My Father’s Wife

PLEASE READ MY BLOG How do i wake up.

This is the story of me, in another world again of course. Its a story of me born in aristocratic world wherein my father married a very young woman 10 years after my mother’s death in a plane crash. I was 15 years old and we live in a very huge house in the most secluded part of the mountain. This is the story of how me and dad survived several months of our lives at the big house in the mountains against dad’s wife and the entire coven of  vampires.

I can still recall it quiet well when i was just 4 years old in a gathering of all the families, a bond between the aristocratic clans. One girl was mocking and laughing at me, shes of the same age. It is for the 2nd time, the last time was her mother’s birthday. “Hahahaha! nananana! You dont know how to wear your tie! nanananana! you look like a clown! nananana… hahahahaha!”. That little girl whose younger than i am was very irritating with her face and laughs. She was also funny that night with her socks, she wore different ones on each other. I mocked and laugh at her too. Afterwards, while sitting down without her annoying presence she surprised me while putting her socks in my face “Here smell it! smell it! Hahahahha!”. She made me scream in great disgust and her mother took her away. That’s how i recall far back in my childhood, early before the tragic incident. It was even her father that looked for me in hiding from her and then fixed my tie that night. From a distance i spotted her sticking out her tongue! Im just 4 and it makes me tired with the part to get to know everyone always. I mean they already know who you are from other occasions but they always repeat the same manner of introducing yourself to everyone you meet. The old folks dont fail on that, everyone that passes by asks your name and your parents name too. Maybe i should have written their names on a piece of paper so that i can just give it to them everytime someone asks. Its been almost 10x now. And the music is making me sleepy… And what’s worse, some teased me to dance later on with the little girl that put her socks on my face! “Sir would you mind if i accompany you to that table just near us, i have prepared some delightful things just for little ones like you…” The butler took me out from sitting. Mom and dad was busy socializing. I was also thinking of asking a piece of paper and a pen. It was a very long night but it shouldnt be. Some of the little kids didnt mind me at all, they were with adults except for me and the annoying little girl that i can still see was going here and there like a cat. I hoped she would slip so i can laugh at her! That night was the night that i can never forget. It was the last hours of seeing my mother alive. She booked a flight and was supposed to fly at about 11pm. “Always learn new things!” That what she would always see with her happy face. She kissed in the cheek and hugged me after talking to dad. Later on well board a chopper on the way to where we live in the mountains. The chopper was supposed to take off about an hour from mom’s departure. Im always used to mom going here and there so all i always have from her are her words of wisdom “No one in this world deserves to be punished if they are just”. Those are one of them. When the chopper took off, dad was talking about the annoying little girl on the way to our place far in the mountains. We always take a chopper! Why live in that location. Later on you will all know. Half way to where we live and on the air, dad’s phone rang! I can still recall that moment, he looked at me and cant say a word yet. I kept on asking him what happened but he wouldnt tell me at first, he had to wait and explain to me heart to heart back home. He was shouting over the phone at the wide terrace while making me wait, sitting in great confusement i waited. Then dad spilled out the bad news. That was the night that changed our lives irreversibly. Our family is different. No one cries, i recall that now several hours ago. When dad told me that mom’s dead on a plane crash its just a feeling of being out place. We dont cry that easy, i guess i’ts just different with us. Because we are different too compared to other families in the world. As you can see, i dont get to go to school together with other little boys.

There were a lot of things that I planned for me and mom. She promised that she’s going to do all she can as early as now so that someday she will have all the time for me and dad too. But I have to be patient and always learn new things. Learn new things… I’ve heared of a temple in Nepal, I helped one monk once and he told me that there are more like him in hidden places in the mountains of the Himalayan region. But that will come later on. Mom is not always around so not seeing her is not new to me in my early age. Its just that this time she’s not coming back. I will excitingly wait for in the terrace and watch her wave at me while the chopper slowly touches down. Sometimes I would stand there waiting, dad knows why. The cold air and the view catches up on me but it can’t relieve me of my pain. I’m just a 4 year old boy waiting for his mama.waiting for the chopper. Then dad spoke behind me from a distance  “You have to accept it!We both have to accept it. She’s not coming back. You have to be strong. All of this and everything she was doing when the plane crashed, she was doing it for you. There’s nothing we can do now but to move on. We have to accept it. But im always here for you. Ill be here. Im not going anywhere…” I didn’t say a word. Listening to dad talking from behind. He’s hurt too. We haven’t left the house for days after the funeral. Looking real far from where the chopper would usually become visible with mom on it I was also thinking, theres nothing I can do. Nothing but to follow dads words and accept the reality that there will be no chopper carrying mom anymore. Well dad was having a hard time accepting it. Finally i was not able to hold it, i cried inside my room all by my self. That was the night where mom was supposed to be there beside me and she wasnt anymore. For over a week dad drowned himself drunk. I saw how he struggled to live with reality. Then one night I just found dad crying bitterly near my bed waking me up. The next day dad was a new man. He tidied himself up and we ate breakfast together. It wasn’t easy but still there’s mom at the living room overlooking the terrace, her huge portrait smiling at us on the left. I would often times talk to her and tell her all that I’ve done. Dad stayed more in the city I stayed more often at the mansion in the mountains with my teachers.

I got two teachers. A woman and a man aged in his late 30s. Dad and i tried to live life to the fullest! Earlier in my age he taught me that no one cries in our family! No one! I was just about almost 3 when he taught me that. We tried to do things the way it used to be. This time without mom coming back home from a very long trip. No Chopper with mom on it. She would often times go back home at around 10am every tuesday. I would wait for the small spot of the chopper so eagerly like it’s christmas present. This time its just me and dad and we did well on the years without mom. I stayed at the mountains while dad was always at the city. He barely gets to the house. Im the one who gets to him in his face then we would go around the city doing what we want. For 10 years, we coped up without mom.  We managed and never shed a tear anymore. Its just how it was for us. her huge portrait on the wall at the living room was always there. I would ofte times tell mom everything that i did, shes alive just inside the house. I was suspecting that it was the reason why dad barely gets there.Now im almost 15 years old and people were right at the gathering that im going to have a new mom soon. They were talking about dad’s girlfriend and his plans. It was in one party that one of dad’s best friend announced that a Mrs. Dreinhart will be recognize pending dad’s confession. Everyone laughed at that but dad was guilty with his smile and he looked at where i am. He know im the one who should know first. Its how it was with us. I know everything about dad’s endevors. Our family is directly connected to the British Military. All the advances and everything that has got to do with the British military came from our financial support and influence. Dad explained that theres not territory in the world worth fighting for but The UK. And he plans to extend all his efforts into maintaining a place safe and livable enough for the British race. “That is what this family is!” That’s what dad explained with his eyes when i was just in Elementary. And he also explained that a lot of people in other country with the same nature of dealings that he has are aware of us and that is why i cant be like my friends. Actually i dont have a lot of friends. I was never enrolled in a school in the city. No not even once. Well once and that was the last time when something happened there after 3 months. Now dad’s lethal secret was only revealed by his bestfriend. And he’s drunk with a drink in his hands. So goes his funny talk. That night all the guys there heared dad confess. I am going to have a new mother.  Dad was just smiling in my direction. Thats the only thing he hid from me. I know everything about dad’s work. This week he will tell me that America did this and they have to do this. Then after a few days he will let me know that this happened and China was this and then that and this. I know things that no aristocratic boy know of. I am well aware of  Top Secret details in the British Military. I was just an elementary level boy yet i know how fragile the world is. And the news are all nothing but confusion! Misdirection! Our little family is dedicated into one vision only.  “The Maintenance of the British Territory for The British People”. And you have no complete idea yet how dedicated me and my father is.

I dont have too many relatives too. Actually, i cant recall a relative ever stepping in dad’s office. I can recall he has a cousin but were not close to them. Its better that way or our enemies will use them against us. Just me and dad. That’s the only family that we have. And now, hes planing to introduce to me the 3rd member of our family, dad’s new wife..


Im also thinking about writing next about the spin off to this story wherein i became some kind of Vigilante after getting back from the Himalayas. I promised the monks that i will use the power that they’ve given me to protect those who needs to be protected. But then lets just finish this story first on Sunday on how i saved dad and myself at the house in the mountains from the group of vampires while he enjoyed himself unaware of our perilous occupation.


Upcoming Story:
The Last Boy On Earth
Weve all heared about the Last Starfighter, The Last Samurai, The Last Defender, The Last Airbender! This is the story of a 5 year old boy whose got nothing left but himself and his wits to save the Earth from the aliens. This is what happened in one world wherein we thought, We, in The Patriot Program was going to directly intervene seeing only one boy left in the face of an earth world like this one. This time it wasnt me! The last little boy left on earth. Mankind’s final hope! 🙂

Im also thinking about continuing the story on Jack and The Princess but lets just see. Have you watched the movie Jack The Giant Slayer? Setting, characters and everything, its alternate world without the humor especially on that scene wherein the Princess was walking flawlessly together with her subjects on her way to her throne, flawlessly! And then something wrong that made them all stop all together. But lets just see. Then maybe i can write my other experience about my ex-girlfriend named Olivia. A super-secret-agent on a vacation that got me entangled in the earth’s core!

I forgot, i can continue with the story Tony Stark. How come Galactus cant eat a planet if there are still beings on it? That is because if he devours a planet with someone having supernatural powers, that person can possess or somehow control Galactus later on. So he has to make sure that the planet is completely empty of life. What happened after me, Tony Stark, found out that Galactus is coming back? There is an energy source or an element that can empower a Time Travelling machine. Shaped like a regular stone and glowing in white like a flourescent lamp. I found in great abundance of it inside the body of Galactus. My calculations are completely reconcilable with the help of other beings from other planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Earth Planet can not be saved but we can save everyone residing in it! I Time Travelled from the time that me and Richards was still planning on how to group everyone for the impending threat of Galactus. But first I researched for one superhero that will do the ultimate sacrifice. JARVIS found one superhero who has lost his entire family and is desperate of being immortalized as a savior. I explained to him the situation and hes in for it 100%. Instructed him to explain to myself in the past and Richards what will happen. In turn, the future changed! It’s the future wherein Galactus arrived to earth thinking that no one else resides in it. He thought all the inhabitants of earth abandoned their home and none is left. When Galactus opened his mouth to devour Earth, we had the superhero teleported in it. After swallowing the Earth whole, the superhero was able to control Galactus entirely. Everyone on earth transferred to different dominions wherein the inhabitants are  humanoids. Pepper and I set on course to the planet wherein the King was my friend together with his princess daughter. In there, my love story with Pepper ended for the benefit of all concerned! The King demanded me to marry the Princess! And so a new era on that planet begins!

Im confused, i copied the first episode of the Flash TV Series several days ago from an internet cafe. I thought the show has been aired long time ago.

Anyway this is not about Barry Allen. It’s about Arrow. I know but i think his character is the most lamest superhero ive ever seen on TV. lol! Sorry but hes no Matt Murdock and his abilities are miserably low compared to him. I mean, what will he do if he gets trapped in the middle of a dystopian area and everyone is on him with machine guns and RPG? What will someone like Arrow do without supernatural abilities? Is he even psychic? Just makes me think. Elektra is just gonna toy with him on hand to hand combat, damn! Is he even well equipped with TECHNOLOGY knowing for a fact that he’s like Bruce Wayne. No Special Training background, the world that Arrow must be in must have some pu$$ies for villains! It’s like you get physically fit more than ordinary. You think you can take on the world. So you go ahead and wear a mask and a costume then go out and shoot some criminals with your arrows and swing from here to there with your bow. Then you end up with others. To think that you are a very rich guy and the only thing you ever invested in triggering criminals to see you as a threat to their bread and butter is your bow and arrow and your flashy costume. No huge dominating car with big booms and bangs, no vertical take off aircraft, most of all not even thermal sensor contact lenses. Your investment on your Superhero thing is as narrow as your arrow. That’s how i see it. I mean, what if youre someone like arrow and crime bosses hire hitmen from asia like Elektra or worse Ninjas with supernatural powers. So with the only meager things that you have as a Superhero, you chose to go out and prowl the night instead of just relaxing in a nice warm bed with your girlfriend. You chose to risk your life for people you dont know swinging here and there silly on a cable rather than just hire soldiers to do your bidding of secretly ridding the city of criminals. Then theres the neighborhood getting startled from your swinging looking out the window saying “Does this guy ever thought of taking a good sleep than just swinging all night?”. Think about it. What the hell is the character of Arrow and the others? PATHETIC! Read my blog as Bruce Wayne! That’s not pathetic! hahahha! Theres a logical reason there from how Bruce Wayne became THE Batman of Gotham City. Psychological Justification! Why would you want to become a Superhero without supernatural powers? Only the thrill! Oh no…Mr. Branson! Bring it on!

So who was watching The Ghostrider CCTV footage yesterday? Who was able to watch the spoiler?! I guess Marvel has no official date yet on when he will get starved and go feasting on wicked souls teleporting them to the Penitentiary Planet. But The Ghostrider himself as spilled out spoilers, especially yesterday! So cmon! Say it! In direct words! Its one of the deadliest sins that you can commit on yourself as an antichrist! Let me spell it out for you. E N V Y! You want to be the man. You want to be The Ghostrider. You want to be scary like Sadako. You want to go like the scene in Queen of The Damned, Akasha when he entered the bar filled with vampires. Go on dreaming man! Your soul is not strong enough! So says Marvel! Lol! You are not a God! For if you are, youre not supposed to be humping women here and there 24/7! You should know that celibacy is power! So officially, Marvel is not yet going to explode onto The Ghostrider scene yet. Obviously not yet, but it’s giving out spoilers! hahahahaha! Like Yesterday. You see, one thing you dont know about The Ghostrider is that, it doesnt stop once it starts. Only people with the soul of an Archangel or a God. The rest will be ash out of their ambitions. So dont be to excited on the The Ghostrider if you cant handle it’s rage. If only it was that easy…Satan himself or even Mephistopheles will face The Ghostrider right then and now and harness his powers. Everyone runs, Everyone shivers, EVERYONE! So just watch out when Marvel is going to blaze The Ghostrider out or whatever is your counter talk is about it, whatever… The trailer should go like… I am the horror of the terror that prowls in the night. I am the judge that delivers all wicked souls to the planet. I am the fire that will cleanse every defiled thing that goes against my way. I am the one that you can never own. I am The Ghostrider. See? Marvel should be perfect on that. Take that, personally…from me!


Lets see if I can still get this right. Dads wife was perfect for someone like him and for a family of two like us. Perfect? An aristocratic man must only marry someome who is of the same status. So what kind of a woman that can be perfect for dad? Our family is not like any other, I’ll keep on saying that. A perfect woman for dad is someone who can live in seclusion in the mountains all the time. And someone who has no family that our enemies can use against us. So aside from that, she must be young and beautiful. And so dad introduced me to her. She was very friendly and i can’t sense any negative impulses in her being. Can’t recall too much except that at the wedding reception there was a group of young men and women, 6 of them. All looked real odd with their presence. Two young and beautiful woman and 4 men in their early 20s. They don’t mingle much and was just standing there in one corner and no one seemed to notice them but me. The oldest turned to my direction noticing my curiosity being aware that among the crowd im the only one who sensed the coldness of their presence. When I went to the comfort room he surprised me all by himself and talked to me. He introduced himself. Let’s call him, Stefan. He spoke “Hello young man. I believe you are the stepson of my friend. I am Stefan. Nice to meet you.”. Greeted him formally too then he continued. “This night has been most enticing from everything that we have seen. And I believe there will be more nights for us all to get to know each other…” Our talk was cut short by one of dads associates, they need me to be beside them now at the table. And that night ended with just me sensing their presence that was cold as the night and dark with their attire. And that of course their sinister smile. They all just left like a fog that vanished quickly. It was a good thing that dad got married, why? Because he decided to stay most of the time in the mountains with me. Life was more lively! And dad was more full of life specially every morning. Dads wife was no problem at all. I’m happy for dad. And there was more light at the house. Then after a month and a half it happened. Stefan was there! I caught dads wife talking to him at the corner part of the terrace and they seemed to be arguing. And how was he able to get here. Stefan was able to talk it out too when dads wife tried to introduce me to him. “A yes! We’ve met already! At the wedding!…”Dads wife asked for privacy telling me that his cousin will be leaving afterwards. How was he able to get there? Dads not around and was coming back a week from then. The next day, Stefan startled me while watching TV. He spoke behind me at the terrace. “Such violent people…too much violence! Thats why I don’t like the city life too. There’s just too much violence there…not like here, quiet, tranquil, serene, calming and no violence! I would snatch a mans heart just to have such priceless aroma in the air. But of course, no one wants violence!” I asked him how he got here and he kept going on with his poetic talks like he’s in a play. Then dads wife came and they argued and she tried to hide it from pushing him back to the terrace. She pleaded for me not to tell dad with her reason that her cousin is just worried and trying to look after her. She’s OK and I saw her as a good person right from the start so it was no problem. Then after two days early in the morning it all began. The dark days of our lives. I was startled to see the people with Stefan sitting comfortably at the living room. One was at the terrace. I asked them who let them in and why are they here. The young and pretty stood up and went infront of me then she spoke, “Aren’t you bored living here in this place? You could use some company. Think about it! I can give you more than what television can give you all day. More than any woman could…” She enjoyed her talk. Her company sitting comfortably at the couch were all smiling and real amused. Told them that they can’t be here but they were rude retaliating “oh cmon! Aren’t you bored here? We can party all night! Live life like it doesn’t end. Don’t be rude OK? Relax! Were not your enemies. And trust us, you’d rather be friends with us”. They were all smiling and seemed to be making themselves home. I confronted dads wife she can’t do anything and told me not to be rude to her visitors and claims that dad permitted their stay.

After 3 days dad came and I was confused as to why he scolded me about them right away. He said they are our visitors and we should not be rude. I was shocked that he sided with them. And Stefan and the others just smiled hideously while watching dad get upset with me. Dad treated them nicely. He reasoned that they will help us with everything in the house and we will need company. All is well with dad and them. Then on that afternoon they decided to reveal their true selves altogether at the living room. Stefan called me out like he’s parr of the family now and he made one of them speak. “…we should really get along in this house. And by the way we all forgot to mention…were vampires.” After saying so, all 6 of them having all hideous smirks on their faces smiled even more revealing their fangs at the same time. “…We should really get along. And don’t worry we don’t bite”. Stefan continued on that talk and all of them laughed “…not unless you want us to!” Stefan and dad were close with their daily activities and I can see that. The vampire woman that flirted with me the first they were there would always be there with her talk. She tried to be kind and persuade me that they’re not my enemies. Her beauty resembled that of someone I know of over a decade ago. Things were livable but became more complicated. And things got more complicated…but only for me. For dad it was something else and I always see that especially at night.

I confronted dad about them, he said theyre going to help us and they have an agreement. And i shouldnt be rude with them, so we must get along. I can still recall one morning that Stefan came out of dad’s office real upset and was utterly displeased going here and there with his face. Most of them are not around on daylight. I noticed that the men would take turns each day to be at daylight with us while the others cant be seen anywhere. The female with them that i was attracted to continued to talk her way to me. She would startle me at times showing like a magic trick beside me at the kitchen. They all do. You think youre all alone in that place then youll just get startled that one of them is just beside you or would just pass by you like the wind. But of course, after some time youll get used to it. I mean, how many aristocratic families in The UK had vampires in their household. Or even now in this world, how many people lives with tigers inside their homes? As time passed by with our resident vampires, things somehow seemed bearable. And i was actually starting to like or should i say i was starting to fall for the female vampire that would always talk to me. Then one night it happened and that was the night that everything began to be clear as to how they really are. And those were the nights that made dad’s association with them unregretable, im sure that was the most enjoyable part to him. And it almost became true to me too. It was 9pm when i heared some funny voices coming from the living room. I was surprised with the scene! The vampires were having group sex all 3 of them and the woman with them was the one that i was starting to fall in loved with! She was on top of another vampire and all of them looked at my direction and smiled intentionally showing off themselves. She even moaned and made her movements more lustful at the sight of me. The next day, there she is again appearing at the kitchen without any hint or sound at all and smiling. “It will be more fun if you just let go…”. I just kept silent then slammed that refrigerator, she slightly laughed when i left without a sound. Then after two days, it was around 9 in the morning when i was about to get to the living room that i heared a chopper but the sound was different! It was stronger and would suggest that it was a different chopper! Most probably bigger! When i got to the living room all the male vampires were there and Stefan screamed to them “Get the boy out of here!!!”. None of them has to do that, i ran right away to my room. I overheared some gunshots but it didnt last long. One of them spoke outside telling me not to get out until they say so. It was afternoon when i got out and went to the kitchen. The shortest of the male vampires startled me in crossed arms while resting sideways on the wall. “Those men this morning was so kind gracing us with their presence…”. He was smiling and was suggesting that they bit and drank their blood. They killed the attackers or should i say our would be killers that morning. The next day, thats where all their plays on me started! That was the day that they would often make fun of me especially the guy next to Stefan’s position. I dont like him! More than any of the vampires, he was the most annoying of all. Then one night i was surprised while sleeping the female vampire that i almost fell inloved with was on top of me in her nighties and her face was just one inch to mine when i opened my eyes her words slid gently to my ears just as the scent of her breath almost made me surrender to her “You need to let go… Were not your enemies…”. But that night that she showed herself to me in her lustful showoff with the others overwhelmed my imagination and disgusted me. I replied “Get out of here…I dont want this…please!”. I was still a virgin at that time, you might say i was naive but i got really  disappointed with her the night they all laughed at me when they intentionally showed me what they were doing at the living room, all 3 of them. She was laughing when she went out. The next day, dad was amused confronting me in his office “What’s wrong with you? She likes you!”. Dad was having the opposite of what i was experiencing at the house. He was really in with our resident vampires. I could often hear moaning outside the door of his room, he was with the females! Even her wife flirted at me once with a sexy attire. Things got really kinky mostly at night. Months passed by, there were times that you can say life was livable, there were also times that i can say i was better off before dad got married! Then the vampire’s play with me started to get worse when he was not around for several months. They enjoyed playing with me with their taunts. I forgot to mention that theres also one helper at the house, our cook, the butler. He was also a friend of mine and thats where it all started when the second to Stefan played this game with me with the butler’s life at stake. I lost and i thought he was just kidding when he said that hes going to drain the blood out of his body. I warned him that i will tell dad about it if he touches him. But the next day, i cant find the butler anywhere in the house anymore. The vampires called dad and made me hear the conversation telling dad that the butler died of cardiac arrest and that they carried his body out of the house. Dad believed them than he did to me.

The vampires would also do their rituals at the house. They had this emblem and would worship it occasionally. I cant recall most of the events but i was able to drive them all out of the house. And i was able to kill the one that killed the butler. How? Were all just living in one roof and for the longest time you will get to know everything about them and i discovered alot of things. Dad was not around when trouble came between me and them. The last one that left the house screaming with her fangs was the female that would often times flirt with me. Her beauty was an upsetting sight to me already and she has to leave! When dad came back, i was able to convince him about the butler’s death. Dad’s wife was gone too. That’s all ill write here. Then later on in my adolescent life, i went to the mountains of The Himalayas when i was able to help one monk and gave me directions to where their temple is. After getting back, i showed dad what i can do! Then he explained things to me. He sent me an to an “Errand”. A mission wherein i have to travel back in time, and it has to be me. About the Vampires? I saw dad talking over the phone when he arrived at the house. Im sure it was Stefan! He doesn’t sound upset and he doesn’t look like hes arguing with him. Where are they now? I dont care…

And with what i learned at the temple, as promised to the monks i used it like what the Daredevil did with his abilities. But that was just for a short time before dad sent me to a mission. 🙂


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