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I was hiding in the bushes, it was thick. My armor does not seem to give out where i am. I am still doubtful if i can complete the quest after the castle of our kingdom was attacked by giant bats and my father The King himself got bitten and is now bed ridden and ill to his death. The threat on the farthest side of the continent has impossibly reached us. This time i have no choice. The sorcerer informed us that we need a scroll for him to conjure a spell to protect the Castle. A scroll, that is what the quest was first all about. I should go alone.  All of this was only for the scroll and now i find myself waiting for the monsters attack this one wooden house. Something tells me that i will be able to find the right path if i kill some of these monters and make them talk. The wind is cold and the dark of the night gives no comfort too. It is different in this part of the world wherein they say the dark forces of the evil entity that everyone knows with the name Diablo has already plagued with utter fear even at day time. I was able to spot two monsters from above the hill and i was sure they were coming after the people inside the house. I dont have directions but if i get to these abominations, i maybe able to get some sense in my journey in which i am also doubtful if im walking the right way. The two monsters was a werewolf standing 12 ft tall and a demon like figure with him. Both were conniving on how to attack the house. As they slowly approach the house, so did i get out of the bushes and made my way closer going real low. The place gives you the shiver as if something sinister is enshrouding it and now these two monsters that i have to kill. I know i have to separate them. So i took one huge branch and threw it on the other end of the house, the demon like figure crawled to the spot real quick to see for himself. I was able to surprise him out of the darkness and slashed on his chest! I hurried to see how the werewolf reacted for i know he heared us, heared the sound of pain from the demon and the approaching sound of my moves. The werewolf aimed to jumped right where we are, i can see him clearly peeking at the bushes covering us. Everyone inside the house felt and detected the danger outside their home and a woman screamed for her husband “Jonathan our baby!”. When the werewolf turned his face to look at the direction where he heared the woman, i jumped out of the bushes to strike him with my sword but he was very agile and  lunged his claws on my chest but i was armored and i got thrown back in the bushes right where i came from! I got back up right away and move out from where i am when the werewolf moved with his claws at me. I did what i could with my sword, the werewolf was quick evading my sword, he was able to grab right hand with the sword and put me on the ground. He opened his very wide mouth with sharp pointed teeth on it to rip through my face but i was able to move away and my left hand with the dagger ripped his guts open. He moved away letting my right hand go. That part of my armor was somehow crumpled from the strength of his grip. Weak and affected from the wound that i inflicted on him, his movements were not slow. And when he jumped to slash me with his right hand, i side stepped on the left and slashed his right abdomen with my sword, it fell on the ground face first. The werewolf turned around and it almost got me with his right claws when i tired to lunge my sword in his heart. Then an arrow to his face surprised me, the husband from the house got out to help! And from there my sword entered the werewolf’s chest to his death. After that i beheaded the wolf. In my mind “My God, i hope theres no more of these beast in the days ahead. I cant possibly be of any match if there were two. My strength, my speed and my agility is not going to be enough!” . I knelt on my right knee and made the sign of the cross, i know God was with me, that is why i was able to kill the monster. The husband told me “Brave Knight! How i can repay you for saving our innocent lives?”. What he said gave me one big interest in my mind. I reached for a small space beneath the armor in my waist and took out my calling card then i told him “My bank account’s on that card, you can deposit money there.”. The husband of the house was in full gaze of me and in great confusement of what i just told him. Just kidding. Thats not what happened.

The husband of the house helped me too that night. I told him that he can repay my by helping me to get to the nearest village. He assisted me in disposing the dead body of the werewolf. I beheaded it and then we went inside first and ate. Afterwards we set the dead werewolf on fire. I slept in their house and the next morning i travelled to the next village. I got to the village on foot. The location is mountainous and the horse will not be able to get me there. I left my shield, i figured that it will just add up to my anxiety since from then on ill just be on foot. When i got to the village, it was even more worse. The houses were all somehow ruined and everyone is in great commotion of doing this and that.  I passed by first on men constructing a fence perimeter. And from what ive experienced the previous night with the werewolf, i dont know if those wooden fences will make a difference. Men were converging and seem to be planning then they all got their eyes on me. Everyone walked towards me to get to know me.  A man who seemed to be their leader and in his mid 30s greeted me…

“Greetings Knight! You are very much welcome here! Are there more like you?”
– “Unfortunately I’m all by myself, I am Prince Lucas and i am on a quest to save my Kingdom. You seem to be needing some help”
– “Yes, everyone here has not slept yet because of the attacks last night. Some of the villagers got killed. Do you know what I’m talking about?”
– “I was only able to find out last night when i helped one family being attacked by a werewolf. Look at my wrist…”
– “Please stay! There is food! We can offer you shelter! Anything that you need. In return, helps us defend ourselves and everyone in the village.”
– “I guess its why i was able to get here.”

Everyone was delighted to see me. I was thinking that i shouldve convinced more the family that i was with last night. Im still worried that the other monsters might get to them, they have a baby! The village was very populous. Basing from their faces, they were thinking like theyre finally gonna get saved by a knight in shining armor. I overheared one of the villagers saying “He’s all alone, where are the others? If he gets killed tonight, ill have his armor”. One little boy aged 4 years old was having some time touching my armor in my leg side. His innocent smiling face amused me.  He was looking up to me while touching my armor following me around. I know i really have to stay and help this people. No one has slept yet. The night is one huge terror to these people for a few days now. And again, i shouldve convinced more the couple that i helped last night. They are not protected where they are. The place is called Tristram.

Its already morning but the sky seemed to be afraid of giving it’s shine. The air seemed to be too uncomforting with it’s chill. Its like the air blows for something that wants these people in deep misery. The clouds forewarns the danger that is to come several hours on its way to the darkness of night. It’s really not normal in Tristram. One old woman whom they all call ridden with spirits and speaks of things that they dont want to hear approached me saying “He has returned! It is why these hideous monsters are here. Everyone will die! Everyone!”. The people took her away from me. They wanted to put her in a cage but still they pitied her inspite of some crazy things she would do at times. Tristram is surrounded by thick trees. The air, when it blows at times. I can tell that behind those trees are watchful eyes. Observing everyone on the village. I can feel it.  Death is just there watching us everyone all day. I gave the men instructions to make more bows and arrows. The blacksmith was constructing more swords for them. Gather firewood and place pile of them all around the village, that way during the entire night there would be light to see anything that will attack us. I also concluded right away that the villagers will not be able to defend their village for so long. Everyone must evacuate so i was asking them as to where the next village is. They said that the next village was already completely destroyed and ravaged by monsters. The next one is far enough to reach on a month’s journey on foot, a perilous travel with the present danger. But there is a big chance to survice if the villagers will help everyone here. Now, that is the best choice that everyone has, including me. But for now, 3 hours left and we must make a stand. Most of the men are still sleeping. There are alot of little children. I have talked to the old people and we were calculating and estimating the best decision. Evacuate and then risk the voyage. Stay and then try miserably to defend the village. The village people are not warriors. They are farmers. And they have little ones that could suffer the most. In my mind, for now lets survive the night! Then tomorrow when daylight comes we all rest and sleep and then plan things out again. While we were talking we heared a spine tingling howl. There’s not just one but in our estimate 3. It sounded like a werewolf, the other howl was new to everyone. Everyone was awake already an hour before total darkness. Everyone was preparing. I was also able to see that my little boy friend was searching everywhere looking for me. He also made a bow and arrows. It was funny, he wanted me to use it.

In great desperation, i was thinking of burning down the trees but i think that may not solve the problem. And we also dont have oil to burn the entire forest surrounding the village. It will not be easy to burn one lively forest. It was already night time, everyone was hurrying up. I had them light up all the piles of firewood. And the creepy old woman spoke “They do not come from a woman’s womb. For if they do, they will have mercy. They recognize nothing but their hunger for human flesh. One knight is not going to make any difference. One man is never enough for them to be filled with their bellies. They come for us. They come to be fed. We are an enticing scent to them. The flesh of the little ones drives them crazy. Their tongues gets even more watery. We are not strong enough! You hear me knight? My words are true. And i speaketh not a lie…alot shall perish tonight…”. Then she follows up her talk with screams “GREAT MOURNING WILL COME TO THEE O VILLAGERS OF TRISTRAM! YOU ARE NOT STRONG ENOUGH!”. She was very annoying, i was thinking while wrapping up my hands with cloth…maybe i can throw her infront of the monsters when they start attacking us. I have set for one villager to the location of my horse in order to get my shield that morning but he hasnt come back yet. The mother of my little boy friend that made me a toy bow and arrow to use for the night came to me with a necklace. Its made of different kinds of stones. Her mother was so amused that his son wanted me to have it that night right away. She mentioned that her son kept on insisting and troubling her to get the necklace to me. He quarrels it with her mother to be of good luck for anyone that will wear it. And so i did wore the necklace. There were more or less 3 groups of 20s. I instructed them to stay real close to the fires. Im sure that the monsters dont like the light, their eyes are sensitive to it. Attack as one and avoid being left off.

A few hours after the cold chilling darkness nothing happened. But i was sure that there were creatures observing us already. I told one of the men to fire up a lighted arrow on the woods. Everyone got horrified when we all saw what the lighted arrow showed hiding and observing from the trees. And it moved with great speed to evade being entirely seen. It’s eyes were abominable and it’s face will surely put a woman out of her consciousness. I told them not to fire any lighted arrows anymore. The night is still long and we dont want the monsters to attack very early.

I was checking on the defenses that i was able to put up. I checked on the motion sensors and the lasers that when tripped it will activate the sentry guns. And of course my machine gun. I wish! I can recall now in that reality that theres an a$$hole there with me. But lets not get to that “play time session”. I will write this story as to how it really happened in one world.

We were waiting for the attack of the monsters but it seemed like forever. I figured the monsters are really not that brain dead after all. They were waiting for us to put our guards down. It was about 1030pm when we heared a scream! It was coming in the middle of the village. The village is not composed of poorly built houses. It is made of sturdy structures too. There is even  a church which would suggest that it is a well developed village. Everyone was alarmed but only those close by where the screaming is. “It took him! Help! The monster!”. We were not able to detect that a werewolf was able to sneak itself inside the village already and claimed its first prey and one of the villagers was able to witness how dominant it is in terms of speed and agility. It just jumped on a man like a playful little boy to its stuff toy and drag it away on a safer and secured place to do what he wanted with it! We were too late. The first casualty was gone. We alerted everyone. And at the same time, the monsters attacked! The villagers were taking turns sleeping. The ones that will sleep will be surrounded in the middle with the ones that will stay up. Everyone got up when they saw a tall hideous figure walk towards them with great confidence against their numbers! The fires were slowly revealing it’s hideous form and it first showed its pointed claws intended to rip anyone apart that will go against it.

“Everyone get up!!! They’re here!”. We have archers on the windows and on the top most part of the houses. It is as if just like my story which happened in one world wherein i became US Military Base Commander in my hometown, Sodom and Gomorrah Base. It’s what i would call “Happy Place”. The ambiance and the location is very well much like Tristram! LOL! The base was constructed in the mountains and we challenged all the Aswang or monsters to attack us. The walls were 30 feet high and the ground from above was pitch black dark and when we lighted it up, there were more or less 100 of monsters crawling towards us. One was already climbing up on the wall to where i am and i stabbed him with my knife when it startled me on his way up, he brought my knife with him on the way down to the ground. Everyone in the City of Silay became monsters after the 5 day Super Typhoon. And a German supplied a truck load of food to feed everyone for two weeks. The food in styrophore packaging was made delicious by the red powder that can turn a human into an Aswang or a monster.  So just imagine one town whose inhabitants are all monsters! To think that the airport is in there too. And of course the Live Trial that put me on a frying pan when i gave the order to gun down 20 little children that attacked the base and were actually monsters and only one survived at the hospital. It’s tiresome to write all about that story again, it’s one complicated plot. 🙂

So anyway, continuing on in Tristram. The monster that walked confidently was 11 feet tall. Its skin is black and very musculine. It was opening it’s hands to intentionally reveal it’s number one asset in killing, its pointed sharp claws. And its face, it has gleaming red eyes, sharp fangs and its hair doesnt look like normal hair. Arrows dont seem to affect it. It just took it the arrows off it’s skin like its nothing. One man went at it first with his word but the monster just took him by the neck and showed to everyone how powerful it is by holding the man in his right hand whose in my estimation is 180lbs. He laughed with his gesture of dominance. And slowly the man lost his breath of life. His left hand with sharp claws ripped open the man’s chest to take out its beating heart and ate it infront of everyone. Everyone froze! The archers were not firing at it anymore. After the monster was done eating the man’s heart, he threw the deadman to everyone and ran towards them! I just arrived from running where the werewolf took it’s victim. And in great timing i got to them while the monster was eating the man’s heart. It was a terrifying scene to see something showing how helpless you will be to him and that something is not like you. When the monster ran to the men with swords, everyone dispersed. I ran to them too to help them. They are not warriors but farmers. One of them got grabbed and was bitten in the neck. Another one tried to hack it from behind by the monster was able to detect him and threw him off afar with just one sway of his left arm. Just as after he threw the man several feet away, i got behind the monster too and challenged him.

“Hey! Theyre no match for you! Face me!”.  A monster only has two things in his mind. Since he knows you are only human, he thinks he is more dominant in speed, agility and strength. You can put that also into your advantage. Second, it does expect to be defeated by a human. Face to face, it will surely attack first. Secure you ground and surroundings make sure that nothing within 10 feet will affect your movements and maneuvers like boulders of stones or huge branches of trees that can trip you to the ground. A monster will always attack on the left. It has a trajectory, all monsters have the same trajectory. Always on the left! The monster’s left! But regardless of its trajectory one major factor of getting the upper hand is to stay calm and stay low when you engage the monster. The monster attacked by moving fast forward with its claws, i sidestepped to hack it’s  left arm which was more distant to how i was able to move. But it was very agile and swayed right away to his right. It got really infuriated. And ran to me forward with great speed, i was not able to hack it and he hit me in the chest with its fist, i was thrown away more or less 15 ft from the monster. No one helped me. Everyone was terrified. I was trying to recover. The armor sounded real loud with the force of the monster’s fist. The other archers started to shoot at it first but it seemed useless. I hurried to get up and grab my sword which was a few feet away from me. I stepped up on a huge branch of tree to jump on the monster in order to make my attack . The others were just watching in great fear. Several feet from my jump i was still not able to hit the monster, it was close and my sword struck the ground. I was low and the monster hurried to me with his right fist on me again, from there i moved forward to thrust  its stomach and was able to do it but its skin was real thick and i dont think i hit any organ. But the monster was affected. Still it wrestled me. We were on a fist fight on the ground. Its wound was spewing out blood and it hurt him when i ripped it more opened. I crawled to my sword and the monster hurried on me. It was not expecting me to do as what i did when i cut off its right hand. Crawling, i unexpectedly turned around with my dagger and cut off the monster’s right hand. It didnt scream in pain. And i was able to grab my sword again. This time it was somehow weak. I was looking around to see my grounds. The monster was suspecting of whats in my mind and it grinned even in the realization that i have the greater advantage. Out of desperation, i think thats how it is. The monster jumped real high on the air with his left claws to slash me. 15 feet above the ground to my estimation, the monster was going to rip through my armor and on to my chest. I side stepped on the right to slash his right stomach and it fell on its knees. I put myself behind it following my motion in side steping to the monster’s right. And from behind i was able to thrust my sword behind the monster and my sword came out of its chest making it’s way through his heart. Catching my breath, i left my sword in the monsters body. If there were others, it shouldve backed him up. For all monsters can not help it when it’s kind will fall short in survival during a battle, they will help each other. See for example, a fox. One will always help the other. Even if earlier it had a food fight, when the other gets on territorial battle with another beast, a fox will always lend a claw with another!

There were alot of screaming and growling that night. I hurried to take out my sword out of the huge monster’s body when 3 more black hairy monsters which of a different kind ran towards the village. The arrows were affecting them but not enough to put them down. The other men were able to have the heart to face them. Two against one, they faced the monster. I tried to give them inspiration. “Fight for your little ones and for everything that you have in this village! It is better that you die fighting than live to see everything fall to death!”.  More attacked, we ran through were the screams are. We also discovered that the light on the fires really does affect the monsters. It affects their vision! In darkness, the monster which would resemble the one that i killed by only standing 5 feet tall and hair, has no claws but only pointed sharp teeth are more agile and energetic in the dark. So put up fires even inside the village. The fires were only all around the village and there were still dark spots. I was suspecting that the werewolf earlier jumped off unsuspectedly from the tree to one roof and claimed its victims. 10 more attacked us. Others were bigger. I told them all to stay within the light of the fires. No werewolves were on sight yet.3 hours after the first attack that lasted for 2 hours, there was calm. Surely, the monsters were trying us. How we move. How we respond. And our weapons. And where we are.

The thick forest. If only we have oil, we can set it on fire but the villagers doesnt want it gone too for their livelihood comes from the forest. Everyone’s bread and butter is the forest and now it is where death lurks and hides in great numbers conniving to everyone’s demise. And its not going to stop. “WE DIE FIGHTING! WE DIE FIRST BEFORE OUR WIVES AND OUR CHILDREN!”.  That is what i was trying to motivate all the men. They are sore afraid. This is their first time but they know im right and theyre trying miserably to level with everything thats been happening. The horrors thats been happening now is not what they were living for. I can see that none of them was able to foresee this night. No one was prepared for this night. A night of terror from the forest. And the monsters has claimed alot of lives. The men, the husbands, brothers and sons of the village, i pitied them all. I can see from their faces the misery of the night, although theyre not willing to give up, theyre not willing to die too.


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