Original Article written by Mark Adrian Cawit.
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Left for dead

Its different with me, i know its not like with everyone else. For if it is, i wouldve been dead a long time ago. The weight of the sword, the rush of the air from my sides when i make my approach. And the way i see things around me . I know that each sway and each step that my enemy makes against me will always be put to my advantage. For i am stronger, faster and i can adapt to all levels of attack. I can see their move even before they can. I can feel and hear the cutting edge of their sword in the air. I can sense from which side of my body it will cut through. I can put my enemies overwhelming strength against them. That is how i know things, that is what I was contemplating in my wounded state. Weak and can barely move from the wound in my heel. I was also cut deep from my abdomen in which it almost cleared out the life out of this seemingly undefeated form in the battlefield. Struggling to survive from the wounds that I sustained in Troy, It is where i was trying to realize how i was before and will i ever be the same again when i recover from my wounds? The cut was deep. And I was sure that it will greatly affect my movement once i recover  the next several weeks and survive from the possibility of being exposed of my whereabouts to my enemies in which i am very sure are not convinced that i am dead. Troy was taken, I did not want to take any part of it. For i saw no Glory in the ravaging of women and the desolation of a just Kingdom.  But a woman has always been the downfall of men. Weak and helpless from my wounds, I can do nothing but regret the days that I partook in the unjust taking of Troy. I shouldve never sailed with my men. My thoughts dwell on these…


My friend helped me. A merchant, that is how he is seen by many but he is more than that. He came to my tent. He assured me that i am safe and recalls of our friendship and hes now repaying the debt he owes me. “No one knows you are here…”. He assured me of that. Weak and putting myself a bit up against the chair, i replied “Keep it that way.” His face changed when i said that. “Wheres my sword! My sword give it to me!”. I am very weak and I demanded from him the only thing that i ever trusted in my entire existence. I looked miserable with what i am asking for. I can barely lift my body up. He laughed. “What would you do with it? Look at you!” He was laughing in amusement and then he walked just nearby to a stash. He took my sword and held it in its sheath. “The sword of Achilles! Many great men have fallen from this weapon. This is a great trophy. A fitting gift for a King, The Sword of Achilles “.He was thinking deeply when he was saying those words. Amused he said “Now look at the man who owns this sword…[laughs]”, “Here!”. He threw my sword to me from a distance, it just passed by my weak left hand that tried miserably to catch it while my right hand holds me up from the being held down with my wounds on the ground. The man that helped me. The man who i see as my friend laughs at the scene. “Achilles The Conqueror! The man that no one can beat! [laughs].  He assures me that i can recover here. No one will know where i am for it will also mean great trouble for him if i am found out. When he left, my thoughts troubled on my family. I have a wife and a son. No, the King should not do any harm to them. My real plan that night was not exposed. I am not a traitor. There are also men loyal to me back home. And i can only do nothing for them but pray to the Goddess that would often talk to me in my thoughts and also face to face in private. My very own mother, The Goddess Thetis.

Memoirs of a deadman

 In my miserable state, i dreamt the highest Glory that i have ever achieved with my men…

“Today we offer ourselves to the Spartans! Our blood, our strength, our roar in battle! We will offer them death! And they will accept it! For no one among you will give anymore less than who we are and what our fallen enemies have suffered from our sword. “

The Spartans thought we have lost our minds. Achilles is not thinking right! I was sure its what theyre laughing about. Outnumbered and on the territory of the most feared tribe in Greece. I personally issued a challenge. Achilles has lost his mind…The Spartan King sent a hundred men and were only more or less 20 in the recall of my memory. Menelaus threatened to massacre the entire village of where we live if we dont retreat from our madness. But he is not our King. He was also laughing at first. “The boy has lost his skull!” He sent a messenger to me saying that if we dont go back on retreat our families will suffer. I also have my own message sent back “Tell him that if he does what he says he better prepare his men at the gates after were done here. Go!”


The Spartans were advancing in great formation towards us. The dust from their feet and the hot air that is making their red cape move made them all look like a line of fire ready to turn us all into ashes. But they are only of this world. That is how i always see it. My mother Thetis had me trained. My tactics, my skills and my mindset is not from this world. And i have imparted myself to my men and that explains our mutual confidence even with the clear and present picture of madness that we are all portraying. We have prepared two strategies. One without the Spartan King. And two with the Trophy on the battlefield. The Head of The Spartan King still intact in his body and riding a horse. But the Spartan King is not with the marching Spartans tall and great in physique. Their battle cry that everyone fears is all clear to our ears. And with my signal I fueled my men. The Myrmidons did as what we always do in preparation for the enemy. That i can not divulge here. Offense or Defense. The Spartan Army was walking towards us not with spears! But with swords on their right hands and yelling our their battle cry. Their faces on their helmets are starting to become clear as their approach makes their battlecry more fearsome. I signalled my men the formation 4 rows. Separately me and the 2nd in my command separates from the formation. With what i taught them all, they know that even with the number of 200 men, we will survive altogether but the roar of the battlecry from the majestic appearance of the Spartans gave them doubts. Thats where i came up again with my words to stir them up. And their shoulders and faces were motivated. Their doubts were all turned into excitement! The Spartans all 100 of them are coming towards their deaths. They have no shield just like what i stipulated in the challenge. Only us! I can not explain the gore of the battle here but it was an impossible result of a massacre. A massacre on the side of the Spartans who was not prepared of the manuevers that we were doing. After the onslaught of the Spartan Army, a ferocious scenery that sent them all to hell, the Spartan King showed his figure right up above the Hill! Majestic with his red cape and armor he was standing up without holding a weapon. I took my horse to hurry in his location. When i passed by he was saying something and with a clenched fist, he pressed it against his chest side wards with his dialogue. He stood unchallenged and undefeated, The Spartan King. My trophy is still intact with his body! Passing by with speed riding my horse, I also signalled showing off and raising my sword upside down with my right arm. I said no words. The Spartan King made a gesture of being impressed. Only one of my men got killed, which is not supposed to have happened.


How did I got there? I was supposed to have died in Troy. Existence. You cant put yourself in between chaos and expect to survive just on your own. You need someone like you to get you through at times. Someone with almost as the same ability that you have in battle. That is what my mother Thetis taught me. One of the little ways in order to survive the world of skirmish between Gods. The Gods have their own pawns. Those who came from them through human women. And I am one of them. We are all expected to be full of glory and above all men. But look at me now. Im nothing more but just someone that can be easily killed by a whore at the bar. I can barely move myself from one end to another. The weight of my sword tires me now. Everything has changed. I cant hold myself up because of my wounds. But how did i survive? How did I got there? That night during the massacre and ravaging of Troy, I was supposed to help them. The Myrmidons where waiting for my signal. But there was none. I got killed by an arrow. Or so everyone thought I did. But who got me into that place of safety? How was i able to get from Troy to here? I wasnt able told as to where I am. My merchant friend is a traveller. He deals with all kinds of people. He is known for his dealings with everyone from all kingdoms. His merchandise is of utmost demand to everyone. Even the Kings know his name.


It was Ulysses. The man that i robbed a woman from and that woman later on became my wife and bore my son. A true friend. Ulysses and I fought along side each other in alot of battles. Sometimes The King himself would plead to him in order to put my sword on the frontlines. Perhaps Ulysses was thinking he has paid in full of what ive given him. I would best say that he owes me in full extent of his life, his entire existence. For as the King that he is, he must not just be good with a sword. But overwhelming with it and i have taught him well that night. The night that he almost got cut into half by my sword. For it is how it should be. I taught him what no one knows in all Kingdoms that it is not that sword that makes one claim victory in a sword fight. No, the sword is just a tool in just getting you there, for whats the use of  a sword if you cant get yourself in a position to raise it in full strength in striking a deadly blow to your enemy. And how to get to that position, i taught Ulysses well and he made his own too. For mine is different according to my physique.


The force of the strike of my sword was of above surprising and overwhelming to Ulysses when I almost cut him into half when  I made my turning move. He was able to block it. The sound of both our swords clashing just a few inches away from Ulysses chest put him in the thought of killing me and doing it for real. He fell down from the strength of my strike. But as immediate as his seemingly obvious rage to get up and strike me, he realizes it! And he knew i really am his friend. “See to it that no one learns what ive taught you or you will put us both in a difficult position someday in the battlefield.”

Where is the man that got me here. There’s no one else but him? No not The Myrmidons. Theres only one way into getting me into safety and it is also I myself that taught the man that is capable of doing it. I taught Ulysses the healing spell and how to alter someone’s face, an illusion. Thats how I analyzed it. I was informed that i am proclaimed dead in Troy. The Great Achilles, The Conqueror of the Greeks, The Sword of The Gods or should I say, The Lover of Women… is dead. But how did it all came to be? How did I survive up to my age when in the early years of my adolescence I was already slaughtering armies. And all the Kings knew my name. They knew my face. They know the shape of my sword and dare not copy it. I am their legion, I am their army. The Greeks protected me. Especially from Menelaus. He and I have a feud. Not too personal. Its just that in some point of his kingship, I was able to rob him his women one night and kill some of his men. They were from a village that he massacred. Young ones from a family that knew nothing but toil the earth and plant crops to make a descent living. And Menelaus destroyed their lives. The next day, Menelaus discovered his women are in my tent. He sent his men to reclaim them all but the sight of me scared off his pathetic excuse for a warrior.

When did it all started?

I was 10, my father The King is a brutal man. He never said much about my mother. He knows nothing but blood. His words shed people’s tears through his army. And his fists recognizes no one and i do mean no one. His mindset is set to only one thing,  himself! Glory, power and domination. Those are the words that he first taught me. He explained them but i do not want to be any of those for his principles were madness. His Queen is not my mother. The King never explained to me how i came to be in full detail. He said in his glorious days he just met a woman in the woods. He would visit her, when she got pregnant with me he never saw her again and after she gave birth she gave me to him. I do not approve of my father’s ways. He is an animal. Nor does the Queen recognizes his madness in full support of his unjust deeds. He sees everyone as his object of delight. And that delight is their blood gushing out from their agony ripped from his sword. There is no one in The King’s dominion that would much his appetite for animality. Women, he has alot of them just beside his throne. The Queen has no say against it. No one holds no words against the King, my father, but himself. The King has no infant from the Queen. The Queen is different. The King maybe the devil on the throne waiting for a stroke and impulse of madness in his mind but the Queen is the opposite. She is good to me. She sees me as his own prince. As his son. He said his lack of being a mother is a great failure to The King. I greatly disappove of that thought for what will be in store for that little baby if he gets out of this world and his or her father is a madman! His gleaming eyes and ferocious stature will put a barbarian in great disadvantage. There was this one time The King was slaughtering people infront of the Throne, he called me out! “Achilles! come here boy! Come! Look at this, This is the blood of my enemies! Hahahaha! You learn from me boy! And it will never be your blood in this sword!”. I was just 7, he showed his sword filled with blood and he wants me to learn out of his ways.

The Queen is a good friend to me. He said someday when i take my father’s throne I should be more and better than he is. She said “There is no one within thousands of miles that can change the course of everyone’s lives in this small kingdom but you, you should be different. You should be better someday. You should give everyone Mercy if they are worth it.” I always thought that the King loved the Queen. I always thought that his sword recognizes only two people, himself and The Queen. Then came one incident wherein The King was about to slaughter one village. Their crop production didnt meet the King’s demands. The storm destroyed the fields and everyone had to start all over again. The King recognizes no reason. Sometimes I myself, his heir to the throne do not trust him when he is holding his sword. There are times even in the throne room that he wields his sword. The sword that have killed many people, people with guilt and even innocent ones. Even little ones! He would go around the throne room thinking with his sword in his hand. The guards standing erect around the room would shiver in fear of their lives. The King is irritable and would partake in any rumbling without thought. He sees one thing and sees it with direct judgment right away without analyzation. The farmers were to be slaughtered! The Queen heared about this. She pleaded with him. I too tried to talk my father out of it. For if the farmers are gone or a great number of them gets killed the situation will worsen. “Boy! You are beyond the age of getting into terms with me! Now off with you or it is you that will fail yourself at this very moment! ”  The Queen tried terribly into convincing him not to slaughter the farmers. She thought she had pleaded successfully with him. That night she gave him pleasure. We all thought that would end the trouble. But the next day, The King woke up very early. The Queen found out about his plan. He had his men readied to arrest the farmers and bring them forth in front of him. That is what the King does. He punishes everyone in front of his throne. He gives justice in front of the throne. Blood would spill on the floor of the throne room like a bucket of water thrown on the ground. He would use his sword to hack, slit the throat and even cut a man into pieces while laughing in great amusement! No one questions the King! Now all the farmers will die! The Queen hurried too!She had one of her loyal subjects inform the farmers to flee for their lives are in grave danger. That very evening, the King went mad! He was shouting and yelling with his sword in his hand! The farmers are gone and not even one was brought in front of him! The Queen wanted to ease him down. I saw her on her way to the Throne room.

-“What do you think are you doing?’

-“He will not stop. I will talk to him. He will listen to me!”

-“No! Cant you see? Hes mad! Have you no fear for yourself”

-“If he doesnt stop from what he is doing right now he will surely think of something else and you know what i mean, now let my arm go Achilles!”

-“He will kill you!”

The Queen thought she can ease the King from his anger. It was also at that very moment that The King realizes everything. It was his Queen. And he thought she betrayed him! At the same time that i let go of The Queen’s hand, The King yelled out to call her! So i let her go and she went inside. I already knew what that night will be. It will be the night that will change everything. And i know that my life will change too. It is only the Queen that can at times change The King’s mind and now, he slit her throat just like that. And I was there. I saw the whole thing! I was watching from a distance. I even heared her last words.“Whatever you do to me, Achilles has got nothing to do with this, I acted alone”.

The sound of the metal slashing the life out of the Queen was clear to where i was hiding from a distance. The King slit the throat of her Queen like she was nothing. A tear fell from my right eye. The Queen was also like a mother to me. Now what am i without her? For in my belief, it is also the Queen that shapes my reality in that place. What lies ahead of everything now without her?

Women! Thats what first changed! I pitied them. Everyday, women would come from other villages that The King would ravage himself together with his men. Young ones and they are all crying. The King called me out and made me choose 2. I didnt know what to do with them yet. But that was also the same night that I was taught on how to make love with a woman. Women would flood the throne room. Aged from 14 above. All became concubines to my father, The King. They were daughters from families that were massared by my father. All day and all night, The King lavished on women. He wanted me to do the same. Then one night, I heared all the women in my father’s Throne begging for their lives. Their voices were not moaning in pleasure anymore. They were yelling in pain. And i was sure that one of the women that were yelling was hacked. This is what have become of everything now. Then my father had me called to his throne. 2 Guards escorted me to him! When i got to the Throne room, i saw blood on one side of the room. I wasnt expecting it to be like this. He beheaded one of  the concubines and hacked one of them. And their bloody corpse are at one side of the throne. The other concubines, young ones, naked and kneeling and in tears. The King had one of them in his hands. He was holding her by the hair. She was beautiful. A young woman that would age 15 to my estimation. Her beauty is fit for a princess. Her breast was perfect and her skin was rosy. Her suppleness was that of an infant. My heart was crushed at the sight of everything. My father was holding him by the hair in his right hand. And on his left hand his sword. He walked to me with the concubine holding her by her hair. In close proximity, the concubines beauty was clear. Her eyes were begging for help. The King, my father handed over his sword to me! “Here boy! Take my sword! Now is the time to learn and prove to me that you are my son! Kill the whore! She is the daughter of my enemy! Kill her! Strike her with my sword! Do it!”. My father is an animal to my understanding and i was  thinking of hacking him instead. I was staring at the woman that became his concubine. My heart was crushed and in full pity of her predicament! What has happened to her father? They shouldve protected her! Her face was very innocent. If it had happened the other way, she qualifies as my Queen. And in great heartbreak, i recall her! Shes the young woman that i saw when i was wandering in the forest and reached a small village. Its her! The young woman that i was actually planning to go back to and get to know in that small village. And now here she is. I couldnt put into words what was enshrouding me at that very moment. What is this? My Queen! I disapproved of my father’s wishes and threw his sword on the ground. “I am not a madman! And this is not what I will be!”

The following day, My father, The King ordered me beheaded! But that night, i ran away!I cant grasp what has happened. That woman. She is innocent. She was supposed to be my lover. I was planning to ask my father’s permission to officially take her as my bride someday. I ran away. I hid. And it was also a perfect time since all my father’s enemies conspired as one to end his madness.

My Mother, The Goddess Thetis

 My life changed that night, I went inside my room still depressed and disturbed of the previous scene. I was still trying to grasp how real it was. The woman that i somehow fell for was ravaged by my father and i know hes going to kill her together with the others. Hes gone mad, when he said those words, he was very calm. He was not like that before. He’s going to kill me! Im sure of it! I hurried to pack my things and everything that i will need. I sneaked out of the castle. I headed on the forest. Theres a little house there that everyone has forgotten. Or so i think. Its an old house that no one cares about anymore. For years it has been abandoned. It used to be the home of some of the soldiers. For days I hid. I also heared that my Father, The King was assassinated. Killed by an arrow from a multitude of men attacking him left to right. No one can subdue him with a sword. But an arrow. When i heared the news, I didnt know what to do, I didnt know how to feel. Should I be happy? I still wept for him. And i know how things are. Hes got alot of enemies. And one of the Generals took over the Castle. Achilles, The King’s son is the only one left. He must be killed in order to ensure that no one else takes the throne. But who would help me? Who would help Achilles claim what is rightfully his? He ran away. No one knows where he is? I have everything I needed in the Forest. The house was big anyway and fit for a family. I got all the instruments. And then one day, I heared a voice. Its a voice of a woman “Achilles…come out. Go to the forest. Come…Go to the forest, follow your self… Come…”. I did as the voice has told me. It is like an automatic command that dwelt in my entire being and flowed in my blood. I never felt danger with her words. I just knew that those words are secure and safe. I know. I am sure. So i must follow. And so i went to the Forest. And while inside a thick plantation of trees, vines and grasses, i heared an animal. It is a tiger 10 feet from me and it has been following me ever since i got inside the forest! And it roared when I turned and saw me! I ran! I ran as fast as i could and i can also hear the cracking of branches on the ground. And knew that the tiger is faster than I am. And it will get to me. The sound of my heart beat trembled faster! The White Tiger is going to devour me when it gets me! And its already behind me, i can tell! My running is futile to the White Tiger! And so i turned around to take my chances to fight off death, i fell on my back and The White Tiger wrestled me! I shouted trying to cover my self from its claws and fangs that i know would rip my flesh! aaahhh!!!! But I was astounded that The White Tiger turned into a woman! A beautiful woman in her late 30s. And she played with me roaring like a tiger covering myself from her. Her scent and her beauty caught me. She was playing with me sounding like a Tiger and then distanced and laughed at me! Hahahahah! “Oh youve grown! Youre a man now! Oh youre fit to do everything now… hahahha!”

It was the first time in my entire life that i saw the answer that i was looking for myself to see, my mother in the flesh. Tall, looked mature like in the late 30s but looked real supple and full of life especially with her laugh when he turned from a tiger into a human pretending to wrestle me with her claws and fangs! She slowly shed away the laughter in her and then introduces herself. It was her voice that was guiding me at times in my life. The soft voice that would often times suggest on what to do.

-” I am your mother, Thetis. Yes… the thought in your mind is right, I am the woman in the woods. Thats  what your father would call me. There is much to do with you now that it has all come to this. Youve grown [smiles]!”

-“Whats going to happen now?”

-“Your father’s enemies are still searching for you. Theres no safe place for you but here in the forest.”

-“You should have helped him.”

-“That is not my concern, my only concern is you, my son.”

Looks at me from head to toe. And wonders.

-“You must become who you should be. And there is much to do about it. And i will help you do it. Mother and son! You and I are going to be wonderful hahaha!”

She directs me to a place where I should live. Its like a hidden part of a giant tree. I will sleep on the floor. Theres a table. And the food, she said ill have all the i need inside that place. I didnt know what she meant with that at first but she was literal. When i need food, theres food at the table just like that. When I need water, there would be water. I think what i need and i will have it, magic! My mother first trained me. He wanted me to become really fit for what she said will bring me to the point of death. She made me run, she made me jump. She made me carry logs. She made me evade trees that would move by themselves!She made wrestle with a monster two times my size. And lastly she became a Tiger again and she said this time if she catches me shell scratch my buttocks real deep with her claws. My mother and I got to know each other well during the training. I never went out of the woods. For several months and even a year, I never saw any being but myself in the waters in the lake and my Mother! That afternoon my mother said that tomorrow I will train you with a sword! For the first time after over a year, i finally get to wield a sword from her tutelage. She said someone else will train me not her. Someone from a different world. She held my face “Achilles! The world will wonder and will recognize you, The son of a Goddess! My son! You will save men, You will kill men, You will serve your true purpose in life” She was smiling like a mother and a real proud mom when she was saying that. She was very pretty and smelled like the flowers in May. Sometimes id wonder how it would have been if i grew up with her but she said it is not a good idea. The Gods only mingle with Gods at all times. It is as it should be and it is Zeus rule, my uncle…she elaborates. She mentions there are others like me but only few were lucky and given their true purpose in life. For whatever purpose that is, i do not know yet at that time. 

The next morning, I was introduced to a well built man. The swordsman from a different world and he will train me. The first thing that he did was threw the short straight branch of a tree on my face, he made me catch it. 

Achilles, The Invincible Warrior
The Swordsman trained me all day and even all night at times. Its just different that seeing how my Father shared his techniques with a soldier once, he was showing him a step by step instruction as to how to do this and that. Step your left forward on the left, turn, go down and strike with the sword. Thats what i recalled with my father teaching his men. I was also expecting the same manner of tutelage from the swordsman who wore a different design of clothing, one that i never seen before. His wardrobe was different. And so it was different with him too. How different. With him, move the sword, sway it from all directions. Feel the sword. You and the sword are as one. Its weight is not your concern. It is a part of you, your arm and the sword are as one. Move with the sword, the sword is the brain in  your movements. Do not confuse your head from the sword. You will learn the difference between them if you are not stupid. Sway, turn and jump with the sword. Make maneuvers as one with the sword. Do not lose your connection with the movement with the sword. He then tells me that after i learned and realize what he wants me to realize, I will fight him with my sword. If i can even just wound him just  a bit then i should be able to realize that basing from what ive seen in my past days with my father that what he taught me is different and as long as no one else knows it but me, no one else will be able to defeat me but myself. The training lasted for almost half a year with the sword. The last stage of the sword was after when he took me to a different world and we attacked one Kingdom and killed its Prince. Everyone there was also human. When we came back night time in the world where i came from, we were teleported by mother in the middle of the forest. The swordsman said “Tonight, kill everything that will attack you and no one in this world above and below it will be able to defeat you with your sword…”. And in a flash 8 monsters came out of the darkness from separate explosions. All were monstrous and very masculine and all were wielding swords. They all ran to me keeping their distances wielding their swords. Their fierce faces justified their swords. When I was able to kill them all, right at the very instant that i struck down death to the last one of them my mother was clapping her hands with a very big smile like her favourite football team won. “Yes! Perfect! Youve done it!!!”.

The next thing that my mother talked about was the person that she brought up to me. My cousin Perseus! She said, unlike me, hes not so lucky. His father Zeus never saw me as useful as he thought he would be at first. My mother saw that as a misconception but she cant help him too. And so my first quest in that world wielding a sword was to save my cousin Perseus. I can not recall much of how it was when i saved him but he was a servant on a kingdom. My mother informed me that the King was just holding him for his future plans against Zeus. Perseus has no idea of who he is. Zeus has abandoned him since birth. After rescuing Perseus and nearly killing the King, we brought him to a small kingdom wherein no one knows who he is and made him change his name. He vowed to repay my kindness. It was all that we could do for him. A demigod can only decided by his God parent, no one else. That is the rule. So whatever is Perseus fate on where we put him, thats the least that we were able to do for him. My mother pitied him.


And so then my thoughts dwell again on my father.My mother told me the truth about him. He made me promise first that i will not hate her. She told me all that i was not able to see about my father when  i was just a little boy. He was a King and was not always around. He was always with his men who are loyal to him up to their last breaths doing campaigns tailoring a kingdom basing on what my grandfather had instilled in his mind. My father was one of the Kings in the land that was well respected with his honor. He was a goodman. A good king. For if he was evil my mother wouldnt have chosen him. It was only when i was 7 years old that my father was able to bring up a kingdom that he can rule with an iron hand and he rested in his throne. Back then he is not how i knew him to be. He was a man of justice and reason. And just like any other King he had alot of enemies. They cant kill him with a sword. Nor an arrow. So his enemies realized only one thing. Only my father can kill himself. So they took a witch and slowly, they poisoned his mind. Slowly, the witch turned him mad. And my mother let it be. She justifies that she knows the future. She is a Goddess. If my father is still alive now. Everything right now will not be possible. She explains that i am her son. I am no ordinary man but a son of a Goddess. And  i am destined to play an important role in this world and my father has already served his purpose. If there was any other way to save him, she honestly explained that she would have helped him. My father, The King that i called an animal, is a good man. And now it is time to bring that truth to everyone back in the kingdom that i ran from. Its time to make everyone understand and bring back his honor and his legacy. Its time to reclaim what is rightfully mine…


My Father’s Sacrifice

My heart was crushed. I went to the most private part of the woods from where i live that night all by myself and dwelt on the  past that night. The moon was bright and it is as if theres a huge screen flashing all around me. My childhood. The first time that i saw my father was when i was 5 years old. The woman that was taking care of me informed me of the good news early that morning. She said a messenger arrived late at night and informed that The King, my father will be arriving the next day and requires additional men on his location. For several years i never saw who and how he was. He would arrive at the castle and stay for days with his army but not a single word about me. In my innocent mind, the window from where i knew home was not acquainted with the voice and sight of my father. I was separated from him. Sometimes i would look down from above and wait for him to pass by but the maids would often times close the window and forbid me to get close to it. That day, i was told that the King mentioned about me. I am not to be distanced from him anymore. I am now 5 years old. So the next day when the maid woke me up i prepared with great excitement and i went down first to wait for my father to pass by at the gate which was not how its supposed to be. The horses were a thundering sound on the ground, they were bigger than the once that i would often times see from above. And from what i recall, i dont get to go down on the ground in the past 5 years of my life as the only son of the King, the King that had never embraced nor kissed me on the cheek like any father would to his child. Everyone was excited to see the King in great triumph for the Kingdom. Everyone knew that his campaigns were successful. I was wearing the attire that they made me wear and ran down to see my father and squeezed in together with the ordinary people of the Kingdom. I couldn’t  determine who my father is from the horses with huge men on top of it. All wore the same armor and clothing. Their swords were of the same length. So i thought maybe he passed by first and i was too late so i rushed back up again and the maid scolded me. My attire was a bit dirtied so she she took it off and made me wore a different one.

During the ceremony, everyone was noisy with music and alot of announcement. I was instructed not to move from where i was told to stand for my name will be called. The maid made sure of it and stood behind me and rested her hands on my shoulders. “You are a very naughty boy, im going to end up in the fields planting vegetables because of you… now stay put”. I heared my father spoke in his great voice, no voice like it. Then after some time, her queen was announced and talked to. Then after that, the most awaited moment of my maid. “Now remember do not do anything else…just stand infront. Do not speak. Do not move.”. My name was announced and the maid pushed me to go infront of The King. My eyes widened, for it was the very first time in my whole life that i saw my father. He wore his majestic attire as the ruler of the Kingdom. His face was serious. His queen was smiling and looked as if she wants to take me. But my father was just silent. He was looking deeply and seriously analyzing me. I made a mistake there. I froze. Instead of facing everyone, i just stood frozen looking towards The King who then spoke and his words all pertained to me. After he was done talking about me, there were cheers and great celebration with the music. The Queen herself signaled me to turn around but i was still fixated of everything that my face turned question mark with what she was trying to tell me. The maid hurried to take me away.

My eyes shed tears reminiscing those days. Those early days with my father was different. Though not even once he kissed my cheek nor he carried me in his arms or put me in his lap, i know he loved me as his son. He wants me to grow strong. He wants me to become who he wants me to be. He was not a father like everyone else in the kingdom but a King who has great plans for his people and i am that great plan. That is what the Queen told me for it was only her that would visit me often times from where i am housed with 3 maids. And she treated me like her own flesh and blood. She can not bore a child.  My father is not a crazy man the first time i knew him. When he would talk to me he would talk with two chairs for the two of us. And it is a serious talk.  I was all alone that night in the woods. I recall all those other talks with the Queen when i was already at the age of 9. I realized and put together all the puzzle in my head about my father that night. My tears fell when i recalled that only for once he did kissed me and that was when i was sleeping. The Queen informed about it when i asked her if am i truly his son? Because there were times that i doubted.

For everything went to nothing. His sacrifice went to nothing. Or so it seemed. And with that thought, i felt that my sword disagreed with me. The sword in which my very own mother gave to me sounded, it wants to disagree with what i am thinking while my tears fell in great grief of how things went. And so my mind is fixed. I will retake what was taken away from my father. His sacrifice will never go to nothing. To be continued…

The Greeks
What happened to King Leonidas’ men after we killed them all in the battlefield?
To those who are claiming my writings to be his or hers, if you can give the exact detail and not just dead or beheaded then displayed, then that means you are right! This story really did came from you because youre so intelligent and im so stupid. Explain what this section is going to be all about.:)
To be updated


My Real Purpose

At some point in my life as Achilles, there were nights especially after an intimacy with a woman that i would wonder on my thoughts. Why am i here? What is the true meaning of all of this? Will there ever be a man that can send me to death himself? Is this just it for me? What is my true purpose?



Mark Adrian Cawit

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