The Big House At The Mountains

This is the story several years ago with my bestfriend, my cousin. This is the account of how we ended up real stupid at The Big House At The Mountains. I was scouring in my mind what i can still recall from this world and there but why go any further but from here. This is as far as i can recall that day when my cousin took me to his Big House At The Mountains. He said it’s his! Well he found it. I think, Finder’s Keepers!

I just came back far from home or maybe i was just out of town for a while. Cant recall too much but it all started one optimistic morning with my cousin whose almost of the same age with me. He was very excited! Very optimistic! He said ive got to see this house that hes got in the mountains. He said it’s his and his got alot of plans for it. So we drove there in his car, it was white. On the way to the mountains were talking about some girls that we used to know. Then i mentioned one girl of his in the past he said “…what!? No way man! Shes not the one im going to take up there and live my life with until i die…oh no!Are you serious? I mean, is Oprah Winfrey serious?Are you Oprah Winfrey serious?”. Its just funny how he talked about her coz her parents told me that the church bells are going to sound with her infront of the altar. So i was thinking, oh no…dont tell me youre going to hire a gun man someday and have her shot. He talked about some of the girls that i used to know too, he mentioned one of them that became his gf too when i was gone for a while. Anyway, so he drove and talked a lot. I guess maybe he really did bought a house. Dont recall much of what weve been talking on the way up there but it was mostly about girls in the past and hes got one fixed in his mind in that very nice, livable, peaceful, serene, heaven-like, Big House At The Mountains. It took us over half an hour to get there. He drove fast by the way. He parked the car securedly then we took a walk. His beautiful dream house is in the middle of the woods. But the location looks real nice, makes me recall about werewolves!

The woods then the cool fresh feeling, it was perfect. Then there it is…The Big House At The Mountains! Wow! The place looks real tranquil. No one around to make some noise pollution. Makes me wonder too if he ever thought of some of the family’s business disputes with other clans.  But it was nice. We went behind the house first, he showed me alot. The house was painted white. From the looks of it, it was really big. Two storey and you can see two big windows above and two below, then the door. The curtains looks old and unwashed, i can tell. He said it’s his. The Big House. No fences too!

He was bragging about his girlfriend when he showed the house to me. On the right, theres a huge rock almost as tall as the house. When we got inside, you can feel it. So i asked him who used to live here? He said nobody. Its his! The feeling was really different. Dont think he felt it, he was very excited showing me around. You see, its like when you see a room empty, you can compare it to a crowded room like in an office. You feel it, you close your eyes inside and you will feel that its crowded. Try closing your eyes on the same office once it is emptied. Compare the feeling! In that very peaceful looking house that my cousin was so excited about showing me around, it never felt empty the first time i set foot on it.  From the door your can see the living room and the way in is just on the right. The furnitures were not that much  and there were still portaits and frames hanging. Its used, old and i can feel it real imminent, were not alone in the living room. Something in my head whispered “GET OUT”. It was faint but it was clear. Started to ask him how much he paid for the house. My cousin kept changing the topic. But straight to the door where im standing at the end of the wall, there seems to be something there too that doesnt want us inside. Anyway we roamed around. He showed me everywhere. From the dark ends up to everywhere else. At the kitchen there was something there that made my skin crawl, i dont know what but when he started to open some cabinets and the cupboard some force kinda like went closer to us and i felt it. Kept asking him how much he paid for the house and who owned it first but he was very good with the showing around thing and shifting the topic. The curtains were still there on the windows, looks real used.  When we started to leave the kitchen some dark shadow at the corner became real visible to me near the cupboards where he was scouring for who knows what just several seconds ago! He continued to show me around we went inside this room! That’s where things got real weird, the air suddenly went real cold!

My cousin got real annoyed with all my asking on how much he bought the house for. “…stop asking me how much i bought the house man! no one owns it! This is mine! Ok? Now lets take a look in here!”. From there, i was suspecting that it was also his first time to get inside the house. I was observing him, it seemed like he hasnt really been there yet. No one has showed me the place yet and he just took me there so he can take a look at his find too. Were almost 15 minutes inside the house and it’s really starting to get real creepy now. I can see the shadow following us. It was daylight so i decided to open the windows for the light to hit the dark spots. And there it is…the shadow still watching us from a distance. At first i though maybe it was just our shadow. But it was just right there standing like a statue and not moving. And theres my cousin too, explaining this and that. opening there and here like he really owns the God damn cursed place. He really didnt bought the house. This is also his first time to get there. I really thought the dark shadow thing was just one of us. Against the light i moved my right arm. And the shadow’s not moving. In my mind “Oh shit man im gonna kick your ass if that’s not your shadow…”. So i took my cousin near the window, dont want to tell him whats happening yet or else hell freak out. I can jump off the window, hell thats what ive been doing for several months before i went home! Made my cousin move his right arm to see if it’s his shadow because the shadow seemed to be moving too when were moving. He got annoyed again as to why i want him to move his right arm up and down. Well anyway, he did it anyway, moved his arm up and down silly and when i slowly looked to where the weird shadow is… in my mind… “Oh you stupid idiot…you didnt buy this house…”. After moving his arm up and down he hurried again inside the other room real annoyed of me and still talking alot! I wanted to let him know but hes just too busy with his house and his plans for it. His so called  owned house, the house where hes going to turn into some kind of a love nest. Well God damn it, its not a love nest, its a horror house! I dont want to alarm him yet but there he is opening here and there. Looking down and above the bed. Inspecting the sheets and opening the closets. Talking about his plans on the house, he was nonstop with his talk. Paint job, new furnitures, the interior decorator that used to be my girlfriend. In which by the way, i recalled something important bout her too. But that didnt put me out of the scare yet. The next thing we need now is the other bad feeling that i got downstairs joining the shadowy thing with us on the 2nd floor. I cant butt in, i dont know why but hes just too busy with himself. Then there it is again, the shadowy thing just appeared on the other side. And now the other bad feeling from downstairs at the living room appeared too at the other end of the room! That’s were i got really worried. The window that i opened just awhile ago slammed close. So did the closet that my cousin opened! But for him it was nothing. That’s where i was able to go up to him and confront him.

“You didnt  buy this house! Theres something in here damn it! We have got to leave now!”. But he’s just too relentless for his bride to be and all his plans. His love nest! He got annoyed with me and we quarelled and i saw the shadowy thing slowly getting closer to us, real slow. He was whining in my face while my eyes widened at the scene on my left. Then the wind suddenly just  blew real hard! And we heared  the voice of a woman! “GET OUT OF HERE! THIS IS OUR HOME! GET OUT!”. Oh man! My cousin freaked out real bad! He screamed and ran real fast downstairs! But it was not that easy getting out! The Shadowy thing talked too… My cousin was not there with me when it talked to me. “This our house! You dont have the right to live here! You will regret it!”. It was a voice of a man, an old man. I reasoned with him, told him that my cousin made a mistake and were not going to take away the house from them. Told him were sorry while i can hear my cousin all freaking downstaits shouting like a horror movie. If he was asthmatic, i dont think hell make it down the mountains alive. “Oh My God!Oh My God! Ahhhh!!!!!Ahhhh!!!!!Ahhhh!!!!! “.  I thought he was being wrestled by the other one below but when i found him he was in one corner and sitting on the ground screaming like the worsest hell of his life! Took him up but he just wouldnt go with me first. I know why, i can feel the other just behind me but i tried to ignore it. He just wouldnt get up from screaming. My cousin was totally horrified, dont know maybe he pissed his pants. He was so pale and crying. It went on for a while before he eased out. He was there for more than 20 minutes before he got up. I guess he can see the shadowy thing behind me and he just wouldnt get up covering himself!Shivering and real cold  stopped yelling out and got up. I assisted him in getting out of the house. On our way out, i told them that were sorry and were not coming back.

I drove on our way home…My cousin’s in a state of shock not uttering a single word.

In the parallel world, nothing scary happened when we got there. What happened was the daughter of the couple that used to live in the house arrived on the same day and found us inside. She demanded that the house belongs to her parents and showed us her papers. She was beautiful too!

Werewolves… Their habitat are in the beautifully situated and serene woods setting. Here in the Philippines they are only a laughing matter just like an “Aswang”. Then some would say, Is there really an Aswang? I dont know? Maybe you should ask carriage drivers back where i used to live a year and a half ago. And walking talking, screwing demon statue too making people go crazy!

Why take out Resident Evil story? Ive written that story two times already and its going to be the 3rd time now again in this blog. Its too tiresome. Guess what, later on i dropped the Senator on the same mall. lol!Tricked her into going there on a chopper! She was already infected when her soldiers rescued her after 6 days. She infected everyone when they got to Manila. I was overshadowed in Manila by guess who, the sexy chick with two guns in her hands.

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