Aswang Vs. Predator

This is in continuation of my blog of the same name Aswang Vs. Predator

I got 3 men, I am Lt. Major of the AFP team. Were out of the mission already and investigation is almost done but i dont want to get back to the base. Im having a bad feeling that if we go back, it will not be good for me. They took a sorcerer to look into the mysterious death of one huge bellied Commander who knows nothing but drown himself in alcohol but get paid more than we do whose always in the field. Capture the Rebel Leader! Majority of us wants out of the base too. Only one doesnt care. Pyschological preparedness, its going to be different now because were not there to capture someone in the first place. When we took the chopper were just there to investigate but here we are now getting ready to set on a new self imposed mission for my team. Capture the Rebel leader whose oppressing the village and we will get our transfer papers! We reassessed our arms and ammos. It’s not enough so everything from that constraints, i will base our gameplay. Theres going to be a problem with our food during the duration of our hunt for the Rebel Leader but i think we can just remedy that. I was positive that we can capture him! Or im dead back in the base but then again, im not someone that’s gonna go out with both hands on the air, trust me on that.

The Muslim woman and the others on the village gave us intel and everything that we need to get the Rebel Leader. After so much debate between me and my men we were able to formulate a plan. We were told that the Rebel Leader is always in this village because he has a wife there. A four man raid, Rebel Leaders dont usually go in a group. They know they can be easily detected that way. In a disguise they will get to their loved ones all by themselves or with a young companion. The young man that we get to know and hired was able to get us places. He told us that people like him are slippery not because he’s good with his disguise or hes with alot of men always. He said he can pass by infront of you without getting noticed. Hes good with “orasyon” or spells.  So the guy made me promise that we will help him get a job, if i do then he will help us capture the Rebel Leader. He said he knows a way that we will get our hands on him. He made me swear. The guy wanted a deal. So ok, maybe well need someone to clean things back in other bases or just a janitor, ill find a way. Then i said ok. I made a deal with our asset!

So stayed far from the village first. He suggested to go in first to check if he is there. And just as expected, he was there! It was afternoon. People are afraid of him, everyone in the village must give his wife special attention and recognition. He often shouts at them. So we already have our confirmation. The target is in the area. We were all excited, there are no men with him. Just him! So i formulated a plan as suggested also with our asset. He said once a soldier gets close to him, he will know and he will surely ran off. He said we will be able to see him but theres no way he can prevent him not making us detectable. I put one of men in the right and other on the left side of the village. I positioned myself on the far end to the forest. I made one of us go all by himself to where the house of the Rebel Leader’s wife is. He was not yet close to the house but one of my men saw him running out jumping off the window already and so the chase began. He was very elusive and eventually, his running got to where i am because the forest will become his salvation. And i was there, all together we were able to corner the Rebel Leader! We tied him up. He was speaking some words we dont understand. Now the funny part is that our asset told us that once he gets caught, his men will automatically find out and will go after him. And hes got men from all over the location of the mountain area that we are in. Now he tells us. He suggested not to engage but to just evade and there is a huge possibility that we can get out alive with him. The Rebel Leader was laughing at us mocking us in his own tongue.

We looked at the map. We are also aware of the locations as to where most Rebel Muslims would locate themselves, areas in which they are most often spotted with civilians. We have a planned route but our asset told us that we shouldnt stop for a rest. He said, hes got nothing left behind so he is risking everything with us. One of my men got annoyed with the Rebel Leader and hit him. We have no choice but to take the most difficult part of the mountains. Then a radio call that made the situation even more complicated especially for me! “Putang Ina ka! Putang Ina ka! Humanda ka! Ikaw ang Pumatay Putang ina ka! Bumalik ka dito putang ina ka!”. All that loud mouthed talked from one of the drunkard high ranking officers back at the base was clear to all of us. I told them right away that if i hadnt done it, we would not be in this mission! We will be in a suicide cooked up mission by them! And now here it is! The Rebel Leader is our chance and we have to get out of the jungle with him!

We took food in the village. Everyone in the village was very pleased! There was one old man there who went to us and did something while raising his hands! Everyone was delighted! We asked for food!On our way to our route our asset was good! Real good! He’s our “Human Enemy Detector”.  He told us all to stop and go down. It was several minutes before we saw a band of men getting close to where we are and they are heavily armed! They were coming from higher grounds. Dont know maybe if we went further they would have spotted us first. We blindfolded our captured guy and gagged him. From there, things were in favor to us. We ambushed the rebels. There were almost 10 of them! It was not difficult. We hurried even more after the ambush, were sure that some civilians might be close by and they could get to some of the rebels in pursuit of us. I estimated our food to go for more than 24 hours. We tried to radio on other units but there was no answer. So we moved along to the thickest part of the jungle. Inside the jungle again, our asset told us to go down again. We were on higher grounds and we didnt know that just few feet down below and covered by banana tree leaves are more than 10 men with automatic rifles, one of them was carrying a heavy artillery. We were all on the ground. Our asset us like sensing everything then all of the sudden the noisy men down below went silent. Our asset panicked and told me “Unahan nyo na! Unahan nyo na! Alam na nila!”. We didnt know that the men below was positioning slowly to get to a more favorable location to rain hell at us. And so when we fired at them, some where already aiming at our location! It was different now. It was still supposed to be an ambush again but it didnt! There were explosions from the rebels now. Luckily all of us survived! None got hit by a bullet! While walking away again we all had the same conclusion… “…sinuwerte lang yata tayo sir! Kitang kita ko na talaga kanina nakatutok na sakin yung isa ng lumabas yung mukha ko para tumingin sa baba at parang hindi missed shot yun. Nakascope yun sir!”. He didnt mention the 6 grenade explosions from their grenade launchers!

Our asset was worried. He said we may not get out of the jungle yet today. He suggested that we make a stop for it. He suggested that we make the rebel leader wear our uniform! From our original path to getting out of the jungle on the way near one village our asset told us that it is not a good idea. He made us take a more further route. This time were not doubting him. Hes always right. It was night time. Were all very tired. Our asset told me that sleeping is not going to be a good idea and that we really have to get moving. Hes very worried but hes also tired. I asked him what’s the best thing now, i will follow it. Sleep? or we start talking again. Which way to survival is the way well take. He asked me if we can just kill the Rebel Leader then carry him out of the jungle. But that can not happen, hes going to answer a lot of questions back at the base.
It was a bad idea. I guess our asset was also tired though he was worried sick. He knows that our captive’s men will not stop. He kept suggesting that we kill the guy. We were all tired. We were running that afternoon. And it was almost 10pm. I was planning to wake them all up after 2 hours but i guess the ambiance of the cold relaxing air caught me too. Then all of the sudden, our asset woke me up and real worried sick! I know what it is now. We all got alarmed. Our captured Rebel Leader didnt sleep. His eyes were all wide awake! There were men surrounding us. Now its not just more or less 10 but from all their shouting and all their chanting, from all their battle cry surrounding us, id say there more than 20 now. It’s almost pitch black. Told them all not to open fire even if they do. Make them all do their thing first then after their done, throw grenades and we will secure one side then get to the other. We were well hidden by the big roots of the trees. They were shouting in an arabian dialect that we cant understand. Same thing in Afghanistan, that’s what they did once when they tried to take over an outpost, they didnt know that the lonely outpost had a gatling gun that’s due to be taken out on the next day, and theyre on perfect timing!

While they were all raining down bullets at us, i instructed them not to fire back but instead try to see where everyone on the left is. We will take that area. We take the left first then well try to take the right from the left. And slowly we will take advantage of the darkness to get closer to all the rebels firing at us on the left side. And that’s how we were able to take over the left side infront of us and we left the rebel leader and our asset all by themselves! Now were on the other side! The others on the right side ran back. The rebels saw that we have abandoned our captive and our asset. They took him and untied him! He laughed at us! Then he took our asset and stabbed him then beheaded him! They were all laughing at us with our assets head. Then out of nowhere the rebel leader elevated from the ground with some force behind him! There was just one man with him and he ran off in horror. What elevated the rebel leader from the ground was a stab from behind using a huge blade from an unseen force! And slowly, the unseen force showed itself! And all our eyes widened on the scene! The being resembled that of the movie! And he shouted in full challenge to everyone raising the rebel leader even more higher!

Standing more than 6 feet and having the same human structure, hands and legs. But it screamed like an animal that roared all over the dark night. It was visible. It’s face was covered with a mask. A mask that was  very familiar. But we dont dare stay more longer, it was challenging all of us including the rebels, it was roaring making it’s statement that it is dominant, more powerful than us while raising the impaled body of the Rebel Leader. I told me men to run! And it was really very clear to me even from now. My steps werent more than 7 steps yet but we already heared all the rebels shouting in great agony all together! They were all yelling like they were being brutally killed through their organs using a pointed object. Their screams were clear to us all while running. One of my men asked me while running. “Sir! Ano yun?”. I replied “Gusto mong malaman? Bumalik ka dun at magtanong ka!”. We ran as fast as we could! The Muslim rebels are all dead. We were all concluding that maybe the monster that killed the Rebel Leader was chasing us. It was very dangerous. We were on top of the mountain and we can fall off the cliff. You cant just run and go over anywhere you want, cliffs are hidden by thick formations of plants and grasses, thats how it is. I think weve ran off far enough. We all rested and tried catching our breaths. We collected all our conclusions and suggestions. The monster was like the one in The Predator movie! We were all debating when one of us, the tallest surprised us with what he did to himself! He covered his face and his entire body with mud! “Ito yung ginawa ni Arnold sa pelikula! Yung sa Predator?! Di ba kayo nakapanood ? Di tayo makikita ng alien kapag natabunan tayo ng putik!”. We were not really out to face the alien. Our ammos are low and weve lost our asset. Weve lost the Rebel Leader too! And wherein the middle of nowhere! Now what….

This is as how i can still recall it…My men and I ran as if we’ve ran more than we ever did that night. We all thought that the monster was also chasing us. I was also expecting that we will all end up like the rebels.we will be brutally butchered one by one by an unseen force. But we wont give up without a fight, we regrouped and counted our numbers. Were still 5 and in one piece. That’s also one correction there because wee not equipped with grenades too, darn 3rd world! And this magic…!anyway, we made a formation to brace for an attack! We stayed low and close.aimed at the trees like the threat is some freakin crazy monkey with blades on! Minutes passed and nothing but our talks of what was that and are we all getting the same conclusion that it is what it is! The Predator! The one in the freakin movies! I’m all out now. This is out of hand. My perfect plan has been utterly terminated and my men are starting to get doubtful of the outcome of our well thought of scheme. How are we gonna get this straight now?

Low on ammo and in the middle of the territory of the enemy. We have a map but zero on the terrain. We will be able to come up with a route going out of the jungle but just like I said you’ve got a mixed up scenario of getting entangled with other rebel forces that were not supposed to engage. Were in the location were in soldiers are seen as targets by different factions. Everyone with weapons are an imminent threat to us. Its a place not meant for people like us, government puppets! That’s how they call us, that’s how the rebels mocks us. We are in their territory and out manned, out gunned but not outwit. But then again, I know that my men are starting to fall short of their faith in me. But then what else can they do? Disobey me? One thing left to do now, one final and irreversible objective that we have left, get out of the jungle alive.
We reassessed everything we’ve got left to foresee future plans with our present course of action and limitations. Most of them thought that we should have gotten back to the camp. And its just my personal issue with the drunkards not theres! The most comforting thing, the radio was left where the shoot out was awhile ago! And who knows how many people was able to hear that gun fight in the middle of the night. We rested for awhile. We were also discussing as to how come everything happened that fast? Were just a few steps from running away from the scene and altogether we heared all the rebels scream in great pain like their being mutilated alive. Sitting down and thinking of the best alternative whiley men put the blame on me in their minds something appeared infront of us in an istant. Its the object of all our fears that night. The Predator monster and he’s exactly like in the movies. And his growl made us all get up and run in all directions!

While I heared one of my men scream then another yelled for help. I ran back to see where they are but a ball of light fired on right side and had me running back again. I can’t see anything from the dark. You can’t shoot what you can’t see. Every time you open fire you reveal your position. I was confident that the dark night was hiding me from the monster. Again I heated one of my men scream! I decided to go back again and hide my way through the thick bushes and branches. I was cautious but a strong force hit me in my chest and I got thrown off several feet away. It hurt like hell then as expected there he is! I’m gonna go one on one with the monster, The Predator! The one in the movies are in front of me now. It growled! Its making gestures to go on a fist fight. I can’t see where my M16 too. It got got thrown of from getting thrown away just awhile ago. I got up and ran with.a flying kick to the monster, it sidestepped and hit me in the face twice. I blocked its 3rd punch and punched the monsters chest several times but it endured it even when it got thrown back. He made his way to me with his knees and he got me down with his elbow. I hit his mask and that’s where he choked me and raised me high from the ground! Then he was analyzing me from top to bottom and hit me in the chest and I got thrown afar off. The monster growled again, he didn’t know that from where I got thrown it is where my M16 rifle too so I turned back and fired at the monster but it was lightning quick! I ran again as fast as I could and I don’t know.which direction I am now. Then in great surprise one of my men called me out and he’s running away too! He said The Predator toyed with him, made him run here and there. He even laughed at him. Then something surprised us running towards us, its one of my men. The tallest one that suggested to bath ourselves in mind just like what Arnold did in the movie almost 3 hours ago. He was covered with mud all over his body like he bathed on it. He told us right away “Sir tingnan no! Pinaliguan ako ni “The Predator” ng putik. Tinali nya ako sir gamit ang mga baging”.  Where are the other two? I dont know yet…

Il be quick with this story. We found one of us hanging by the tree calling out for help. He said The Predator dragged him from his left feet and tied him up like he was just weighing real light for the monster. The other one, he just found his way to us. He said he just woke up from being knocked out! We were altogether and alive and we still have our weapons and ourselves. Then all of a sudden fire rained down on us! Balls of plasma white exploded on the ground from above in all directions! We all ran again and i got separated from my men. In my running, i heared a chopper in my direction and soldiers came down from a rope. They were not AFP! They were US Soldiers! I was surprised! “You are one special guy that we all have to come down all the way up here!”. I tried to fight off but they already surrounded me and one of them put me on my knees by hitting me from behind. They tied me up in my feet and my hands. They were all laughing and talking. “You know if you guys pulled back there in Afganistan, maybe i can do a little something for you right now. Like make you run with a bullet in your leg!”. They all laughed. One of them said they need me intact. Theyre gonna want me to do something for the Senator. There were 5 of them. Then without warning one of them in farthest got chopped off in his face. I was the only one who saw that! No one noticed what was happening behind them. Then the other one was next, The Predator stabbed him 3 times behind his back. Blood was coming out of his mouth and still no one noticed him, one of them noticed my facial reaction and looked behind them! It was real fast! And real brutal! One got chopped off in the head right away! The other got stabbed in the chest. The other one that tried to run was hit by plasma in his right shoulders taking it all out. He was screaming for help and The Predator lunged his blade behind his neck silencing him, he was twitching! Then he beheaded him and slowly he turned his attention to me. Snapped his blade again and walked towards me. I thought I was next! He turned me over and cut off the bonds in my hands and feet behind me. Then he rolled me over again and held me by the neck. He analyzed my skull. It went on for almost 15 seconds. I really thought he was going to chop off my neck. He has a huge knife in his right hip. I was about to grab out when he let me go. One by one, he chopped off the heads of the 5 US Soldiers that he just butchered in just several seconds. He let me get away. I ran as fast as i could. I took the hand gun of one of the dead soldiers and his knife too. I ran and looked for the others. I found my men and we started to make plans when one of us spotted The Predator again hanging on the tree, watching us. We all made a run for it. It went on for hours until we saw one of the locals in that area. He offered help. He gave us food. He said its not new to him helping soldiers that would pass by the area. We told him about what happened and we were surprised about the monster that everyone fears in that jungle. They know about the Predator! They know about him! They said its been menacing them all in the mountains for several months now! I told them that its playing with us and doesnt want us to get out of the Jungle. He informed us that he knows people that can help us. People with the same problem that we have.

The guy that helped us was wanting to laugh while were walking to the village that can help us. He said he and the people there have mutual understanding. Then he asked us if are we afraid of Aswang? He explains that these people that we are going to face are a village of aswang. And if we want help against the menace in the jungle, theres no one else that can help us but them. He said the oldest man whose name who i cant recall anymore is the leader of the village. They say we shouldnt fear them since they chose to live in the jungle and eat animals instead of people. And as we can see, there he is. A human and also their friend. When we got to the village, everyone there was weird with the way they look at us. They were looking at us from top to bottom. Then we faced the old man he was walking about. He was short, 4’2 in height. thin, white hair, and can barely walk while hugging a stick taller than him. And his eyes were weird! It is as if the eyeballs were continuously revolving. The old man mentions that he will help us. We can combine our strength together. They have been plagued by all the killings for several months now. And tonight, we must all be ready. They will take advantage of the night. His words was just being translated to us. We were all very worried about the situation. What if the Aswang villagers turn to us? From the way they look at us, they want to lick us! Everyone went out just to see us with their disturbing stare. One little boy went to closer to, that was really disturbing the way he looked at us. It was one sick scenario, picture out a 4 year old boy seeing a cake being carried, passing by him.

The guy made us eat rootcrops. It was afternoon. We took a nap for awhile. Then several minutes to darkness. The guy said everything will happen right away when darkness comes. They know the place where the monsters would be often times get spotted. From there, the old man plans to face the monster and will take revenge in killing his family. My men all laughed, how the hell is that helpless shorty going to help? A lot of villagers converged that night with one goal. The old man made his speech. We cant understand him. We were also able to notice that part of his talk somehow made everyone turn back at us and smile. One of them knows how to speak tagalog. He directed us together with everyone. There were more or less 50 of the villagers that walked to the deep jungle where they say the monsters resides. This time with our weapons and their strength as monters, we can kill the menace.

While walking towards the location, we were all talking to each other. This is not a good idea. 5 of us and a whole bunch of monsters around us. What will happen later on? We stopped infront of the place where they say the Predators resides. Then everyone took out some liquid with them and  rubbed it all over their body! The night was a night to remember, its a night wherein you can not reenact or buy in a circus show or any stage show. The feeling and the ambiance was unmatched! Imagine the cold dark knight and the trees. And the moon barely hits everything but still everyone is visible. You are all surrounded by more or less 50 monsters that are starting to sound off in pain real creepy. And slowly, that pain became yells and growls. One of my men is right when he told me “Putang ina sir! Malamang tayo ang isunod nga mga hayop na to mamya sir!”. Growls and yells overcame everything around us. Some of them were just 10 feet away from us. Some were from elevated grounds! One of my men tried to shoot them but i restrained them, told them not to do anything yet. We are really gonna be next. After everyone turned monsters! Some of them looked back at us and laughed. We also showed our weapons and ready. One of them whose already a monster spoke to us in his monster voice. “Dito lang kayo! Bantayan nyo na lang at barilin pagnakawala sa mga puno! Kami na ang bahala!”

We all waited for several minutes for the Predator! We heared him growl from a distance! The Aswang villagers growled too in full defiance! They were all making their battle cry and it was very noisy! Five of them infront of us ran to where the growling Predator is in the thick bushes and formations of trees! All 5 ran like they can take the Predator! After getting swallowed by the bushes and complete darkness, 5 seconds passed and things got thrown out of the darkness from the 6 aswang ran to! Those were the heads of the 6 aswangs that ran off just awhile ago to attack the Predator! They all got killed just like that! All the aswang went wild! It was all very noisy again! Everyone now attacked the Predator! We can barely hear each other screaming at each other. All hell broke loose, aswang running here and there. We were also securing our grounds. We dont trust the aswang villagers! They were all attacking the Predator and we can hear them all screaming and growling. Then it happened, one aswang jumped off one of us from behind!

That’s where things went differently between us and the aswang villagers. We started shooting at them and later on i used my knife. Things got even more worse when muslim rebels oveheared whats going on in our location! They surrounded all of us and the aswang villagers! They demanded from the villagers to hand us over! We really thought that the aswang were going to turn against us even more. But looks like that night was a “Free for All” night! It was Royal Rumble. The Aswang Villagers vs the Muslim Rebels and us! I guess that night was supposed to be a feasting night for the aswang villagers and they all got enticed on the numbers of the muslim rebels! The oldman showed himself and from the way their talk went, it looked like he was going to give us to them but some of the villagers really got hungry and jumped on some of the muslim rebels from behind! And the old man had no choice from the way i see it in his face and reaction, it was kinda funny too when he saw some of his people jumped on the muslim rebels!He had no choice so he shouted to ravage everyone by pointing on the muslim rebels and at us! The Muslim rebels were shooting at us, were shooting at the monsters too, the monsters were jumping at everyone! It was one hell of a chaotic scenario! Later on, the shooting and the growling ceased. We tried to recover and pull out some weapons for ammos. There were only 2 of my men left! We can see from a far that the aswang people were ravaging the dead muslim rebels! Then they all regrouped after 15 minutes. We dont have a plan but to stay together and shoot everything that comes at us. We cant run now! Then the monsters regrouped in formation on higher grounds! One of them spoke! He told us that theres no way out and were all going to die! Then we saw on tall and huge figure appear in the moon lit fog. He wore the same clothes with the short old man that we were all laughing at. He grew taller and bigger and spoke in great anguish! “Mga Putang Ina Kayong mga sundalo kayo! Tinulungan na namin kayo tapos ito ang igaganti nyo sa amin! Nasa territoryo kayo namin! Walang makakalabas sa inyo dito ng buhay! Mauubos din ang mga bala nyo! Putang ina kayo, mamatay kayong lahat!”

Their numbers somehow increased! I guess they called out the others! They were about to attack when one figure jumped from a distance in a tree to reveal himself! Its the Predator! He growled at the monsters! Then he threw some of the weapons on the ground at our direction. He knows we can take them from where they are because some of the aswang now have guns. We reloaded our weapons. The Predator went to one of the aswang and beheaded it! He made a defying gesture to the aswang standing in higher grounds and that infuriated them making them all ran towards him and on us too!

 The aswang villagers were pieces of cake to The Predator, his weapons splattered some of them all over the place. Our bullets ran out and we had to use our knives. After the battle, the Predator gave me something! It was a rectangular shaped device. It resembled that of the device that we were after in the US Military. The same device that i saw in Columbia that was with one of the druglords together with the US Senator. We know that no one will believe us. But surely with the Muslim rebel’s dead body that we were able to take pictures on, we can make up our talk.I took the device to the US Embassy. I turned it over to them.

Later on something blew up in Mindanao and i got honorably discharged.



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