Looks like the crazy old devils got to the witch! So im going to continue here of me as Prince Daniel The Valiant. So who guessed it right? Who killed the witch? Did you thought of the well? The hogs! And the battle at the site of the well which is also a temple ground for all the fallen monster warriors, a secret cemetery for great monster warriors that were looked up to by everyone of long days gone by. But who will guess how it would be not unless you can communicate with the other worlds…lol!

You can read the rest of the story in this URL. http://thememoirsofjose.blogspot.com/p/rapunzel.html

The real world

And as i, Prince Daniel wonder for a few months now i still havent the object of Galantry and Bravery that my father requires me to be worthy of the throne. To be the King, one must be above all in all aspects in the battlefield. That’s what my father, The King, would always explain to me when i was a little boy and it is the principle that was also etched in everyone in the Kingdom. That is what will get you their loyalty and alliance. He then made me aware of what happened to my Uncle Faustus who is one of the high ranking officers of the Kingdom, he used to be the General.

-“You must become the bravest, the strongest and the most cunning gentleman of all in the Kingdom. Everyone must see what you are worth…Or else! You will become like your Uncle Faustus….”
-“What? Why? What about Uncle Faustus”
– “Oh!!! you dont want to end up like him. The cut off his manhood!”
– “What? Uncle Faustus has no manhood?”
– “Your Uncle used to be a man with alot of woman, now he just stays in his quarters and drinks all by himself. Who knows what else he might doing… He was challenged by one Knight and he lost…instead of killing him he gave your uncle a choice. His head above or the other one below!”
– “And you let that happen?”
-“Thats how it is! Now be the man i want you to be! My son, The Prince, one who almost had a crazy woman for a Queen!”

And now here i am chasing a a beautiful bird! I dont know why but i know its not the trophy that i was searching for in my quest but i know i should catch it! I believe its the bird that can cure and invigorate everyone that hear its voice. It situated itself on top of a very tall tree in the thick woods. I slowly climbed up to catch it. I was already a few inches away with my hand reaching to grab it quick but i sensed me and flew away. I almost fell from my motion to grab the notorious enchanted bird but i was able to hang on. And from that predicament, i saw from a distance a very tall tower! There seems to be a vacant area just 3 trees from where i am hanging from. And some kind of spell is making everything not visible from below. The tower is what i would estimate a 100 ft tall! And as i gaze on the tower on the way up my eyes widened in great amazement and of unthinkable shock! I cant believe it. I was motionless and paralyzed for what i am seeing while hanging on with my life on the tree. I can hardly breathe. Its a woman! And not just a woman. Its the most beautiful and seductive face that ive ever seen in my entire life. I have travelled to countless kingdoms in other continents with my father disguised as a merchant but no lady has ever matched her beauty. For several minutes i gazed in her face, though it was far it was clear. She was looking outside the window up above the top most part of the tower. She looked like shes thinking and confused with her face! And why is she there? And her hair is golden brown, her face is finely chiseled to the beauty that i haven’t seen before in that world! For in all worlds she would belong to the top 5 most beautiful woman! Afterwards she looked down and her face looked real displeased and upset, she even shouted! “Curse all of you! Curses! Curses! Curses!”. I decided to go down from the tree. And then i fixed myself up. I am about to meet the woman that i was already imagining in my mind to be my Queen someday. She will be my Queen. Walking towards her location, i was confused! How come the tower is not showing from the tree that i was in awhile ago. There seems to be some kind of magic hiding the place. I walked slowly cleaning myself up towards the location. Its just close by. Almost 50 feet away! I was thinking of talking directly to her parents! Offer them gold. I still have some. Thats whats going on inside my mind and i was so excited! And as i got close to the location, the tower slowly became visible as if the scene was fading away in a different landscape! So i walked faster and saw for myself in a closer distance, the tower. I never noticed at first what was around the tower but i was surprised to see monsters in battle armor walking from a distance so i hid right away! I went down. Thats where i realized that the entire place is swarming with monsters. And theyre not just monsters! Theyre warrior monsters! There were also werewolves wielding swords and seems like everyone are not friends! I crawled in the cover of the tall grass. I looked for the door entrance to the tower but there was non. So how did the lady end up there? I decided to go back to where i came from to ensure my safety first. Then i was thinking deeply. Maybe their guarding her? Maybe the way up is underground so i looked for a cave nearby or an underground passage but there was non. No river close by too! What is the lady doing up there?

One thing is for sure! I have to get to her! Im going to get her out. Ill talk to her and ill know everything. But first i observed everything at night time! It is from there that i realized that the monsters are fighting for her! So that night i rested, i planned! Early in the morning i looked for hogs! In order to climb up and get to the lady i have to take out everyone first and they are many and more or less 200 and heavily armed. I also saw some of time using their supernatural powers! I wasnt able to see any fire going on for food. So obviously they are hungry! So i took hogs and tied them all up! My plan was to lure everyone out with the hogs! First, i let 3 hogs ran to the monsters! Everyone went wild for the hogs and hacked them open and ate them raw! Suddenly they realized there are more inside the trees! So they all rush to trees in a race for the hogs, all of them!!! I hid up above the tree and when they were all gone from below the tower i ran too! I left my sword for i know it will add up to the weight. And i know i will not be needing it. I climbed up carefully. And as i reached the window, i can hear the lady humming some kind of tune but no words. I pulled myself up to get inside the window and i saw the lady turning her back combing her hair and humming. She spoke, she sensed me! “I already fixed the chair, its just a bit loose! I’m not hungry yet…”. She thought i was someone she knew. I didnt know how to present my self but i walked slowly towards her. I was searching for words but i cant find none. The place only have a bed. A place she can clean herself. A small table. And some kind of comfort room. Everything was tidy. And as i get closer, she turned slowly speaking “Mother…im confused, how come….huh?!” She was shocked! The person that she sensed is not who she thought it is. But something that she was not expecting her whole life! She was sitting and her eyes was wide as an owl. She unknowingly dropped her comb. And her dropped jaw made her looked like she was for the first time having that kind of moment of surprise! She froze. So did I! For in close proximity, i saw her beauty! And it was such a sight that i have never gazed up in my entire existence. Slowly, i got one word out of my mouth. “Hello…”. And her face turned from surprise to being confused. She got up from sitting in her bed very slowly and slowly she made steps gazing from top to bottom of my entirety it is as if she hasnt seen someone like me before! I smiled in amusement. “Can you speak more?” She whispered slowly. I nodded and said “I am Prince Daniel…”. She whispered again “Daniel…”. And as she got closer she explored my face with her right hand. Very slowly she was analyzing me and very amazed! “My mother…she said…but…oh my!”. What she did scared me at first. She put her hand slowly inside my attire. She wanted to know if i am also like her. Slowly she unbottoned my upper attire. I let her do it. And as she got me naked from above, she explored my chest. She smiled and giggled like a child!I let her to her innocence. She also held my arms and hands. She asked about my fingernails, they were short. She was traversing her hands through my entirety. I got excited. Then her hands slowly reached to my pants… ill let you all figure out what happened there…

She excitedly hurried to look behind my back to see for her curiosity, she was circling me while staying her hands in my shoulders traversing it to my hair up to way down my buttocks! It kinda made me laugh. Its like your first reaction when you see the Ironman suit for the first time into reality infront of you. Like a child she was enjoying herself exploring me. She asked so softly “Why are you like this? Are there more?”. I answered looking at her face and strucked by her innocence. “Yes, back where i came from there are more like me…but im the most handsome!”. Her face turned differently suddenly “Handsome?! What is that? You…you are beautiful. Your face… me… my face and body like you, as a man i am handsome “. Her face turned into great delight with her eyes brightened! “Oh i see, then let me see more how handsome you are!”. Her voice was a bit lifted there. “Sure, just promised to make me see how beautiful you are too”. She nodded in great excitement “Yes!”. Her eyes was looking at the remaining part of my body with clothes on, the lower part. She was all smiles like a little child and giggling in excitement. And without show of restraint she reached for where to loosen my pants like shes opening her christmas present. She doesnt know how to do it so i took off the belt my self and then undressed my lower body completely. Her eyes widened with her big smile when she saw what was there, i got undressed completely. And again, like a little child she circled around me while her hand traversed into my lower parts. Lets just say that, that was the first time she saw someone else her entire life. And afterwards “Alright! Now me…I have alot to show you…”. And from there, happened the unforgettable part when i first met my naive and innocent Queen. I taught her how to kiss. It was funny the first time she did so i told her to do it slow. And slowly she got to know what a man is. I was closing my eyes with what she was doing to me and stopped for a while and asked like a child “What are you doing? why are you closing your eyes?”. I told her because what shes doing gives me pleasure.

After getting to know each other we dressed up and she dressed like a child that had just finished playing. She was still giggling and smiling with her innocence. She was still very excited. Hugging me and kissing me in the cheek reaching up to where she found was very interesting just awhile ago. I then asked her as to why she is here. “Oh no…you should leave after this. I forgot you shouldnt really be here. My mother! She might come back. She rides a broomstick. And the monsters below did you kill all of them?!”. I told her what i did to fool them. She talked more. She told me the lies that her mother made her live through her whole life. She wanted to come with me but its not going to be a good idea if i take her with me now. The monsters will find out and with their numbers they will catch up to us. The horse is several kilometers away. And we still have to work out on how she coming down of the tower. It will take time and the monsters will surely catch up. So i promised her that i will be back! And before i went down through the window again she kissed me and still trying to reach to some of my body parts really excited and laughing. Before i left we did what we both forgot because of how excited we both were to each other. “Oh by the way! Im Prince Daniel, The Valiant”. What she answered really put me in deep pity, she was so innocent. She was so excited and proud with her big smile clasping her hands together down her waits. She replied “And i am Rapunzel, The Pleasure Woman!”. I wanted to correct her with what just she said but i said well just have to work on that later on. First i have to go before the monsters get back. And so i climbed back down….

The monsters were not yet on the ground, i was able to see how they ravaged the hogs like the monster that they are. I was thinking of a plan. I cant go back, The Kingdom is several months in horse ride. And there are no nearby Kingdoms that i can ask for help. This will all depend on me. Meanwhile, the monsters later on came back to where they made camps around the tower and were not able to eat food because no one wants to leave the tower to everyone else. They were all filled and the blood of the hogs were still in their faces. The thinnest monster named Gorath spoke with his hideous mind.

-“Yeah…that was good. Now Im all feeling feisty. You wait for me up there my lady. Tonight is our night! Hehehehe!”
Azrok, the biggest and most skilled of all monster warriors cut his excitement.
-“Go ahead and try and youll end up like the hog that you ravaged back there!”
Gorath responded only to himself, whispering…
– “Oh now i wouldnt say that mite…, youre not the only one here whose got a sword…Lets see tonight…”

That night, i was lying in an enclosed root of a big tree. One of the monsters might see me if i just lie down in the open. I was able to see one hog alive and it might lure a monster. That night i was thinking of Rapunzel. Her innocence caught me. She will be my Queen. My father and i traversed far and wide in alot of regions disguised as merchants, I have seen Princess’ but none of them was able to entice me even with their beauty and intellect. That night I recalled one of my close friend who has a family, he has a son. He got died during this voyage to one far away Kingdom. It was one of the biggest Kingdom in the Continent. Everyone feared their army too. That night, while resting infront of the fire after finishing our meal, The Princess went down with her men and my close friend who i tasked to present our merchandize to the King. The Princess had a sword in her hands and when they got close to me, he hacked my friend! “Your laborer has committed the biggest crime of presenting his desire over me! See to it that none of your laborers do the same mistake or else you will end up like him!”. She was pointing her finger over me. I was shocked with what she did, i thought the Princess herself wanted to see me for the merchandize. We tried to help me friend survive. We sewed up his wound in his back but he lost alot of blood. Before he died, he made me promise that see to it that nothing happens to his family. The world maybe big but it is just a small world. A year after that, in a war riding a horse with my sword and in the climax of the battle my paths crossed with her again. She too was holding a sword and with her armor! The Princess rides to battle! None other like her and she smiled at me, i did the opposite. My father was given a proposal for our Kingdoms to merge as one through marriage with her! That night that their King offered her daughter, my father asked “What say you my son, The Prince…”. “She is a cold blooded woman! I will never marry a lunatic!!!”. The Princess just laughed with my words. The marriage didnt happen. She replied “Then…”. Her eyes were gleaming when she said ” we are enemies”

That night, i slept well with the thought of Rapunzel. I was also thinking, those monsters…how did they all got there with the spell? No one can easily get to that place because of the illusion on the trees. I also realized something there in that world. We do not eat hogs! The humans see hogs as food for the beasts only and not for everyone else! The meat of the hogs gives people diseases! Everything was silent, the air was field with the scent of the woods which was calming to the mind. I fell asleep so well thinking about Rapunzel. I cant forget the first several minutes with her, we were both on the same facial expression. She marvelled for the first time on a human being other than herself. While i marvelled in her beauty that i was not able to see anywhere else in all our voyages as merchants and as royalty. My eyes close but at the tower

Rapunzel was still awake combing her hair and looked so calm. But down below it was one huge mayhem. All the monsters were trying to climb up the tower but none of them can get up. Gorath was able to fool some monsters and allied with him. His weakness in stature is also the opposite of his mind when making schemes. When everyone raced to get up the tower none got half way, everyone was pulling down each other. Azrok, the strongest of all fell but he has powers, before slamming on the ground his body paused in the air. So instead of climbing up, all the monsters drew their swords and started to go at each other. Gorath challenged Azrok! “Were all feisty! Everyones feisty! You are feisty! What seems to be the trouble mate? Im going up to my lady!!!”. Gorath with his real miserable stature and also thin sword was so brave facing Azrok whose almost 10 times his size but of the same height! He pointed his finger at him, challenging him! But it was a trick! Azrok was just laughing at him. But what Gorath said next infuriated Azrok. When Azrok rushed to hack him with his huge sword, Gorath ran like hell and his cohorts all 10 of them went at Azrok at the same time! Gorath ran like hell shouting “Kill him! Kill him now!” They all surrounded Azrok but the fight seemed like childs play to Azrok! Azrok infuriated with Gorath’s taunts from afar off in the night yelled out real loud his name in search for him! Gorath hid himself and continued to taunt Azrok! The other monsters were also fighting off each other. And so it went like that the entire night even in the morning! The witch arrived riding her broomstick and she looked real upset flying just up above the monsters. She yelled at them before flying up to the window up above the tower. “You filthy scoundrels! Put all your twizzles where they all belong! Not unless you give me what i want, youre not getting any!”. The witch is a hideous creature. She hides her scary appearance from Rapunzel. She only visits her to bring her food and water. When she entered the window riding her broomstick her faced changed to that of an aged woman.

-“Good morning my dear…How was the night?”
– “Good morning mother…The same as all other nights, can there be any difference from other nights of my entire life?”
The witch is always good with her acts and words. She rushed to sympathize with Rapunzel and embraced her.
– “Oh…sweet child, come now. All of this, i am willing to do what is right for you. I am your mother, what would you chose? The ugly world down there? Or up here safe and secured…”
– “That is what you always say…can there be anything else you know that you can tell me?”
– “My child, the world does not change anymore. Nor will it change. So are my words for you, for they are the only words that you must live by in order to be far away from what is down below…You dont want to be living down there with those ugly monsters do you know?”

The witch is always calm with her words. Never has she raised up her voice to Rapunzel. All these years, she never discovered Rapunzel’s secret. Her very long hair. Everytime the witch arrives she would just sit down on her bed and she would hid her hair beneath the sheets. The witch has never found out about it.Sometimes she would sit down in one corner while hiding her very long her that would already reach up to 100ft. Rapunzel was planning to escape using her hair. She was expecting that someday all the monsters will die out below since they are always fighting each other.

– “Yes, mother… “
So those are the usual words that Rapunzel and the witch that she thought is her mother would always say everything the witch makes a visit. Rapunzel is not educated with alot of words because of her predicament. The witch knows each word that Rapunzel knows for she alone is the only voice that Rapunzel knows of ever since. The witch was about to leave…

“And yet again, i cant stay too long…and you know why. Be safe my dear, and by the way how was the food that i sent you yesterday? Did you enjoy it? “
What Rapunzel spoke surprised the witch!
– “Yes mother! It was very splendid!”
– “What? What did you say?”
– “Why what is it?”
– “That word you said…”
The witch dropped her broomstick and walked to Rapunzel with great worrisome face.
– “What word?”
– “You said SPLENDID… who taught you that?”
Rapunzel shivered for she learned that word from Prince Daniel. But she was still calm and was able to make an alibi.
– “Oh yes, right. It was those cursed monsters down there. I heared them all talking and shouting at each other. Splendid! They were eating something.”

The witch analyzed Rapunzel, she also recalled that she saw carcasses of hogs all over the place down below, bones and heads. So she believed her. Her worried face turned smiling again and spoke her last words for that day.

– “Next time my dear. Do not also just keep your eyes off those ugly things down there…cover your ears! They are nothing but cursed bad things.”

The witch walked towards her broomstick again and bid farewell. That morning, i woke up real excited. I was in a belief that i will be able to solve things right away. All i need is just a plan. A good plan to take Rapunzel out of the tower. So the entire day, i analyzed the monsters. That world is not some fairy tale world fit for a child. This story is dark. Especially at night, for in that part of the region, monsters prey on humans always. And monsters are dominant with their strength and stature. There were humans that have converged and created walls to protect themselves. There are also those who are still defenseless from attacks but their villages are well hidden but for how long. I asked for help. I offered pieces of gold but no one would go against monsters wielding swords not even for 5 gold pieces. How will i break Rapunzel out? Night time came and I was not able to arrive on a fixed plan. Its all me, im all alone for Rapunzel. I was also thinking of the worse, a dragon entangling itself with the fight for Rapunzel too! I got a bit desperate. I crawled one night to the monsters. My plan was to lessen their numbers at night. But i forgot that their sense of smell is incredible too. Slowly while killing monsters far from the others, some smelled me. One of them was able to find out where i am and recognize me even when i wore the mask and attire of the monster that i killed. “Hey!!! A human! There! Its a juicy human all dressed up!”. I was sneaking everyone from behind in the dark hacking unsuspecting monsters but they found me out. Everyone chased me. Luckily i got away. I can hear that Gorath was shouting all kinds of words “You sneaky hooligan! Come out here and let me taste fresh meat! Come out!”. I was on a far distance hearing Gorath with his taunts, hiding on dark spot. He was good with his talks. He doesnt notice that hes funny with his words, i was laughing lightly with what he was shouting. You can compare him to the orc in LOTR, the one that got hacked coz he wants to eat the prisoner Hobbits. Same voice too. Gorath was yelling out. “…so….where not the only ones whose feisty huh?!!! You pervert! What, you think you can climb up that tower without us knowing it? Come out feisty human!”, “…youre a coward! Next time when you come back sneaking at us bring some spices! Onions! …and come to me not to anyone else…so i can make a nice “Sneaky Human Soup!”, “Hey! where are you?!!! Come out! Im your friend…im your very best friend…”, “…i know youre feisty, come out! Were feisty too…But you cant get too feisty without eating do you??? So come out now you hear! Coward!”

Goodbye Rapunzel

I was not clear on how to do things. Its an impossible situation on a possible horrible death! I am food for the monsters whose numbers are now only in my estimate 160. All have swords. Some of them have supernatural powers. One breaths fire. The other, i saw that he was able to paralyze another monster and hacked him into half. One monster has some kind of blast coming out of his hands after raising it over his head. There were werewolves too. They cant talk but they have their minds intact. They were armor and wields a thick sword but i can see that their speed is the same of a human. There were several monsters too who were small but don’t underestimate them for they move fast enough. When I small, they are like 5’5 ft tall. Most of the monsters are 8 ft tall. Azrok is 9 ft. Everyone knows Azrok. Everyone fears him. There were others like him too. The entire tower is surrounded. No one wants to get out. A monster can survive very well without eating for several days and even for 3 weeks. Azrok as cohorts too. He has one of them with a bow on a tree. Four days have passed but i the opportunity to get to Rapunzel never came. I also saw the witch that she said is her mother. But i dont believe that its her mother. A witch can not bear a child. Im sure she is for something special for the witch! But for what? I travelled not too far searching for new weapons that i can use and even warriors that i can hire. But no one would really go against monsters. They say that if humans would go against them intentionally, they would organize themselves and conspire to search for them. Maybe if i would go farther more but i cant be too long for Rapunzel. From the way it looks, one of the monsters or even more will be able to get to the window. It is possible that they would somehow unite just to get Rapunzel down and settle the issue afterwards. I left for 5 days and got back to the forest again. Still hopeless. The monsters are still overwhelming in numbers, i was expecting that their daily mongering with each other had lessened their numbers. But they were good with swords. Theyve lived long enough with experience and they wont die out that easy. I cant risk facing the witch. Only a sorcerer can challenge a witch with her powers! I had a bad experience once with a witch. She almost burned me but i got away. 6 days after getting back to the forest where i found the tower, i lost hope. Its impossible. Its insanity. I can die trying but i cant die just for one woman and leave the fate of the Kingdom to my tyrannical Uncle Lucius. My father will suffer a miserable fate if i dont get back. The Kingdom or die trying for Rapunzel…?

I would like down the whole day in a hidden location on a big tree and would just looked at the monsters from time to time. I was waiting for them to do something that i could take advantage of but they are always there and always watching. And always fighting, they would chase each other. Crawl on each other, fight off each other all day and all night. They dont tire. They never eat. So i could just imagine their delight when they see a human like me trying to get up the tower. I lost hope. That night, i cant sleep. That night i decided that if nothing happens that i can take advantage of i will decide and leave. I will continue on my quest to getting my trophy in proving myself worthy for the throne. And noon time came, still the same with the monsters. So i made the ultimate decision. I was sad for Rapunzel. I cant exchange the entire Kingdom just for one beautiful woman. So feeling heavy and low, i walked away facing the ground. I felt sorry, hopeless and tired. And so as i continue to travel again straight to where i originally planned i got to one village in the afternoon. One mother with her son hurrying up with a pile of wood passed by saying to me “This is not a place for strangers young man, now off with you where in this place. Death comes quickly at night. Leave!”. The village seemed cold. Everyone seems to be doing things in a hurry. Most of the houses were high fenced. I noticed that one house had a fenced that looked like it was destroyed on the left side and the house was somehow destroyed on the roof too. I asked for water from a boy aged in estimate, 9. He was kind and i asked him what seemed to the problem in the village. He spoke “Night time is almost near sir, this is not a good place for travellers. There is a monster that kills people at night. Will you help us? You have a sword…”. I left the boy but he followed me. He was talking to some of the villagers too. Their numbers grew following behind me. Then one of them went to me “Please help us! We can give you shelter if you promise to help us. Please. A monster is plaguing us at night. Someone like you might kill it. Please stay and help us.” . I looked at everyone else, they all looked tired. The seemed to been not doing normally in their own homes. Their clothes are worn out. One man went to me and explained everything. There is a werewolf that would plague the night. They say that it has killed 3 families already. No one dared challenge the beast. That night i stayed in one house. Nothing happened. The next day we made plans on how to trap the beast. That afternoon all was set. But the terror was early, the light of day was still up when it attacked. And as planned, the traps that we set for the best weakened it with wounds. I fought it with my sword. It was still quick and swift with its movements. Its strength was of 20 men and the villagers were right about it. And as it makes its strikes on me and evades my slashes, it got weakened. It lost alot of blood and i was able to pierce my sword in its guts after cutting off its right leg. The Werewolf turned into human again. It was struggling to live. The villagers rushed to kill him but I restrained them. He spoke. “I didnt want this. When my son was taken by a group of criminals no one can help me. Everyone in the village was afraid. But a witch that i sold my cow to offered power that i can use. She wounded me deep with the hand of a wolf and dripped the blood of the wolf in the open cut of my flesh and made her spell. From there, i gained power. I was able to move fast enough and i became more stronger. I rescued my son and got him back to the village. But on the same night, i became a monster that i can not control. Even still, i know i made the right choice. And even if the situation would happen again, i would still do the same thing. I will do everything for my boy. I will do what i must for the one that i love. Because there is no one else but me…”. His boy thought that his father was killed by the criminals later on when he disappeared he also thought that the werewolf killed him. He was the boy that gave me water. From there, i realized something. Rapunzel! I shouldn’t have left her! Im going back! That very same night i hurried to go back to the forest where the tower is. Its a long walk, and i got back in the middle of the night. I looked at how the tower is but still the same. I rested for the night. I was confident and optimistic that by tomorrow when i wake up, i will be able to solve the problem. I will have a plan or i will die trying but i know i musnt die.

The Monsters and I

That same night, the witch came to the monsters below the tower floating in her broomstick.“What has killing each other gotten you? Where is it? Where is the fruit!!!!??? Where…is….it!!!! See? Nothing????!!!! Tomorrow night the moon will be covered in red! Get me my fruit!!! If by tomorrow in the middle of the night I dont have the fruit in this hands, That pretty lady that you all so linger hardly with your twizzles will become like you!!!!! UUUUUGGGGGLLLLLLLYYYY as a monster!!!!!!! . Get me my fruit!!!!!”. Azrok together with the others who have intellect were also looking for the fruit at times. They also have paid little monsters to look for it. But the peculiar fruit that will empower the witch seems like a dream like the flying horse that would often times appear at night. That night i was sleeping, the monsters, some of them looked everywhere for the fruit. They know its useless trying to get up the tower that night. Azrok went to a witch monster who only knows nothing but witchcraft and to conjure the spirits. The witch monster informed him that there is a spirit that knows everything but inorder to conjure her, the blood of 5 strongest race of monsters will be needed to perform the witchery in conjuring the spirit. That way, they may find out where the enchanted fruit that can empower the witch is located. So Azrok has no choice, he has to make a deal with the other 5 monsters whose also as big and as cunning as he is, he explained everything to them. And so that night, the witch made the spell infront of a bonfire. All 5 strongerst monsters from different races was there. They made everything a secret to the others. Azrok has no choice. The witch monster who looked like a 7 year old little girl all colored black and scary eyes and pointed ears wearing a ripped off cape with her long stick conjured out the spirit and appeared on the fire in front of the circle that they made. The spirit would also resemble that of the witch monster. The spirit was asked by the witch monster as to where the enchanted fruit is. The spirit spoke with her female voice “Far and wide this continent is that you shall never see something that is covered with spells of the dwarves of the giant blue tree. And by tomorrow night when the ray of the moon hits the enchanted fruit that the witch wishes for your to take, it will start to rot and break. And the witch will never be as powerful as she wishes to be and she has to wait again several more thousand years for the enchanted fruit to be. And where is it you say? Where will the fruit grow that only few know of? That i do not know… For not all things covered with great magic are made aware to the spirits. But there is something that can tell you where it is. A place where Azrok’s father lie in rest. It too is a place of death for all that is human that reaches it will loose his breath. For there are monsters there too that guards the resting place of Lords of long ago now in rotting flesh and stinking fume. A well…infront of the tombs. It shall tell you what you need to know. For in there lies the hidden truths that no one knows…but there is one problem for you who is a monster. The well will only answer to a human. Only a human can ask on the well…For to a monster like you it will never tell.”. The 5 superior monsters from different races were on a dilemma. Then Azrok spoke, “The sneaky human…its going to be him…”. So Azrok deviced a plan to take me in with them.

Meanwhile at the tower, Gorath and another race like him lies down relaxed on the ground and watching the night skies with its stars.

– “Gorath, have you heared about the flying horse the flies in the night sky? ”
Relaxed and softly spoken, the thin Gorath answered him.
– “Yeah, a flying horse. If theres someone riding on it, it must be royalty”
-“He must have huge thighs, lean body. Thats how royalty are”
-“Yeah youre right”
– “If youre royalty, you think youll be a good king?”
– “Why not? I can be king, i can be royalty, with me as king, no one will suffer. No human will starve. They will all be well fed. No one has to work. Just eat all day…”
-“Yeah…eat all day. No suffering. That will be good for those humans. Theyll grow bigger and leaner”

And without warning while lying down, Gorath heared the sound of the sword reaching its strike on the ground. In his horror he saw that another monster just chopped off the head of the monster that he was talking to. The huge monster that killed the one lying beside him shouted at Gorath while running “Next time! Eat more!”

Early that morning when i woke up i felt so optimistic and inspired. I was positive i will get into something. I will be able to get Rapunzel out of the tower. Then suddenly while thinking on a secured place a voice calling out for help! It sounded like an old woman. “Help me! Help me please…oh! Somebody! Im being chase by a monster!”. What i first saw was a short figure that would suggest to be an old woman basing on her voice and she wears a red scarf and a ref covering to her head which also covered her face from running. A monster was chasing her! Two monsters. She got cornered But i surprised the monsters on the left side and killed them both. I beheaded one and held its head. “Well… this could be a find trophy, i bet my father will be proud but…not quite enough….”. Then i went to the old woman who seemed like shes hurt on her knees and carrying face down. When i asked if shes ok and touched her right shoulder, the old woman suddenly turned only for me to be surprised that its not really an old woman but a monster disguised as one. The scoundrel was smiling with his ugly face saying “Well how nice of you to help an old lady…Sneaky Human!”. After his words a net secured me from nowhere! And got me hanging from a tree. It was Azrok and two of the monsters as big as him. “Theres no way youre going up that tower and take away my bride, youre coming with us and then afterwards die to become my dinner!” .

Five monsters as big and as skilled as Azrok put me in restraints while we walk to the location where they said they will use me then eat me afterwards. While walking they were all making talks as who will get my right leg and the left and my other limbs. They argued on my organs! Its an enclosed area deep in the forest wherein darkness hides it even during the day. There was a well on the right side and on the right tombstones with huge statues on each one. When we got closer, a huge bat like monster blocked us flying in the air and spoke in his scary voice “No human must enter this sacred place!”. It was big and looked strong. Azrok explained but the flying monster still refused so he and Azrok fought but it was brief, Azrok was able to kill it!

So what do you think will happen next? The dead monsters got up? Later on i might write down the story on how i helped on family in The U.K. as the Ghostrider when literally, hell went after them. Their clan belongs to a satanic cult and their family chose to abandon the lunacy. On the run after the murder of the father of the family, they took with them an important artifact that will raise up a very powerful evil force on earth.

The family is composed of a couple and his two children. A teenage girl and boy. Their mother got killed one night in one session, the tragedy triggered their father to rebel against the satanic church in which he he had no choice but to participate. Got to them in an accident while riding my bike. They were being chased and stopped over. I can still recall telling the young boy what he should do if they both see something happen to me.  He asked more. I told him “I have a condition…”. No, this is not a story about Johnny Blaze. Its my story of how i helped this teenage guy and his sister. They ran off with an artifact.

So next is the continuation of what happened that night at the cemetery of the monster lords.

Something fishy…

In sorcery stricken past, which is hundreds of years ago, monsters go not over rule the humans. There was not terror which is now known as the human eating uglies wearing thick armor and wielding swords, hacking their way through the flesh of a human to eat them. The monsters live in a different continent far from the humans. There were 5 Monster Lords of different Tribes. One of them is Azrok’s father, Lord Azkal. Lord Azkal is in continuous war with the other monster lords. It is how with them. The monster race are warmongerers they live for war and they live to kill, the sound of their swords slashing its way through the flesh of their enemy is the most beautiful music to their ears. And the screams of battle are the most invigorating aroma to their senses. For years and several more, these tribes battle endlessly. It is how with them. Then all 5 monster lords converged in a truce one night to discuss how to make things more “exciting” and bold for them, the present stature of war became boring for them, it came to that point of  time that they must find another worth adversary to join their insanity in endless battle with each one of them. And so, these lords decided to take council to the Monster Witch that lives in obscurity in one mountain. Only Lord Azkal, Azrok’s father can enter the place for his race is recognized as the genesis of all monster being. The witch counselled on Azrok’s father….

The mountain of the witch is located on the upper most region of the cold mountains. Everyone believed that only those who are welcome will get to the witch and those who try getting to her place will not be able to get back. A giant barrcuda like monster flies on the mountains and safeguards the witch. It is also believed that it is her very own creation. Begotten from her own womb on her very own concoction. The path to the entrance on the witch’s lair is also perilous. The strong cold air and the climb will claim your life if you are not able.  But Azrok’s father’s presence has been expected and longed for by the witch monster herself. Lord Azkal, King Azrok’s father didnt draw his sword when he reached the dark entrance to the cave on the upper most part of the cold mountain. The flying barracuda like monster is out of sight but Lord Azkal can hear its cold squeaking from afar. He realizes that he is welcome. The witch can give him the best answer on wether to expand outside their continent or stay where they are now. When he entered the dark lair of the witch. Lord Azkal called her out “I come for your counsel…your knowledge is what i seek and my intents are for the good of all our kind. Grant me your wisdom…”. Lord Azkal kept on walking, he has no torch, until it became pitch black for him. Then hears a voice of a woman. It is soft. And sounded young. It is of the very opposite of what he was expecting. “The dark corners of this lair is cold and always dark…”. Then without warning but not as startling to Lord Azkal, a couple of hands caressed his chest from behind with her words. “My knowledge is not the only pleasure that i can give you…your mind is enshrouded with darkness as is this place is so dark…’. And then in just a flash, he saw from behind the owner of the voice the stands infront of him instantly holding fire in both her hands showing a portion of her which widened Lord Azkal’s eyes. The witch is not old. She is a woman. A seductive monster woman, all colored in black and with her fangs and eyes which is normal in the sight of a monster. And just as she showed herself like that she then continues with her talk “…so let there be light!”. And by saying so the witch moved her hands throwing both fire from both her hands on the sides of the cave lighting up torches everywhere. And Lord Azkal even marvelled on the beauty of the witch which was not of her expectation. A seductive, young and supple black being, a monster. A beautiful and exquisite monster. The witch moved forward to Lord Azkal. “Your build, your skin, the face and everything that is you…is the most perfect being of all our kind. When you were created, you were to embody the likeness of our spirit God…and now your thoughts dwell on our race’s destruction…”. Upon hearing so, Lord Azkal was confused of what the witch was trying to make him understand. Lord Azkal wants to dominate and invade what is known by others as the human beings in other continents, the witch retaliates with great disapprovement  but never lost her seductive manner. “Grab within your hands the earth on the ground that you are standing now…”. And so Lord Azkal did as what the witch says for he thought shes going to make a spell on it. “Our race, our superior and cunning people might be numbered as many as the grain of earth that you are now holding on your hand but the human race maybe below our strength but their numbers is also as great and comparable to the amount of sand enough to cover your entire throne.” The witch showed Lord Azkal a mirror, “Look, be proud and content of what you are, look at me too. Outside this continent is also a realization that all our race will never like, i was there. We are perfection. We are beautiful.The humans are also a beauty to their own eyes…as so as i to our kind…”. And as the witch says those words, he pulls Lord Azkal to her bed which is also of Lord Azkal’s delight.

Back before in the long old days in the human territories, the word “Monster” does not exist in the tongues of everyone. Nor does it exists in the tongues and minds of the continent wherein these scary beings exists in full dominance with each other. In that continent, “Monsters” are called as SPIKEYS!. Simply because everyone has spikes. Some on their faces, some on their limbs, but most common are on their shoulders. They live in the nourishment of hogs! Hogs invigorate the Spikeys. It gives them full nourishment and saw no other content back before but only with hogs.

There are 5 tribe of Spikeys. Believe me on their names.

1.Azkal tribe- The most dominant tribe and the biggest. They are tallest and more musculine. It is believed the Spikeys first came from Lord Azkal’s being and the spirits just made abominations of Lord Azkal in order to inflict dispute between the lands.
2.Gorvat Tribe – The tallest in the tribe is Lord Gorvat, standing 5’1 tall. Thin but his intellect in battle and making schemes are unparalleled. He is also an expert tactician. His tribe was concocted by a spirit demon that wants Lord Azkal overthrown for being a noble Lord. The spirits wants the land to be filled with dispute in order to exercise their powers on beings with physical form.
3.Darkwolves Tribe – One spirit God wants to level his creation through might, speed and intellect. So he took first humans and merged him with beasts. The outcome are the darkwolves.
4.Rardozki tribe – They are orcish like creatures in facial appearance. They are short but fat monsters who eats everything with flesh even monsters themselves.
5.Milaizki tribe- They are the tribe whose population are purely female monsters. Their Princess name is Meekee. They are all telepaths and can create nightmares on their fellow spikeys by engaging sexual activity through telepathy. They are also cunning in battle. They can make illusions. In one battle, the monsters reached their stronghold! The Gorvat Tribe thought that they can take the female tribe just as easy and in their rows outside the walls of the Milaizki tribe they showed all their manhood all together showing off their intents on the tribe. Such a mistake by the Gorvat tribe that the Milaizki Spikeys are all expert archers and shot arrows on their manhood!

Apart from these tribes, there were also Spikeys who does not belong to his tribe. Spikeys with Supernatural powers! Like the fat spikey that can control the wind. And the other one who can form a fireball on top of him!

The Spikeys live for battle. They are blood thirsty beings. They normally do not intend to take over their tribes after the battle. All 5 Lords often times converge and meet on how to make their endless bloodlust more exciting! But the Azkal  Spikeys are more dominant in muscle and in brains. In one battle they were able to lay waste on the combined forces of the Gorvat and the Rardozki tribe by fooling the mall with hogs! The Azkal Spikeys were made to ran through the Gorvats and the Rardozkis! Spikeys cant resists hogs and they were tricked into ravaging the hogs instead of preparing for the attack of the Azkals! Lord Azkal and only 10 of his men was able to kill more than 300 combined forces of the Gorvats and the Rardozkis! In the battlefield, Spikeys would often times talk “Hey…your pointy ears with spikes on it! Your father squealed like a mouse when i thrust my sword in his guts several years ago! hhahahahaha!”. “Im not afraid you and your sharp claws! Ive killed dozens of you hairy stinkies!”, “Up and in dozens again from the seed of bumbling fools! You will follow your fathers!”, “Mate! You have the same armor with the one i hacked from behind few years ago, come to me i dont want you getting damaged with your suit, alright?”. These Spikeys live for two things, War and Sex. There are also female Spikeys in their tribes. If there are not battles in the wastelands, their time are spent on mating to propagate and make up for their loses. Spikeys can grow to adolescence within 6 years.

The Spikeys existence was only for war against each other, and this chaos is very well lived and a recognized culture between tribes.

But how were the tribes of the Spikeys got lured out of hiding from the humans?

Back in the human lands and just as the same in all other lands, witches are public enemy number 1! There is one human village that was supporting the witch hunters. These human village lived in peace after what they thought was the last of the broomstick riding dead old women. One daughter of the witch that survived the campaigns of the witch hunters sought help used her powers to ask the spirits on where she can ask help in getting revenge. The spirit counsels on her “In a far away land straight in that direction of the sea, you will find a different race that you can work on your witchery and convince them of your cause…”. And so the witch out of desperation flew with her broomstick in full speed to cross the seas to get to the far away land! And when she got to the island, she saw two spikeys and got scared at first for they were really different. But she saw in great evidence that they will become of perfect instrument in taking revenge on the humans. Their claws and their fangs will be of great use to her if she convinces them. So from behind and on a distance she spoke to the monsters “”

But how were the tribes of the Spikeys got lured out of hiding from the humans?

Back in the human lands and just as the same in all other lands, witches are public enemy number 1! There is one human village that was supporting the witch hunters. These human village lived in peace after what they thought was the last of the broomstick riding dead old women. One daughter of the witch that survived the campaigns of the witch hunters sought help used her powers to ask the spirits on where she can ask help in getting revenge. The spirit counsels on her “In a far away land straight in that direction of the sea, you will find a different race that you can work on your witchery and convince them of your cause…”. And so the witch out of desperation flew with her broomstick in full speed to cross the seas to get to the far away land! And when she got to the island, she saw two spikeys and got scared at first for they were really different. But she saw in great evidence that they will become of perfect instrument in taking revenge on the humans. Their claws and their fangs will be of great use to her if she convinces them. So from behind and on a distance she spoke to the monsters “Hello my friends…”. The witch saw two Rardozki monsters, two monsters wielding an axe, they got startled and held their axes high in great defense for never have they seen something that rides on cleaning tool!

“We do not make friends with beings riding a cleaning tool! Come down here so i can strike you down with my sword!”.
– “Oh no! I mean you no harm, as a matter of fact i came to let you of a better place where you can find tasty and juicy meat for your kind…yes! “
– “For our kind? There is no there kind than us spikeys! Or are you referring to people like you hairy and all grumpy! Hahahahaha!”
– “No no no…if you follow me, i can show you a place. A place of humans that you can taste for yourself! They have no swords, and defenseless! “
– “”Humans? What are they? What do they look like?”

The witch showed an illusion of the village and the monsters marvelled on them and saw that they are meat, different meat. And the humans looked more delicious to their eyes and the witch enticed them both and convinced them to make the journey to the other continent in the seas and offered them both to be turned into birds through her magic! And when they got the shores, the witch turned back the birds into monsters. And they sneaked cautiously in the territories of the humans. Both Spikeys saw fishermen, and without warning they attacked one that stayed in the fishing boat. From there, the spikeys discovered that the humans tasted better than the hogs! And they grew great lust for the new meat that they have discovered. They wanted to kill more for their appetite but the witch warned them that they cant continue on or the other humans with swords will find out and will surely look for them in order to kill them both. And so the witch suggested that they both wait for another human to pass by and capture it alive so she can turn it  into a mouse and put it in a cage and together they will go back to where they came from and convince the others by showing the human that they have captured! And so it is how it happened. The witch took a human and the Rardozki tribe first tasted human meat. The witch was able to convince everyone on that tribe first. The hysteria on the tasty human race spread all over the continent and in all tribes. The witch even reached Lord Azkal and showed an illusion of the human tribe. It is from there that Lord Azkal realized what the witch in the mountains told him. But he was the only Lord of the tribe that was not interested. The witch was able to make a commotion in the entire  tribe and on all the Lords. All the tribes of the Spikeys planned to construct a boat to get to the other side of the earth where the tasty humans flourish in great numbers, delicious meat! Excitedly, all tribes constructed boats to get to the other side of the earth. Lord Azkal forbade his people not to partake but not everyone sympathized on him. Lord Azkal explained to all the Lords what the witch in mountain explained to him but the witch was able to convince them that the humans are of no defense and their numbers are of great satisfaction to their tummies! All the Spikeys set sailed for the humans and the only ones left were a few numbers of Azkal warriors and Lord Azkal himself. It was one great massacre that happened when the Spikeys set forth on the land of the humans and introduced themselves and their appetite for human flesh. The word “Monster” existed on that day. Later on, due to boredom, Lord Azkal himself followed. He tried to convince his fellow tribes people to go back to where they came from for he believed that there are also humans wielding swords and the their numbers are greater than them. One of Lord Azkal’s high priest already gained leadership among them and he converged everyone to judge on Lord Azkal’s wishes! The high priest who is small in stature spoke to all of Lord Azkal’s people in secrecy and whispering on them he told them tall “We must respect and see who Lord Azkal is, it is from him that we all came from. Our heritage came from our Lord himself but…the humans are very delicious and tasty…so…we must kill Lord Azkal! Who is with me?”. Everyone agreed to that and they were able to fool Lord Azkal to his death. And so to ensure everything, the other Spikeys not called Monsters did the same to their Lords. And so thats how the monsters came to become the terror of the human race in that world! And to ensure that heir lust for human meat is not hindered by their Lords, each tribe also sought to kill their Lords.

And so now here i am, all tied up and walking with 5 Monsters. 2 on the left 1 in the right and 2 behind me arguing on who will have my limbs and on which part is theirs. Azrok killed the flying monster with one strike of his sword. Azrok spoke to me “You are to speak on the well, ask as to where we can find the fruit that can turn the witch into a more powerful being!…and make no mistake you are still fresh meat for me hahahha!”. By saying so the other monsters near us reacted and Azrok corrected himself. “…i mean for us. But dont worry, it will not be a painful death since you helped us…Now go on. Speak to the well human!”

I really thought that i was going to die that night. I lost all hope. What can i do against 5 of the biggest monsters all by myself. I have no sword, they have taken it away from me. And Rapunzel, ive heared that night is her last night. Still i got curious as to what the enchated fruit is all about. So with great curiosity and a little light of hope, i spoke to the well. “Hello! I have a question…Where can we find the enchanted fruit that the witch wishes from the monsters???”. There was no answer at first, only silence and everyone got impatient. One of the monsters suggested “Maybe we should cut off his tongue and throw it down there”. After 5 minutes, the waters on the well lighted up and a voice spoke “A human…Prince Daniel himself and all tied up by monsters that will eat him afterwards. It is an awkward opportunity to meet someone like you in this manner but still your question has a answer. The fruit that will turn a witch more powerful exists on the far side of this forest, follow the blackwoods, it is the trail to where the fruit is. You only have until by midnight and if the ray of the red moon hits the fruit, it will fall off and rot. And the fruit is no more…”. The monsters got excited! I asked more. “How about Rapunzel? What has she got to do with the Fruit? What will happen to her?”. The well again replies “You must hurry! If Rapunzel does not eat the fruit, she too will become a monster by midnight!”. Azrok reacted violenty together with the other monsters “What? She tricked us! The stinky witch! I dont like this, she just wants the fruit for herself. Even if we get Rapunzel, she still becomes a monster and looses her beauty. There’s something fishy about this!” And out of nowhere a voice sprung up unexpectedly out of the darkness of  the night.

-“Yeah…theres something fishy alright! You said you were all going to look for the witch and then kill her and then well take turns on the beautiful lady. You tricked us!”
It was Gorath along with the other monsters that would number more or less 150! And they were all raising up their swords and really upset! Azrok retaliated with his excuse.
– “You stupid fool! We dont want all of you knowing where were going or the witch might detect our numbers and she will be alarmed! Dont you get it? We went here to know everything about the witch and then we can share the beautiful lady up the tower once we kill the witch!”
The other monsters behind Gorath got convinced and looked at each other. They all slowly lowered their swords believing Azkal’s talk. Gorath real irriated shouted at them.
– “You miserable idiots! He tricked us! He said he was going to kill the witch! He didnt mention hes got the human with him. Now look at them all. All conniving hooligans! All of them!”
Upon hearing Gorath, the monsters behind him, shifted their sympathy on him again and raised up their swords real upset!
-“He’s the one making a fool out of you! He knows nothing but lie down all day and give orders.”

Then Gorath gazed his attention on me.

– “So…what have we got here, the sneaky human chose to be with Azrok? So thats how it is huh? You chose to be cooked by Azrok instead of me! But its alright mate! Theres no problem with that because after were done here tonight, im going to make one good sneaky human soup just right where you sit down and ive got all the spices right here…see!”
Gorath showed from what he took behind him a bundle of spices of different kinds.
Azrok got annoyed.
“Enough theres not enough time! When the moon turns red, its all over! So all of you better get off our way or you will all tasted the blade of my sword!
Gorath retaliated…
“Oh really now, Look at us. Count us all. How many!?hahahaha! See you cant tell. But how about you? How many are you? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, plus sneaky human! And you want us all to shiver! hahahahha!”
All the monsters behind Gorath laughed. Azrok realized the predicament that he is in now together with the others and me, Prince Daniel. He whispered to me “Now i dont think Prince’s are stupid right? So see what were all in now. So you better think”. After saying so, Azrok slashed the bonds off of my hands. He signalled the other to give me back my sword. Gorath laughed.
– “Oh really now, like it makes a big difference, you watch out sneaky human! Youre one sneaky delicious soup after this! I swear you will be!”
Azrok and the others draw their swords too! All the monters encircled on us. There were 6 of us all in all. Everyone was saying their words. There was no light from the moon yet so the surroundings was almost pitch black but still we can see each other, barely. Azrok was still doubtful on me.
-“You better think well, human. And think right! Look at all around you”
I looked all around me and realized that theres no getting out in any corner were all surrounded! So i told Azrok
“Kill now, eat later”
Azrok replied in great amusement.
“Hahahaha! Good!”
Gorath and the other monsters were making their taunts too pointing their fingers.
“You should have come to me human, now you will regret it. Ive got it all right here, sneaky human soup!”
Azrok whispered to all of us.
“I will count to three we will all make a faint at the same time. They will draw back a few feet away, then make the kill!”
And as expected, we were able to kill alot of them that was infront of us. And as expected too, Gorath ran off again behind all the monsters!
Azrok was still able to fool alot of monsters on our side.
“Hey! I was just doing this so we will know how to kill the witch and where she lives! Go and kill the others, go!”
The other stupid monsters believed Azkal and turned to our side! There were more or less 10 of them.
It was dark and real dark! What i was afraid of is getting entangled in a sword fight and getting hacked from behind. Everyone was bumping on each other. We dont know whose who.
The battle almost lasted forever. It cant last that long. Afterwards there were no much more monsters, most of them were from afar, i was looking from everywhere then a voice startled me from behind.
-“Hello sneaky fella…how are ya?”
In great timing i was able to block Gorath’s strike when i looked back but the bigger guy in the food chain got to him. I was dodging Gorath’s strke when suddenly a sword cut him into half from behind! It was Azkal!
-“I told you ill cut you in half!”
After doing so, Azkal turned his sights on me.
– “Eating time human…”
– “Hey the Princess! Take the fruit first! “
– “Thats right! We dont have much time so stay still, this will be quick!”
I was already feeling tired from all the walking and fighting that night. They didnt fed me when they got me on a cage in mid noon. Azrok’s strikes were overwhelming and continues to taunt!
– “Graaah! Stay still human!”
I was evading him here and there. We dropped our swords and ended up on a fist fight but it didnt go nowhere. We got our swords back again and Azrok accidentally hacked the huge statue infront of the tomb of a monster lord but it seemed like the statue was not affected. We were going on circles around the statue. Finally, Azrok got his hands on me again and choked me. He didnt notice that the statue that he just hacked was going to fall down. He saw my reaction and dropped me to look back. The huge statue fell on Azrok and seemingly killed him! I looked at the moon and its still not showing. So i still have time. I took my sword and ran to the forest and looked for the black trees.

The Kingdom of Evaneshka

First i know i will be needing a torch to search for the black trees.  I was able to make one right away. And inside the forest, i thought it was going to be forever looking for black trees but luck was with me that night. From my estimate, i ran at about 10km to the site of the fruit. When i got to the place, it is enclosed on a pedestal and enshrouded by vines. And the location is a vacant area of almost similar size of the burial grounds of the monsters. The fruit its twice the size of an apple. Has a texture of a peach and shape of a mango. I wasnt too late yet. So i put it inside a bag and hurried to ran back but I was startled by a huge figure that blocked my way. The darkness covered his face and it spoke “Ill give you a choice! You give that fruit to me right now and ill smash your head first so you wont suffer when i kill and eat you.”, It was Azrok! We fought again, i throw the bag with the fruit in a safer distance. Azrok was too strong that he was able to throw me. I also realized that he is already having some difficulties to walk! I guess the statue broke his left leg and his face was full of blood. He got hit in the head too. His eyes were also twitching from blood! I was able to formulate a strategy on Azrok! And i was able to behead him! I was able to see that the clouds hiding the moon is starting to fade and the moon is going to show! So out of desperation, i threw my sword and ran. A tear fell in my left eye, i saw Rapunzel’s face in the skies and how naive she is. I pitied her. If the light of the moon hits her, she will become a monster too. So i ran like hell. I almost have nothing left but i will die trying to get to Rapunzel. It was a long run. I dropped infront of the tower real exausted! The Tower is not finely constructed with its sides. There are edges that you can climb. So i struggled to climb up. The ray of the moon is about to get to the tower and it will hit Rapunzel. Barely making it, i first got the bag with the fruit inside way past the window. Rapunzel was startled. She was already sleeping that night and my worn out body slammed on the floor. “Prince Daniel!”.She has no idea of what will happen that night. I told her in a dying voice and catching my breath to eat the fruit inside the bag right away or she will become a monster! Her eyes widened in great horror and hurried to the bag and ate the fruit! Just as the light of the moon hit Rapunzel the fruit slid down to her throat! We were both embracing each other and Rapunzel was very happy like a little girl when i told her that all the monsters below are gone! Theyre all dead! Our celebration ended right away. When a scary voice which is obviously from a witch startled us. Her figure was dark at first and her face was not yet clear to us. She was very infuriated!

– “So! This is how you repay me! By giving yourself to that human!!! This is unforgivable! And i thought you always listen! How could you?”
We were slowly stepping back and i was covering Rapunzel. We  were both defenseless and i am fully exausted and my knees shiver in weakness.
– “All this time, it was you. And you think you can just take her away from me??? I bath her, i nursed her with milk when she was just a baby! In the very first morning of her life it was me who helped her survive! I tried hard enough to be a mother. It was unbearable but i did it! I raised her the beauty that she is now. And you think you can just snatch her away from here?”
The witch was very infuriated and her voice crowded the room. Rapunzel could not believe it that the ugly witch is her mother. She then put her hands on my collar in just a blink of an eye and threw me apart from Rapunzel. She then yells at Rapunzel.
– “I will deal with you later on! Get back there!”

Rapunzel could not react against with whom she thought is her mother. I told her shes not her mother but she just kept on crying. The witch turned at me and electricity came out of her hands and she started to torture me
-“No one takes away my precious belonging! Rapunzel is mine! Mine! Mine! Now die! Die! Die!!!”
The witch was enjoying herself hideously while electrocuting me from lightning coming out of her hands while i was on the ground. Rapunzel out of desperation saw nothing that she can use but her comb that has a pointed handle! And unexpectedly in her entire existence she never thought she will kill the very person that raised her in that tower. She stabbed the witch using her comb! And the witch fell to her death. She tried to crawl to Rapunzel out of her anguish. She was trying to say some words but the breath of life left her. Rapunzel helped me up and embraced me. The witche’s dead body deteriorated right away in a matter of minutes.

I rested first. There was still food and water and Rapunzel fed me. After ragaining my strength. I slept while Rapunzel caresses my hair and singing the only tune that she knows her entire life ever since. In the morning, I went down the tower and took branches of trees and constructed a ladder safe enough for Rapunzel to go down to. And so for the first time, Rapunzel stepped on the earth her whole life. But before that, she cut off her very long hair!

I can still remember that face. My God! I pitied Rapunzel. I recalled that night when i almost gave up while being tied up. The look in her face crushed my heart when she made her first step on the earth. She hugged me for it!
And so we set our voyage to The Kingdom of Evaneshka! The Kingdom that was named after my Grandmother the Queen herself . I was excited to get back. I know that my father will be proud to hear and see for themselves what have transpired here.

While on horse ride with Rapunzel behind, she was embracing me and laying down her head on my shoulders. She was a child pointing here and there, asking this and that. Its going to be a long ride. Then my thoughts dwell on my father, what could be happening now in Evaneshka? My mind dwells on  how the Kingdom got its name again…My Grandfather explained as to how her mother, my grandma, single handedly took over the kingdom and without a sword! The story on how the people of Evaneshka was rescued out of misery. And then also about the squirrel, darn it… its one disturbing thought.

I can not continue any further to what happened when Rapunzel and i got back to Evaneshka. But i will write some additional details on what happened in the previous events in the story of how everything in that world came to be. The events that would resemble that of what happened in Middle-Earth in another world.

Something funny happened when the Spikeys sailed to the continent where the humans were. The Rardozki idiots were bumbling funny imbiciles. They didnt know how to construct a boat. One of them just spied on the other tribes on how they did their construction and they found out about it. The Gorvats pretended to be doing things correctly where in reality they were doing things the wrong way so while on the voyage to the other continent, the Rardozki spikeys drowned at sea. Their ship got flooded heavily and sank. The other tribes laughed at the site of them draining their boat with bucket full of sea water.

We passed by the seashore in order to take the shortest and fastest route to Evaneshka. Rapunzel was funny with her questions. Her questions on what was that, how did that came to be and how come this and that didnt cease. She was like a little child with her questions while walking our way to where my sword is and on the secret place where i left my horse. And i was glad that it is still alive and not eaten by beasts! Rapunzel was silent for several minutes then when i made a turn to the beach, Rapunzel screamed “Oh no! Someone spilled alot of water! Look out! Its coming towards us!”.  I explained to her all about the ocean and even told her that we can stop by so she can see for herself. It was funny seeing her tip toe to the water. She asked if will it ever stop moving like how it is now, whats far away from there, who put the waters on there and everything. I explained everything to Rapunzel.  I told her she can even bath on it.  She was like a 3 year old child when i told her that sea water is fun. Without any hint she took off her attire and ran here and there on the waters reaching only up to her ankle! I was just sitting and laughing at the view and my tear fell again because i recalled of what had happened if i didnt made it last night. What if i got killed. What could be her situation at that very moment. She could still be on that lonely tower. Or she can be in Azrok’s lair and a slave. It was such a sight seeing someone her age and running here and there like an innocent child. I told her to get in on the water, she was laughing saying shes afraid and she wants me to go to her. She forced me to go with her so i took off my clothes too and we both went to the water on waits level only. We played. We played for over half an hour. That was really something on that machine. See in this world, its just from the “Recall Lab” with the chinese guys few years ago. But that memory really did occur in a different world. Including the one in “The Colony” with the bad guy Cohagan. We got tired and sat on the beach. The beach was wide. Theres a mountain on the left and the forest behind us a kilometer and a half. I explained everything about the sea to an innocent adolescent woman! After wards we rode again on horse ride and bathed in the river. Then we got to Evaneshka. Darn it, my father The King’s first words with open arms seeing my future Queen was “Yes…You brought me a woman!”. I went in between and told her that shes my Queen. He was being detained. Uncle Lucius seiged the Castle on a coup!

Things were more complicated in the castle. Everything that had transpired at the tower was just the beginning of everyone involved.

The Witches. Witch population dont get zeroed down on that world. I mentioned i had a bad experience with one witch. You cant just kill a witch with a sword! Maybe in here, yes but in there youll need more than just a sharp edged metal. It was night time, in search for quests to prove myself as a worthy King someday i stumbled on a village being plagued by a witch. They say that the witch has been murdering families every full moon. I waited for that occasion and on a secluded house i was too late. The witch was already sucking the blood out of the baby of one family. The couple was already dead inside the small and poorly constructed house. The witch was turning her back sucking and eating the flesh of the baby when i told her “Your death has come for you in a sharp edged sword witch and that sword is in my hands right now ready to bestow your death”. The witch answered “Your tongue is as sharp as your sword! Maybe you should walk away like a donkey!”. I retaliated “I will only walk away once i behead you with my sharp sword!”. The witch replied and dropped the dead baby speaking with her gruntled voice “I see, then like a donkey you shall die”. She turned around with fireballs on both her hands and she threw them at me. The fireballs were like grenades and i had no choice but to hide. The fury of the witch was unstoppable. The poorly constructed house that i hid myself from her collapsed and the dead bodies of the couple that was inside fell on me. Luckily i was able to crawl and ran away from the infuriated witch that kept on raining down fireball on the house, she still thought i was there.


My Kind of woman!No other perfect woman on that world
but someone like her. “…do you really think that someone
like me, would marry someone like you???” Ouch that hurt.
In the end, it was still her who helped me solve the problem.
I almost lost the screws of my head with this reality.This
is how everything happened. This film came from the chinese
guys from their machine. Humor with me! Thats me! LOL!

When Harry was explaining, i wanted to believe him. I want
to believe that my wife out there was really not the one
back in my apartment. I really wanted to. But calculate
things. Harry claims that im just dreaming, everything is not
real. Which decision is safer?Shoot Harry or Shoot the girl?
One way to find out if its just a dream, its ok if i shoot Harry.
It didnt end that way. After waking up, my wife explained to
me everything. At gunpoint and reversed scene on that image,
It still hurt “Ok dont get too excited first about me being your
wife. Im not doing this for that. Im doing this because i know
im going to do the right thing and im your only way out too
and youre the only one that can help me do the right thing.
Hows that for a deal”. In my mind, “You goddam bi#$h”.
After she tried to blow up the elevator, thats where i
was able to accept the fact that i am really going to
kill her.

Why?How did i got there? Well lets just say that Ive
got Chinese friends…lol!

So where did most of the candidates failed? In the
car chase? I reprogrammed those robots but
it was not in the movie. The technology is real. Kaoru
also became my wife. She died of a disease.

You know what reality they should create?
That’s the reality with the Predators attacking earth!
Or who knows, that reality might be really become
a reality here someday. I lead the Spartans to battle lol!

And by the way, the squirrel? Its my oldest brother, Squirrel brother! One of the antagonist.

“Our pain, our anguish!, our evil! We all belong in hell!!!” That’s the line of one evil turned good in the final battle that will decide everyone’s fate in that world.

To add up, the Milaiski spikeys didnt last long in the land of the humans. The continent has no adequate level of frequency for the telepathic powers of the female spikeys. So their lack of sexual activity in their minds, destroyed their brains and they ended up as mindless zombies plaguing the humans, they later on became extinct. Their offsprings are called Rommelskis! They are the mixed race of spikeys begotten from the Milaiski females. They are muscle bound spikeys with pea brain features. The excessive “Blue Leaf” smoke inhalation of the Rommelski’s degraded their minds but enlarged their physique.

Mark Adrian Cawit


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