Gabriel Van Helsing

We are the men and women of The Patriot Program. We are Time Travellers on each world governed by The Union of Kings. This is the reality that have transpired in this world few years ago. Or so i think it is basing on what i am allowed to recall. For recalling every second of each detail  will cost you anxiety. This is the story of how i got the boy who is in my estimation is 4 years of age. Straight blonde hair and real innocent with his talk. And has no complete idea of who he is. The direct descendant of The Impaler, Vlad Tepesh. And he calls me “Mr. Mark”.  The little cute boy was accompanied by an old priest. The boy in which i can not name here came from the bloodline of the Walachian Prince and from his Great and ancient grandfather flows in him the blood of the entity that once ruled supreme in power unknown to everyone in civilization in this world. And on some scary prophecy, in the future, civilization will be overruled by the Walachian Prince himself. He wants to possess the boy.

It was morning, i woke up early. And just like all other missions from The Patriot Program after being inserted on the time line and with the consciousness predetermined on the mission, i was debriefed. I have my clothes and my Katana. Its cold in Britain. I am renting a small apartment. I have directions. I know where to go. I have the address. A little boy and a priest, an old priest. While walking i was given the direction on which way to turn and on what to avoid. It’s the voice of my son in the facility! Then just as he stated it. I will be able to see an old priest in his attire and on his right a little blonde boy on his right. When i first saw them, i observed them and everything around them. I was wearing black pants and white upper attire with black coat that would hide my katana in my left side. The old priest looks very worried. He utterly seemed not so sure about what hes going to do. I can tell, he wants to leave the boy. Hes upset about the situation. But the poor boy, he was just sitting there and have no care on the world. He made me smile, he made me recall my little son back in the Philippines wherein i am currently being replaced temporarily. I said im not going to wait for the priest to leave the boy, i will be needing him too. “Whatever the cost, dont let the boy get to France…and youll be needing the priest”. Thats what i was hearing, my son.

After half an hour, the boy and the priest was not moving from where they were. I approached them and introduced myself. I used my name Mark. The priest was frequently on the phone and seemed to be in an argument with someone. He got upset when i offered help. When i approached him i told him that i know the situation and i can help them. But the priest pretended to be not having a bad day. I kept insisting that i can help him. He kept pretending that everything is ok and that he doesnt need help. So i let them be. And for the next 20 minutes or so, the Priest was still on the same spot together with the cute boy. He doesnt know what to do. And just as like i told him, he will be needing my help. Three thugs came to him to rob him. The helpless Priest was really helpless. Thats where i came back in and proved to him that he needs me.

And about Time Travelling? Last October i was also travelling from Negros to somewhere else too. 🙂

Going back, the priest and I planned things together. The boy must be sent to a safe place. I told him that these thugs are nothing compared to the ones that will go after the boy so we must hurry and leave any baggage behind. We have a plan. We have a destination. I introduced myself to the boy too. I touched his head and he looked up to me. The way i see the boy, he has no complete idea of what and who is running his life and where its going to. I can tell, he knows hes different from other little boys. And his heart aches for that fact. His eyes longs for answers. I can also tell that hes planning to ask me alot of questions. He was not speaking any word out of his mouth yet. I can feel the boy’s pain. Now the priest is on a different mood, awhile ago he was good with his acting just awhile ago talking “What are you talking about? We dont need help! Who are you? ”  He was pretending to be talking to a crazy man. Now the Priest is asking about how sure am i and who will be there and what guarantee of this and that. From the things he was asking me, damn it, he was planning to leave the poor boy whose not talking any word out of his mouth if i wasnt there for them. Breaks my heart every time i recall the boy’s face the first time we met.

This is what happened as far as i can recall it. We were in a hurry. Its almost noon and we shouldn’t be bringing any baggage with us. I know why the priest was planning or having minds to leave and abandon the boy. There is something that he fears about the boy. We were on a hurry because were on the wrong train station! And the train station that were supposed to be in is an hour and a half taxi ride because of the traffic. What im worried is that the schedule of the train departure on the other station may not be in the luxury of the light of the sun. That I was hoping to be not true while walking in a hurry carrying the boy and i have to force the priest to leave his baggage behind! He was so hard headed.

When we were inside the taxi, he noticed the sword. It’s almost 12 noon. There’s much time ahead of us. Surely, theres a train leaving to where we should go before night fall. We should be out of the city before night fall. Sitting down on the taxi, closing my eyes and trying to relax, i was thinking that well just get to the train and leave before night fall. I asked the boy’s name. Dont want to ask him alot of things. I know, I shouldnt ask him about school, about friends, about relatives and most of all i shouldnt ask him about his mother or his father. I can see that from his eyes.  This boy is even more different and a tragic situation than “Danny Ketch”. I can not recall much but the priest wanted to reassure himself, why am i helping them? Im not sure but if he really did ask me that question i will tell him one thing, I am from the Temple of Light. And I will help. I was optimistic, well just get to the train before dark. It’s fast enough. There are no flat tires! Its a damn train! Maybe i can even sleep. Get a nice tea… That was what i was thinking. And maybe talk to the boy im fond of caressing his blonde head and seems to be having no problem with it. The Priest warned me not to talk about his mother by the way. He was very soft spoken.

It was 230pm when we got to the train station. I cant believe it. Schedule says on the board that the train leaving to our destination is at exactly 2pm. And were just 10 minutes late! Damn it. The train even got delayed for 20 minutes, it left at 220pm. The next departure… 730pm! When i saw those texts with its uncomforting detail, i looked at the boy. I tried to think of ways, i talked to the guy at the ticket booth if there are other ways for us to get to our destination before night time. He mentioned that actually there is! And its 8 hour drive from where we are. Despair, thats what i was feeling back then. Why? Because i know the situation more than the priest. What he fears about the boy is far more worse than ive seen and know of and night time will not be pleasant scene for the 3 of us. Maybe we can board a train first and get to a different location? We were planning, thinking and trying to see if we can get out of the city fast before night fall. We cant take the plane, weve got no passports.I was actually planning to hijack a chopper but thats not really a good idea if you want to leave without anyone knowing where you want to go and not everyone chasing you. We sat on the bench and we ate. The boy was still not saying a word not unless we talk to him. The sun, its shine is the most luxurious thing that afternoon. Im just hoping that im wrong and things may not go as i foresee it. How far will i go? I dont know them. The boy is nobody to me. The world is a corrupted place of selfish people, turned black by the very evil that’s after the boy. So i was thinking that maybe the priest still sees me a a common. Im not sure of the exact words i told the priest while on the bench waiting for time and day light pass us by. But i would tell him that the boy reminds me of my son and i will finish what i have set out on this mission. The boy is my responsibility. Finally we lost words of talking. The boy took a nap. I was thinking deeply. Armed only with a katana, i know i dont need a gun. The ones that will be after the boy doesn’t need a gun too. They dont use guns. Guns will expose their existence and their activity. They prowl the night in Britain with the cover of dark and the excuse of an ordinary crime for their hideous motives. They remain covert and are experts on it. There will be no guns, im sure of it.  We can get to a crowded place. But that will not change anything, trust me on that. They can hypnotize and control people. It will be more worse. I don’t want to hack possessed people. We can steal a car and go on a land trip. But the enemy that we are up against are very well organized and very well much connected with everything. They know places, they know people and they know where to go first in order to get there in a shortest fastest time. Stealing a car will not get you far, Britain is not like the Philippines. You will get tracked right away. We need to get out of the city in the fastest time.

Sitting down on the bench, the boy was lying and taking a nap. I can foresee horrible things in my mind of what will happen to the boy. Maybe theyll just kill him and make sure he doesnt get used by us. Or they will really preserve him as a human until the day of the ritual to turn him into the supreme power of the undead. Possessed by his great, great, great grandfather! I was thinking deeply. Then i recalled this situation wherein we got no choice, theres no other way. You have to face the devil. I recalled that moment and here it is again something like that. And how i wish i can make a phone call on those guys and give them my location so they can get to me. But this is all me. This is not about guns and grenades.  This is just about a little boy, a helpless pitiful boy who i feel has no care at all of the situation. I can see that in his eyes. That thought of the ones that made him like that is what inspired me. If night time falls and we have to make a stand, then so be it. Theres no other way out but the train. I took out my sword, i unsheathed it and showed its blade 2 inches out of its scabbard, then i look at the boy sleeping…the sword is ready, the only lacking thing is the man that needs to be ready in order to wield it. The blade and the man that will wield the sword is what’s going to save the boy. It will be the boy’s salvation. I also noticed that the priest got a bit worried when i took my sword out, he opened his eyes from sleeping. They were on my left. None of us two was uttering the word that people in most countries would make fun and joke about, Vampires! Not a word, its funny when i think about it now. When the priest woke up from a seemingly sleeping state on the bench with the boy between us and saw me with my sword on my hands, he asked me right away “What are you planning to do?”. I responded “Kill them all…”. The priest kept talking “…they are faster than you are, more stronger…i have seen one.”. I replied “I will do all that i can to protect the boy with my life, it is why im here…”

430pm. I tried to close my eyes, tried to relax too. I know i have to clear my mind. Maybe i can think of another alternative. I can also recall that the priest asked me when i said that i will protect the boy with my life, he also asked what about his! 🙂

Night time…In my mind, maybe there will be alot of passengers. Not just us. But what the hell. Seems like theres no one else in the world but me, The old priest who doesnt want to leave his baggage and the poor cute little boy. Theres no other passenger thats going to take the train but the tree of us. Were all just sitting there, the lights are on. The train should be here in about 40 minutes now or maybe 30. Father and I were just silent and sitting down normal with the boy. Let them come…well just sit here and wait for the train. Damn it, theres still no other passengers but us. This seems too impossible. I dont want to leave them both and go out at the entrance and see whats up because this just feels so odd. There are no other passengers but us. Then suddenly Father and I heared footsteps. The boy doesnt care, the priest looked tensed. It could be a passenger waiting for the train too. The guy was wearing a coat too. Its cold! Hes early 20s and looked thin. Stood just infront of the tracks with his hands on the pockets of his jacket and not putting the hood on, dark pants. He walked from a distance and made his way slowly to us, calmly, infront of us facing the tracks, he spoke “Waiting…were always waiting…you always have to wait…It’s tiresome dont you think?”

Father was about to speak to the guy but he cut him off the first word “You know it would be easy if you just hand him over to us! Saves you alot of trouble, dont you think? What is he to you anyway?”.I looked all around us first while securing my right hand on my katana situated on the left side of my long jacket. Seems like theres no one else there and no corners near us in the bench that anyone can hide himself then i answered him right away. “You know what? It would be more easier if you come here and kneel with your head so i can cut it off from your body right away.” I took out my sword and unsheated it out of the scabbard before i finished saying those words and got up. Father secured the boy just as i told him to. The damn vampire was fast, i was not able to hack it right away, it was able to move real quick. It was good in evading my strikes. It was real fast. But that night was his time for his soul to get teleported to to the Penitentiary Planet! I killed it. Father and the boy was several feet away from me. I looked back where they are and the boy was hugging the priest real tight while the priest was covering his eyes from whats happening. Then things got worse, we heared alot of screaming and yells, more footsteps and noises. They want us to get scared, they made noises! The Vampires were youngsters! They were banging the bars, the trash can coverings on the walls, everything! It was very noisy! They were after the boy, the poor boy was covering his ears and crying real hard. Father was doing everything to protect the boy covering him with his entirety, covering his ears! I got infuriated with what they were doing and started to call them out. Demons, thats how they play. First they will try to get inside your head. They will try to break your spirit. Thats how you get weak and uninspired. That’s how you will doubt, that is why you will fall dead.

Theyre laughter and mockery overwhelmed the entire station. Theyre like Gods speaking to you in full dominance. But i know, while one of them is bragging the others are positioning for the kill, i was signalling Father not to move from where they are. The boy was real scared and Father was holding him real tight. I was estimating, 5 of them.


One by one and then by two, One came from above the other on the side. The others followed after the other got dead. I will not put in detail how i killed them just like how i killed monsters 2 months ago too. 🙂

And guess what! Father was right! He’s right for bringing the baggage! You see, from where the bench is, theres no trash can or anything else that you can use to throw or defend yourself with! I ended up on the ground when the last Vampire wrestled me, he was very strong. He was close to my neck then the priest slammed his baggage on his head! The baggage was very useful! And just as realizing what had happened and looking around, we sensed the train coming! Salvation! We boarded the train right away! We ran to get to it. It didnt stop for more. Were the only passengers from that station. And where also the only ones on the train! We were catching our breaths… we  really believed were going out ok now and no more trouble. But then, I was wrong again.I cant recall too much of what i did inside that train except that there were vampires on board there too already. And after killing them, i did something. Something that i thought would cost my life. There was no other way. But God The Father was with us three. A miracle happened. I cant recall what that was but when Father opened the door to where i am, he was surprised to still see me standing. The train somehow became unstoppable. The vampires did something to it. That was the only way to stop it from crashing.

When we got off the train, Father was making calls. We were going to be picked up! I pitied the poor boy, we were walking beside the road and he was disgusted and surprised us when he spoke “I dont care! They can kill me if they want! I dont care at all! I dont care if i die! Im not afraid to die!”. We tried to comfort him. I can recall when we were talking after men took us, i tried to avoid not talking about his mother. But he brought her up himself out of the blue. He was calm when he was talking about his mom. He said he was just almost a year. Two men came to their home. He cant recall a father. Those two men made her mother cry. One of them bit his mom in her neck infront of him. In that innocent age, he was made to see his mother get killed by a vampire. His mother begged for his life. Slowly, he mentioned how his mother closed her eyes infront of him while being bitten. That moment haunted him in his dreams. Sometimes it would wake him up at night. Then i mentioned my son and daughter that i left back home thats why i cant stay longer. They too need me. The last time i recalled, he asked me if he can call me dad. That’s were i saw him make a smile.

That’s what happened in the mission from The Patriot Program that lasted for almost 48 hours only in The U.K.

Realized something there too, the Vampires killed the operator and they damaged the train making it unstoppable to crash! If the boy is going to become their God someday…HOW COME THEY PLANNED TO KILL HIM?

But this is just a story… This is just the same with the story of Diablo, it’s about the boy. The boy in the story before this was the reason as to why they were attacking the village. Her mother was not able to fend off the monsters, the boy got taken away. Then theres another boy again that got entangled with me and the Huntress, we thought we can have him tag along with us but he ended up getting eaten.

Gabriel Van Helsing… sounds better than other people having their own story with the title “King Lunatic at The Human Meat Butcher House in the Mountains”.

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