Tony Stark


This is the account of what happened when i ended up in a “where the hell am i and what the hell happened” that was not caused by my relentless night life when Pepper was not around and we had some presentation to do in lieu of some propaganda for the government. The Ultron suit (in that world I am Ultron) is capable of a self destruct mechanism. Its force is 3x the power of an atomic bomb which means if one is made to detonate in New York, youre gonna see the rubble floating in space. The Ultron Suit is almost unbreakable. Literally, you can drop the moon on it and still have its locomotor function going 100% percent. Its powersource can be temporarily recharged through kinetic energy, which means my movements itself can recharge the armor. Too bad at that time when I was thinking about Thor, he wasnt up for it. He changed, later on i found out why. It’s a funny thing with how God The Father does things in the Universe but i cant explain everything about that. Check his vitals! See if hes organic inside. See if what’s beating inside him. Are there any organs? Is there any liquid thing travelling through his physicality like blood? Majority of the Russians were off the map. The middle eastern guys were completely gone! The Australians were still all present in the Planet! America is still here! The rest of the world was supposed to be happy that none of those big guys rumbling each other in the head still remains in the planet.  The population of the earth lessened dramatically and continues to lessen every month. Everyone was evacuating! The only people left behind were Asians. The chinese people were still there! They said, their home planet will send help. And theyre not ready to get out yet.  And my God, the only beauty left on the planet thats flourishing in numbers were the Chinese women, the British people were slowly getting out too. Asians were the majority of the inhabitants of the earth left!

I can still recall that night, Pepper was looking everywhere for me. She wasnt calling me out looking around my place. I was looking at the stars thinking deeply. I was saying, what the hell. The middle eastern guys were offering a good deal. But i dont trust Mars. The British guys wants me to follow them too, wants someone like me. Even gave me the Star path to their planet. You see you cant just teleport without  what you call a “Star Path”. Dont you know that each star has a unique frequency? Everyone wants me to go with them. There arent too much shows on TV too. Maybe we should just really leave too. I was thinking about the Russians, why? The Planet they are in are very well protected by this light of destructive force. What i mean is that in the Galaxy of their new Planet, the entire location was enclosed in a light that would disintegrate anything that would get through it. And the only to get in is through teleportation. And the planet is like Garden of Eden too. Im just hoping that im wrong that some flesh hungry beings dwell in that planet. Why was i able to conclude so? We found remains of some animals hidden in one single place and very well hid like the ones that hid it were intelligent beings and from all the study that they made, there are beings underground. But hell, the Russians are in for it. Theyre going to invade the place. Gave them some of my inventions to deal with it too. Maybe i should really be there now.

I was explaining to Pepper all about what im thinking when she found me lying on the floor. Now thats why she cant find me. She laid her face in my chest and looked at the stars too and said…“Yeah… we can go there too but what difference does it make? When we get there, theres still some bad things all around the place…There always are. So for me…id choose facing the bad things where i grew up than facing the bad things on another planet that we dont even know of. And who knows…things might get better here than there.”

I was thinking maybe we can gas those monsters but we dont really know the bigger picture.

It’s Galactus. Dr. Reed Richards and his beautiful wife was able to get a clear view of the disaster that was coming to earth. He was able to prove it. How? The Silver Surfer is dead. The Silver Surfer is Galactus’ creation. He is actually his scout in searching for worlds that he can devour. The Surfer was made from the image of what he know was the image of the creator of the universe. Thats how Galactus explained things to the Silver Surfer when he first gave consciousness to his being. The Silver Surfer thought he can fool Galactus and by self imploding inside his body, he will be able to stop him. He said its the only way to prevent earth from turning into his happy meal. When the surfer bid Dr. Richards farewell, he said that once his being is gone he will still have a little chance to communicate. And that communication was not so positive. The Silver Surfer informed Richards that he failed to annihilate his creator, Galactus!

That night, Pepper was able to change my mind. I was thinking that staying behind is suicide. But then Pepper is right, what makes the difference back there with the Russians with their present problem with the inhabitants of that very nice landscaped planet. Galactus is only after earth. Why? Thats because only the blue planet has no alliance in all the planets of the Solar System which means he is expecting that no one will come for help. And the other planets doesnt give a damn about the destructive inhabitants of the blue planet too.

That night, me and Pepper slept for a few hours at the floor. We were not able to help it. It was the most calming hours for the last 3 weeks. Pepper was closing her eyes and feeling sleepy saying the words “…so do you think the other planets are going to help?”. I was feeling sleepy too “Yeah… i guess…not. Have some friends there. And you should really know how they look at us… But…maybe theyll change their minds. They should…”. We slept at the floor for almost 3 hours. The temperature got more colder and were awoken by it. When we got to the bed, we were embracing each other. Pepper asked “How many nights do you think we still have sleeping like this?”. “…Dr. Richards and are working on longer nights…more longer nights hon…just like this…more intimate…”. She whispered silently “Oh yeah?… go to sleep and ill wake you for intimate hours later on…”
That night was like the last night of our lives sleeping like that… The next several days will are going to be spent on hard nights.

Dr. Richards and his wife got to my place early that morning. It isnt like there are other things on both our appointment to keep us occupied. The Government has no clear decision on what to do. No clear decision. How come so? See, they already know about Galactus but there they are securing their grounds on the Russian continent that was abandoned a few days ago. “You and everyone else wont let it happen do you???” Yeah i sure do hope its as easy as that. The situation. One gigantic being whose bigger than any planet in the Universe is set on a course to swallow earth, whole! Now give me the slightest sane suggestion to that situation? The Russians, the middle eastern people, The British People plus the Germans who were secretly doing things by themselves already left the Planet Earth. That was their sanest solution and theyve already taken it when we presented in a wide screen presentation to the leaders of the United Nations, the clear and present danger that the Planet earth is going to face. A gigantic being floating on course to earth and in speed! Now, “tell me, does anyone know how to stop this guy from getting here and not swallowing our Planet? Anyone…”. Everyone was silent. Well, they all made their decision several weeks after that. I told Dr. Richards that i have a teleportation platform and the “Star Path” to the Russians and we can take that or we can try here. He replied “Look at the sun, were already sure about it. Look at the ocean, were already almost sure about it too, smell the air we breath, were already sure about that, look down below, we are already sure of what and where we are and for the longest duration of existence youre going to conclude that its better out there somewhere else than here?” . He has a point, i also know of worlds wherein just a small numbers of us can go but its true what they say “Home Sweet Home”. Then Dr. Richards informed me of a technology that he said he was keeping even to his wife. He gave me his own invented Tablet PC. It shows a screen of black and then some few bright whites. I was confused… I thought something is going to come up in a few seconds but what? I asked him where to push the button to activate or how to operate the damn thing thats got nothing but a black nothingness with little white specks. Dr. Richards said in a calm voice. “What you are holding right now is a window to the future, that… is the future 20 years from now…that is where the planet you are standing used to be in…”. And those little specks of white are the stars… I looked at Reed for several seconds then said…“Were gonna need some help…”

Dr. Richards asked me first of whats my plan before he gave me his Tablet PC. For me, it was the best plan. Best damn plan in the world! With my best inventions of course. Its what got us through during the Alien Invasion 3 years ago. Reed then looked at the Tablet first then gave it to me. That just means that everything that we have still amounted to nothing against Galactus! We set out word for everyone whose got what it takes to join the force. Reed was all too tense. His Character changed dramatically. I get how it is with him. I know that he doesnt want the world to end yet. I know Reed has alot in his laboratory to be finished with. And he wants it all discovered. But here it is now. Everyone and i do mean everyone! Even the bad guys. We were also hoping on our call with the other inhabitants of the earth. There are! I cant recall in full detail of how we planned things and what we have and who were the assholes that kept on arguing about the plan. But of course, I gave out the armor to some guys who wanted it together with their powers. And so what do you think? Where we able to save the planet from Galactus? The good guys versus one humongous bad guy? We only have two weeks and a half, actually its should only be a week and a half left but seems like Galactus made a stop over. He was doing something that we cant understand. He blew off some of the scout robots that we sent to analyze his entire physicality. We scanned his entire body to see what he is made of. And we found something inside him. A pulse! He has a heart! But his entire body is one hard golden thick armor. We also discovered that his body is made up of plates, layers of plates! And he doesnt look like the one that you can see on the comics here in this world. He looks more like Apocalypse. Different thing is that seeing his entirety he really looked like hes made of non organic structure! And his chest presents something that we might take advantage of. Now you may ask, How are we going to fight him? He can swallow the earth while inside it and we cant do anything about it? How come he has to go down to earth? Galactus is comparable to a God being. He can expand and indestructible! Before devouring a planet he has to make sure that there are no inhabitants there with supernatural powers! Why? That i can not say here!

Week 2! Using my technology i was able to sent out word in other worlds for other guys with supernatural powers and guess who answered the call! Superman!!!!!!!! Yeah! Oh yeah! Reed was so excited! Now i can see some cheers on his face. He even went out to see his wife Sue! We cant believe it, Superman is coming! Its the real guy! You see thats something there in that world. There are alot of people with powers but everyone is still astounded by The Man of Steel! Everyone wants to meet the guy! Including me! Then Reed look at the future in his tablet again after getting to Sue. He left it in his secured locker set up at the site that we converted into a Command Center. He was confident that the earth will be there now on the screen. But he was wrong! It turned Reed into a his long face again. He went to me and told me that we need more help and we should refine our plans. If Galactus is coming down to earth first and kill everyone before he devours it whole then maybe we can have him teleported back to another end of the Universe. But then what if he can avert the process?Still its one of the plans. So there were people with Powers too but would go better with the Ironman suit on! So i trained them.

Ironman Suit 101. Wow, this is like the time that i recalled in one University wherein i gave a crash course to honored students on what the Ironman suit is all about. And the one that will get the highest grade will get to wear the armor! Im 170lbs in that world. The armor is more than 3x my weight! So how can i move so lightly on the ground and evade attacks with great agility? First explanation about the technology. This is as far as i am allowed to recall here. The Armor made from  a special kind of metal. The metal that is made up of Nanobots! Its the kind of metal wherein it is made of little microscopic robots that would automatically repair itself once it is damaged! And the powersource, well watch the movie for the explanation lol! My father in that world got it during WWII. Sorry i cant give scientific like explanation here. But heres how the Ironman suit works.  The entire mechanism is tied up to your brain. The helmet connects to your brainwaves, specifically your locomotor activities such as walking, running, jumping etc. The suit anticipates your locomotor sequences that you are about to perform like walking which means that the armor does it for you first making it feel like you are not wearing anything, you will not feel the weight of the armor since the armor moves along with you! The armor will adjust to your physique even with the required perfect weight of the pilot to be 170lbs. The cooling system is crucial to the pilot’s well being while wearing the suit. Even when you are moving your fingers, you will not feel the weight of the armor. The more physically fit you are the more the armor will amplify your movements. Inside the Ironman suit you will literally feel like you can squish a human being with one punch or puncture a 2 feet concrete wall with your punch but i dont recommend doing that! The weapon systems and everything else can be called out with your thoughts or through speech. You can call out using the keywords “Primary Weapons”, “Secondary Weapons”, “Track Target”, “Launch Projectile”, “Show Map” etc! The Ironman suit is a combination of an Apache Helicopter and a spy plane merged into one! On first suitup, you must check, powercells, Weaponry Stats, Temperature, Calibration levels! Calibration levels by the way are very important. The suit can be calibrated into several modes such as flight and ground maneuvers etc. The thrusters are the most funny part. You dont control it with your speech. You control it with your confidence. Which means if you are afraid of heights and free falling hundreds of miles above the earth, the thrusters are really going to fail you! Confidence, believe and think that when you aim to move like this the thrusters will also do what you want it to do. The palm blasts, your mind controls it also. Back before i would say in my mind “fire!”.But later on, it goes smoothly everytime when i point my palm and think that it will blast out, it blasts out! The thrusters are powerful enough to get you out of the gravity of the planet but dont expect it to get you back to earth not burning like the devil. The more athletic you are, the more the suit will do things incredibly for you. Everyone normally gets wobbly the first time! They always do. I will always say, Trust the machine, stay confident and the two of you will become good friends. And of course, before i forget, sometimes it happens when on a severe beating during a heavy battle, the suit gets battered badly. The machine will get heavy! The way it moves or anticipate your locomotor mechanism will be affected but that is just temporary for the suit itself can repair automatically. But in the most desperate times and in heaviest of all battles, you can manually inject yourself with adrenaline to cope up with the situation. It happened to me once at the Mall of Asia here in the Philippines! Yeah! There were three of us fighting off the huge robot from another planet and 2 other ships that turned into displacing and teleporting firing like hell on everyone from above. The huge robot got me with its fist and threw me off down below crashing on the glass ceiling of the mall. Everyone thought the rag doll Ironman that fell from the sky is dead and flat on the ground. But it moved and barely got up to its knees! And Oh God! Its the guy back there that everyone knew in Negros. When he opened the mask to inject his neck with Adrenaline everyone witness the pilot laugh like a psycho! And flew back up like hell! While on a battle against multiple targets, the suit will suggest maneuvers. So i guess this is a full summary of the most common feature of every Ironman model there is.

I cant recall much of how much preparation we did. All i was clear of is that we were all feeling like it’s Doomsday! Me and Reed! Were the only ones that knows the real deal.Tomorrow, Galactus could actually be on earth and with everything that we have planned and gathered, the screen on the window to the future 20 years from now is still black with nothing. And then two days before Galactus’ arrival, the Star Fleet that came from the home planet of the Chinese people arrived!!! The white ship that resembles to the Kingdom of the leader of its alliance came majestically covering the entire skies measuring almost one fourth of the continent of China. Thats all i will say about that. With them, we formulated a game plan! First thing we wanted to try is to avoid confrontation, teleport Galactus to a different Universe!

The Arrival of Galactus! Everyone is there! Search Google images, type the words “Marvel Superheroes”. Thats everyone in position. Superman’s not there yet, looks like the man of the hour is late! But hes coming! Everyone got terrified, including me! We were all thinking, what if he swallows the planet together with us? Imagine one God like being more bigger than the planet itself suddenly appears in the sky like a bad man talking to a fish bowl from above “You all do not belong to my appetite! I MUST DESTROY YOU!”

This is as far as i can recall that day. The day when we tried to save that Earth on that Universe.Galactus shrunk into a considerable size that would level to the word “Giant”! We saw the opportunity to teleport him but when the white light started to enshroud him, Galactus also used his powers to shake it off like its nothing to him! It didnt work! So the next phase, nuclear missiles of considerable size! It didnt do much do good either. One mutant took out the radiation right away. Its hard enough to explain how the battle transpired. But ill write down the major events.  The starfleet that came from the planet of the Chinese people fired on Galactus. It angered him and for the first time he got affected.Galactus retaliated with a beam from his pointing finger but the ships were shielded. And so the battle went on. Everyone went at Galactus!We gave everything and then as we thought everything is up we got startled by the ocean! It grew larger and larger. We all thought it was Galactus doing everything but it seemed like he got worried about it too! He was on the ground as a Giant!Then without warning gigantic tentacles surrounded his entire body, he tried to fight it off but it was as of the same strength with him.  Dr. Richards flew back to where I am and told me in great awe “Now were sure of the ocean!”. Galactus wrestled a gigantic octopus! But it didnt do much after he electrocuted the giant octopus that tried to restrain him whole! Then the master of the Octopus showed himself out of the waters riding the waves in great majesty! Its the God of the Seas himself! Poseidon! He fired his trident on Galactus and it affected him greatly. Galactus fired back with his finger but Poseidon was good with his shield! All was too good to be true! Now aside from Thor we have The God of The Ocean! Poseidon was able to crack Galactus chest slightly! My eyes widened when i saw the smoke colored like blue that went out of the crack. The Ultron suit was able to analyze the chemical composition. Poseidon looked like he was winning! He gave us suggestions on what to do next. I actually thought were going to win. Galactus was weak and looked like hes got nothing left. Poseidon was so confident flying above him when suddenly without warning Galactus got up on his feet and fired white blast from his eyes and threw Poseidon to the waters! Poseidon got knocked out unconscious or so we all thought hes just sleeping. It was just kinda funny with him talking with his booming voice on the weakened Galactus! Then without warning, Galactus just took him out just like that cutting him with his underdog act! Its one great loss, the trident was affecting Galactus greatly! Now Galactus is back on a rampage and grew himself bigger!!!

By that time alot of us got killed. Others got incinerated. Others got desintegrated while there were those who just got broken with their bones and died out! We were after the part of his chest where it bears an insignia, its his weak spot! And then it happened! Its the man!!!!!! Its the main man!!!! Its Superman!!!!! A strong white light almost blinded everyone that appeared in between us and Galactus! And there he is! He teleported to where he should be! At that time Galactus was screaming “You will all be annihilated!!!”. He looked real pissed off! Everyone kept coming hard on him. Still he was standing great and tall! Superman explained why hes late in short words then gave us instructions it was brief and clear “Let me go at him first then when you get the chance, you all follow! We will win this!”. After saying so he flew to Galactus! We were all so excited! Superman was good! He knows how to play with Galactus! Id say if only i have that speed ill be able to do the same. The fight lasted forever! We thought it was the deciding moment for Galactus. His face got chipped off and his shoulders cracked! Then Superman got to his chest! I shouted in great joy when Superman was able to burst great in Galactus’s chest! It showed how many layers he have on his body. There were 4! Galactus turned into the size similar to Superman. They went on a fist fight! Although he seemed so invincible, Superman was able to give him a beating. Galactus again turned bigger and still Superman was able to inflict damage on him! Superman was able to make a huge bite off his chest! We were all bracing to make our move all at once.  Galactus was so pissed with his face! And without warning while Superman was taunting him flying on chest level, Galactus in a gigantic size with his head as big as a foot ball court blew out of his mouth his powers and killed Superman!!! Our eyes widened in great horror seeing the entire being of Superman get incinerated! We even saw his bone remains, his entire skeleton! Still, Galactus in great fury blew out of his mouth his powers to incinerate even his bones! We were all terrified! Superman is dead! Galactus was cursing and shouting at him. Superman was able to make great damage on him! From there we realized the he can just end all of us real quick right then and there in the very first minute but he didnt! He chose to play with us!

Without any Cavalry in mind, we know we all must stand. We must try. Superman was able to get to his chest. I formulated a plan. We were at it then suddenly Reed contact me on video “Stark!!! Are you getting this???”. Reed showed me a video of the his Tablet PC showing the Planet Earth already! Its there! Superman made it! Now the only thing left to do is to do what we must in order for everything to happen and theres only one way to get through that beating heart inside Galactus…

And so… this is how it went. These are the main events on how that Earth on that Universe… was lost. For it is an inevitable destiny for that world to be extinguished. But all its powerful inhabitants tried with their lives and they all died out in the end. I dont know where the others were but as far as i can recall it after the dust and rubble, after my alien friends explained to me my dilemma as to why im still whole and alive…it was only Professor Xavier and Johnny Blaze that was able to bring themselves up infront of me. In the very first 5 minutes of the onslaught with Galactus it was the Professor who suffered a great loss, loss of himself. He tried to get inside Galactus’ head but Galactus did something to him and ended up a vegetable in the entirety of the fight for the earth. How exactly did it happened?

After Reed streamed the video of the earth being presend in the future already, i formulated another plan. Galactus knew that we are targetting his heart so we need both his hands away from it. I was surprised to see Johnny Blaze running towards me. I was shocked! Hes still alive! He was the one doing alot of things with Galactus like pulling down his right arm on the ground while the others batter on him! He was also able to put Galactus down with his chains while the others again drop their hell on him. Galactus got real annoyed with The Ghostrider and was able to step on him like an ant! They were both evenly matchced on a fist fight while the others slammed on the walls. I really thought his bones got smashed on Galactus’s foot, so did the others. But here he is now asking whats the plan! And so we did it all together. Galactus had to be restrained. We have to make a huge boom in his damaged heart that Superman was able to inflict heavily on him. Superman made the biggest sacrifice from there! But later on we realized that he is a God. Son of Jor-El! Gods can be seemingly killed by their entire being are eternal, they will materialize or regenerate after quite some time. It is how it is. That is how existence are with the Gods. Superman knew that Galactus is a being of power. He is full of power and he must be depleted out of that power in order to be vanquised and there is no other way  but to sacrifice himself. I guess he also thought he can withstand Galactus full blast of power. When Galactus was showering down his powers through his mouth it went on for 5 seconds. We were confident that Superman can take it. We can also see him raising both his arms to shield himself from it then he disappeared and his skeleton fell off, his entire skeleton! All our eyes widened in great horror! When his skeletal feature dropped on the ground, Galactus again in great rage blew off his powers through his mouth to incinerate The Man of Steel!

And so we did what should in order to save the world. I guess its why people like us existed. I guess this is the reason why there are individuals that have supernatural powers. To save the world someday from Galactus, to make the sacrifice. And now here it is, im going to take everyone with me. Theres no other way. The Ghostrider surprised Galactus wrapping his chains around his neck and arms taking it away in reaching distance to protect his chest while the others too pull the chains. I zoomed inside Galactus’s chest. He knows whats going to happen! He was yelling out that he is going to destroy us and this planet! The last thing i did was to call Pepper. “Hey… i think im not going to make to dinner tonight…im gonna make sure you have one…I love you”. After that was the huge explosion that rocked the entire earth. That was it. That was my realization while talking infront of everyone after Superman got incinerated! That was the reason as to why there are people with supernatural powers. To save the world…

But i guess that was not my time yet. I was kilometers away from the blast site when i realized my self like waking up from a bad dream. Im not wearing the Ulton suit anymore. Then i recalled i was supposed be in side the suit and on that explosion viewable to me several kilometers away. I cant believe it. Im confused! Then two figures appeared wearing long white attire. An old man and a woman. And i know them! Years ago when i was able to develop the highest attainment of my otherself, The Machine, I was looking for the biggest fight there is! Then i found out about a notorious being in one planet in The Solar System! Thats being that everyone in this world recognizes as Ultron. An organic being. He got to earth when I called him out. The fight reached up to space. I guess he thought i would be more vulnerable there. And i also thought that was a fact. The Ultron suit was not built for outerspace. But i designed it to withstand the heaviest battering and enduring the heaviest fight. Not even a nuclear explosion will break it! Those figures that appeared were the King and Princess of the planet that was being plagued by that superior being whom you all recognize here as Ultron! I took his head a trophy! I blogged about it in my other blogsite that i already deleted. Actually he was able to regenerate with only his head remaining on my throne seat. He was able to grow the other parts of his body in my secret hideout wherein only Captain America and Pepper knows where it is. It wasnt the first time that weve met. They surprised me one time in my place and presented their great gratitude for killing the menace of their planet. The King gave me a drink! That drink improved my body! And now theyve given back even more. They teleported my body away from the Ultron Suit.

Everyone died! All heroes are gone. Reed was gone too. Including his wife. I didnt know that his wife got to us. No more superheroes. There was only me and Professor Xavier and of course Johnny Blaze whose confused on how everything is going to be now. The world tried to recover from the trauma that is Galactus! After two weeks, I went to the site wherein remains of Galactus’head is still intact. I took samples. I also found some minerals around that came from Galactus body. I was astounded because there were elements there that was not present in other planets. A new find! But thats not what shocked me. What shocked me is that, Galactus’s remains is not decomposing! I took samples from his head and everything inside it! It is not decomposing. It seemed alive. So i concluded one major fact. Galactus is coming back! I also discovered something that i was looking for. Something that i was supposed to ask from this little alien that appeared to me once! I discovered it in the remains of Galactus’s head! Its the element to complete my Time Travelling Machine!

The Time Travelling Machine. There is an element needed to Time Travel. Its appearance is solid and would resemble a fine soft white rock that glows white like a fluorescent lamp. The thing is that it is gravely rare in that earth world of that Universe.I found alot of it in Galactus’ remains. What scared me again is that the remains of Galactus’s head seems to be growing. So i concluded that it is a fact. Galactus really is also like Superman! He is a God. And so from my analyzation i need to make things right. I need to correct the mistake that we did. But how? In what part? Where would i change it and on what point of time? I was thinking heavily about Galactus’ ways then it got me into thinking. Why does he have to take all the trouble and kill everyone in the planet? Why cant he just swallow it right away? I verified my suspicion after going over Galactus’s other remains that was scattered all over the state. And just like the other remains, they are growing back. Its not decomposing. And there are elements that can be discovered in the insides! So after carefully studying about it, its a fact! My suspicion is correct as to why he has to kill everyone on the planet first!

So where would i start? Whats the plan? The funny thing about Time Travel is that it gave me trouble once. You can not know the exact future! If you do, it will change once you get back. So thats what im also careful about, things might get worse if i make the wrong plans. So what do you think was the plan? How was i able to solve the problem? In what point of time will i go back? Im not going to continue on more by the next few weeks…:)

One thing we dont have is the luxury of TIME. For if we only do, Reed and I would have converged in creating a portal to travel in all worlds.So just imagine taking all the other superheroes in other worlds. It was Armageddon, i dont know if Hollywood can produce exactly what happened there. The fight with The Ghostrider and Galactus who turned into a normal size alone was already something. They were both evenly match and no one wants to go down. There is a film of this in the parallel world. What turned everyone shouting at the cinemas was the unexpected scene wherein during the fight against the gigantic Galactus a strange blinding white light appeared without warning and blinded everyone for a brief moment including Galactus! And its the main event of the Armageddon. The Man of Steel himself floating in the sky after the bright white light faded away. “Well…Looks like im really not that late after all. This reminds me the time when the other guy went crazy…”. Thats what Superman said when he saw everything in his unexpected arrival! Galactus didnt look afraid. He looked upset at first but later on grinned. When the waters from the seas rushed flooding behind Galactus we all thought that its really too much. There were Superheroes that cant fly and the others had to fly them out. The others got driven away or even drowned by the sea waters. We thought it was from Galactus but we observed that he also looked displeased, then the gigantic tentacles that wrapped all around him! We were not expecting that! Even in the sight of danger, some was even able to make jokes just like when Galactus’s head appeared in the sky and told us in his God voice that we are not part of his appetite. One black american said in a soft voice “o yeah? maybe he could use some vitamins…”. We were not also aware that he can just shake off the teleportation light away from him. All the humans coward down and hid! The warship that came from the home planet of the Chinese people got blown away. The huge blast infuriated Galactus, he formed one huge ball of light and threw it on the ship and it exploded.

And about the Ultron thing. Earlier in that world, the other suits developed self consciousness. As you can see in the movie one of them stalked Pepper. They were actually trying some of their conclusions. And from what happened that night, the suits concluded in their computer language that Pepper is a threat to their existence. So what later on happened was that they all went at her. Luckily one suit concluded the opposite and helped pepper. I guess that was the time wherein trouble always came for Potts! When the notorious alien life form whom you all call here in this world Ultron regenerated and materialized the rest of his body from his head, he held Potts captive and ransomed her for my life in my very own hideout! But he was weak at that time and Potts’s fist took him down. For related stories on my life as Tony Stary please go to

And Captain America? He got thrown away and got crippled when Galactus turned into a 12 ft tall muscle guy and everyone rushed to him on a fist fight! He crawled away to safety. 🙂 Others were even worse, just see for example what happened to Professor Xavier. He was the first to taste Galactus’ might. But he recovered after the explosion. When Galactus turned into a human sized being everyone went at him one by one! Sweet ol Pete took his aunt May out of the city to safety. He later on went back during the battle and asked for an armor. He got one from a dead Superhero! The Green Lantern and the others were afraid of Galactus! They didnt want to help. Those little old guys said that Galactus will surely come after them if they help. They said they have some personal business going on. The US Military was there with their tanks and everything in a distance, after about an hour when i looked back to where they were, they were nowhere to be found already!

Just now, I realized something again from what happened in that world… Just like what Peter’s uncle told him “Great power comes great responsibility”. I believe that people with powers are born to do something great and that is to save people. Those who do otherwise will sooner or later be harnessed. And they exist for an event that will happen someday, an event something like this. And in this world, there are crazy SOBs that thinks that supernatural powers came from their country, from their race and that they are justified in going after everyone with supernatural powers. 🙂

Yea i recall just now.Saw this video cap from Ironman 3. That movie is from the alternate Universe of this world with Galactus! In this world, those Ironman Armor were piloted by Killian’s men! Killian’s men were divided! There were those that i was able to convince that there is a cure for their self destructive condition later on! Their powers are unstable but i was able to let them see how i was able to cure one of them. And so in that part, some of Killian’s men turned against him. They helped me Killian’s men wearing the Ironman suit arrived for the battle. They were all just pieces of cake actually. How? The suit can only run on the same powersource. And there is a way to shutdown that powersource with one button. And i was prepared for it. If there will be part 4, the opening scene would most probably center as to how Killian was able to get back together in one excruciating process of getting back together in one piece! And the attack in Malibu, when i fell from the water, a huge boulder of the debris from my house was supposed to fall over me from from above but i was surprised that the huge debris stopped from falling crushing me. It was Pepper wearing the armor! Thats how it was there!


Mark Adrian Cawit


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