as of the moment in this world. There are no alcoholic drinks. And there’s an aged guy that would sometimes dance with everyone in Utopia getting all the attention! For a Utopian, theres no location on this earth which is more beautiful than the garden that they have at the back of their homes. Utopians do not wither. They age and their existence or duration of their lives depends on their purpose on the society. Someone may reach the age of up to a 100 years old but her looks and her skin still remains that of a 27 year old. Each turn and each action of a Utopian is built on the consideration of others. Death to Utopians involves no pain. If someone is to die, he or she will know. She will feel weak. The feeling will be that of being drunk. You will close your eyes. And your body will lose its breath of life. From there, your soul will be delivered to The Heaven. And from Utopia a soul will get its second reward in The Heaven. In there the spirit of the faithful and clean will thrive in universal happiness without anxiety of the daily life that exists in the Planet Utopia. And in some point in The Heaven a soul is also given the change to be reborn back in Utopia.

There is also another Planet similar to Utopia. There are more or less 10 of them. These Utopia planets are interconnected with each other have separate governance of their own race. These are the race that came from the Parallel Worlds. You can also consider these Utopic Planets of the same nature with the Utopia that i mentioned above. One major differene as to how people in Utopia manages their well being and the Planet itself is when it comes to waste management. In this world, humans dig holes on the ground as dumping mechanisms for their toilets. In Utopia, a mechanism brings all the human waste to one retractible location.  The pipes from everyone’s toilets goes to one single location and it is delivered to one location in every continent. That is the location wherein all the human waste are being thrown to the sun. In Utopia there is a contstructed pipe from earth reaching to outer-space. From the pipes, tons of human waste are shot at to the Sun. Which brings me to one fact that the earth is dying because of human waste. Earthquakes are because of Human Excrement! And i know that someone in The UK, a scientist believes me on that.

In this world, most people’s Utopia is the demise of others. Their laughter is the misery of others. See thats why i say its the complete opposite.

Utopia is the fulfillment of God The Father’s plan to mingle someday with his greatest masterpiece, The human beings. Why not in The Heaven? This was not explained in any christian book. But still the idea serves it right that The Heaven is the greatest reward for salvation. For only in The Heaven, eternal happiness is without the existence of any anxiety present on any other Planet. In The Heaven, everyone with physical form will not be able to survive because of its atmosphere. The Planet called The Kingdom of The Heaven is detrimental to anyone with Physical form hence only spirits can thrive on The Heaven. God The Father and everyone else with Physical Form dwells only inside Zion. So you see, that makes The Heaven a very safe place for the saved souls because no beings would grow interest on it since it can only inhibit spirits. And so, that is the very purpose of Utopia. For God  The Father to mingle and express his love face to face with his masterpiece, The Humans! How is the planet called Heaven to a spirit? The feeling of being told by your crush that he or she loves you back and the feeling of seeing a long lost family at the airport. And the feeling of an athlete in the Olympic competition winning the gold medal, being announced his name and his country. Imagine having that feeling all the time and without anxiety in your body. That is just a small explanation of how it is in The heaven for a spirit or a human soul.  In The Heaven, there is nothing but rest, relaxation and play and happiness/fulfillment. Your memories of earth life or anyone else from your past life and even from Utopia will cease to exist in The heaven. But then God The Father gives the human beings another chance to live a life of being a successful entrepreneur, a good father to a loving daughter, a good husband to a loving wife, a gold medal winning athlete, a successful individual or even a loved persona by everyone in the community. All of those are only possible in Utopia. A chance to become someone on a very beautiful Planet without hate and bad smell.



Mark Adrian Cawit


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