The Last 5 Year Old Boy On Earth


This is a short story of how an innocent 5 year old boy named Michael saved the world from Alien Invaders.

And no his name is not pathetic Kevin whose already a college boy but acts like Galgo in the movie The Expendables, pathetic idiot!

Monday, Michael’s mom was hurrying up to finish everything for her and everyone on the house. She cooks the food and does everything. She’s a single mom having 3 kids. The youngest is Michael a 5 year old boy and the oldest is Michael’s 10 year old sister and the 2nd is the 8 year old boy. Michael’s mom was supposed to get him to a school to for evaluation. She’s a single mom who does everything at the house and Michael loves her mother so much that every night he waits eagerly for her to take her bag from her. Michael was all dressed up and so is her brother and sister. Then the phone rang and after Michael’s mom was finished taking the call, plans changed. She cant take Michael yet since he’s going to a different location and her boss requires her to be on time at exactly 9am. Michael’s mom works as a Supervisor to a Grocery Store and earns enough for her and her children. Her husband separated from her and married another woman. Michael was left all alone in the house. The nanny was supposed to come in at 7am but she called in to informing that she will be late. Michael as a secret hideout down the basement! In there, he would always find solitary time for not getting disturbed playing his favorite game on his PSP. Michael is fond of playing the game ,Inter-Galactic Invaders in which he is almost done finishing the game. So after Michael kissed her mama goodbye he ran down the basement with his PSP and played with his favorite game. It was already 10am and the nanny hasnt arrived yet. An hour passed by and Michael was still all alone when went back up to get food from the fridge. Michael ate alot then suddenly a strong quake rumbled the ground! He thought it was nothing and went back to the basement. Michael Finished the game yelling out loud! Now he can boast to his neighbor too that he was able to kill the Alien Invaders on the game! Michael felt sluggish and fell asleep… And so Michael dreamt…He dreamt of being the Starfighter in the video game that he was playing in his PSP!

Michael was awaken by a huge rumble on the ground! It was strong enough to shake him from the connected tables that he laid himself with! Michael ran hurriedly upstairs to see what was going on! He was expecting his mom and his brother and sister to be home but he was still all by himself! The nanny was not there yet! Michael peeked on the window curtains to see what was going on outside as to where the rumbling was coming from. Michael’s eyes widened when he saw that everything outside was filtered blue! No one was around and no car was passing by. From a distance he got startled when he saw a Jet Fighter exploded when a small ray of light hit it! Michael ran hurriedly to the phone and looked for her mother’s number at the directory but there was no answer. Michael waited and waited, he tried looking outside the window again and nothing was there. No one was outside until afternoon came! Now the filtered blue outdoors became reddish pink! Michael was clueless on what to do holding peanut butter sandwich that he made for himself out of the fridge! And the rumblings on the ground came back again! It became stronger and stronger! Michael peeked outside and his eyes widened to see a huge robot walking carefully not damaging any structure! And a ray of light was coming out of its chest examining everything. The ray of light moved slowly towards Michael’s home, he got alarmed and ran back down to the basement bringing with him a plastic of bread and peanut butter!

Michael was right and very wise when he went down to the basement and took the plastic of bread and peanut butter with him. He even cleaned his mess at the table in a hurry when he saw that the giant robot was about to flash the light on their home. The robot is scanning for people inside every houses using the light from its chest. Michael locked himself inside the basement, the light that scanned their house was so great that it worried Michael for it might slid itself inside his hiding place. Standing infront of the door Michaels heart pounded heavily. He was able to hear some screams outside their neighhbor! Someone got caught and she was screaming for help! The other voice was from his friend and he was crying for help too! Everything is happening like his dream just awhile ago, the video game that he would always play is whats going on now! The begging screams of his friend for his mom outside made Michael’s tears fell! He was horrified too that the aliens might get to him. Michael’s neighbor and his mom was taken and they were good people. He even got to sleep on their house once. It was 1pm and Michael was worried that the same might have happened to his mother and brother and sister! Michael cried but he kept it to himself for the robot outside might get to him. An hour passed and Michael was able to hear that the robot was walking away with its hard steps on the ground and so did the voices that he can not understand. Michael stayed at the basement longer and has no thoughts of coming out yet. He finished all the food that he brought with him. He has no heart to cry anymore. He realizes that if he cries more he will end up like his neighbor. So Michael just sat down at the floor in the basement. At 4pm nothing can be heared outside not even the dog that would often bark to his annoyance. Michael decided to get out and look for himself and saw that nothing inside their home was touched and so he walked cautiously to the window to peek outside. There was no one there and everything was already in filtered blue this time. Still, none of the houses was damaged! It is as if nothing just happened! Michael doesn’t know what to do yet. He opened the fridge and scoured for food. Michael ate a lot thinking that by that time his brother and sister should have been there and his neighbor calling him out to play. He knows he shouldn’t cry and he doesn’t want to play his PSP for it reminds him of his neighbor and it might give out his presence inside the house.
It’s 5pm and still nothing. Michael stayed in the kitchen and has no idea of what to do yet. He knows he shouldn’t get out. So with only cheese and milk from the fridge Michael went down the basement again to hide. Not knowing what to do, he waited there. Until 730pm came and he heared a noise from above… Michael was terrified! There were footsteps walking hurriedly to the door in the basement that he is in! And it was strong enough to open the door by force! “O my God! Are you ok? Theres a Transformer movie filming outside and we cant get back home right away! Alot of people are getting hysterical! Our neighbor was part of the filming too!” It was Michael’s mom!!! Just kidding…:), ill continue on  the story!

Next on this story is The Book of Power.
“Someday they will come, The World will know, That there were not just men, There are people with supernatural powers in the old days…”

Picture out a single man real exausted and wielding a sword. He is just a village man. Battered and running away. One Barbarian go to him and he was able to jump on him from above. His knees are trembling weak from running the entire day. He recalls his wife an hour ago in the village that was attacked by Barbarians, she was bleeding to death from a shot of an arrow and shes also pregnant. She tells him “You are outnumbered, outmatched…and outwilled…take the sword and go! No one must take it. Its too late for us…Avenge us another day! Go!” The village man was on his knees and in great exaustion with the sword on his right hand. There is mud all over him from wrestling the huge barbarian that he had just killed. And now he is surrounded by the others riding in horses and wearing full battle armor, all 20 of them surrounded him. They were after him for something, for why did they chase him when the entire village was already theirs! Suddenly, the sword of the village man glows. A voice of a woman whispers “Hold the sword over your head if you want to live…”. The village man did as exactly as he is told and the sword revealed itself in great power and the barbarians in horses were all incinerated from being hit by lightning that came from the sword that got it from above! The sword glows with great power and the village man was astounded! He could do nothing but blame what happened to the sword and weeped bitterly. “Where were you just awhile ago! You let everyone in the village die!”. The voice of the woman replied “There is nothing that you can do for them but you lived and i will let you do more than just avenge your village…With the sword, you will claim the Book of Power!” This is the story of Darius. My story…


Sorry i cant continue on with this story.I was instructed not to, i guess they have plans for this. So maybe next is The Book of Power. But then again maybe i can only write a few about that story.

Someone out there is planning to wear formal attire and with the full confidence of The Universe she will come up to me with her professional talk asking me to stop what im doing blogging all the stories that she will claim is hers. Well, that’s just how it is here in Dumaguete! Everything that i own is not mine. Hell even my son and daughter are not mine. And everything that i will claim is not true. And everything that i will say is me is not me but their “Tito Randy”. So come on down!!! hahahahaha! Who could it be? The daughter of the drug lord? The guy who think’s its not right using his identity few years ago together with his mom? Or the childish pathetic $h%T that i almost broke this afternoon. Or the crazy woman who claims that the story “My father’s wife” pertains to her relatives in The U.K.!

The Book of Power
A short summary of the story. And there goes the people who believes in “The Divide” crap! But lets not dwell into that craziness.

Just like the movie Jack The Giant Killer. In the real old days…as time passed by fact became Legend and truth became fairy tales. In the real old days there were men that can elevate everything around him with just a gesture of his hand. There were people that can burn anything with just a stare. There were people that can elevate and their agility is just but with only a blink of an eye. This is the story of how it was back then during the times of Barbaric disputes wherein the Kingdoms of men were once tried to be overrun by beings with great power. Much similar to the ones you all call now as Vampires. Long in the real old days, men would take their journey and even their goals in life from sorcerers and witches. The Barbaric population from Scotland arose all in great numbers during that times for in order to survive during those days, men must converge as one against other convergences in other continents. And the Barbarians planned to be more wiser than any other convergence. The Barbarians planned to rule the other lands outside Scotland. And through the counsel of their old witch that accompanied them in their quest they set forth out of their homeland in a quest for one major prize to take them into their victorious goal of overthrowing Kings from their thrones. The Mystical Sword of the Gods. The origin of the sword is unknown to anyone but to the woman that was tasked to hide it. In the past, There is one island plagued by beings that would come out of the earth. Demons in great stature and bathed in fire. They say that hell is in great war with each other. The Kingdoms of hell are not in one and other demons connived to go up on the surface to enslave men and try to over run the surface earth.  One man tried to stand against these fiery beings and lives were lost in their attempts. Still, more came and the ones that they vanquished still arose back to life. The man knew he needed a weapon to ultimately destroy the evil that lurks beyond the earth and continues to increase in numbers. So one morning, he called out to the Heavens and knelt then spoke with his great voice overshadowing the cliff infront of him “I have lived all my life not believing and even mocking the people that would talk about powerful beings that exists in the heavens and must be revered! And yet here i am now! If there trully are powerful beings beyond the heavens that i am looking up to! Hear me! I am kneeling infront of you! Give me the weapon that will vanquish the terror that lurks from below the earth! Give me the power to defeat them! Give it to me now, if not then there is no reason why i must live this life for it is impossible”. After saying so, the clouds moved as if it covered something in a great amount in the skies and thunder and lighting mixed all together. The man looked above and saw light slowly appearing from the clouds, the light became bigger and clearer! And the great light hit the ground infront of the man! And light showed itself as a sword that landed on the ground in answer to the man’s call! And so from there, the demons that came from beneath the earth was vanquished. The powers that came from the sword overwhelmed the demons and every last one of them were extinguished!The demons revealed that the rulers of all the factions of hell can have the surface below but theirs is the surface free of commands from any of the Lords that tricked them into misery of falling down to earth. The sword displayed much power that it gave the man the strength of an Archangel. And so in one night, the fate of everyone on the island was determined through the man! Until one remained, The Fallen Archangel! Out of the crack that rumbled beneath the ground fire exploded out of the earth revealing a winged form that would suggest that he was once a being of beauty, only deformed from top to bottom, even it’s wings. Feathers can still be spotted on the wings of the Fallen Archangel whose not comparable to be elevated on a wing of a bat. The Archangel spoke with his voice encompassing the surroundings of the man. He pointed his finger unto him. “Do you know who owns that sword that you are holding right now…Before we were thrown into this dominion of decay, we were stripped of everything our Glory, our powers, our beauty and even our weapons! God The Father, decided ireversibly! And alas! He has smite me deep into my heart with what he has done! The sword that i have wielded back in the heavens for seemingly an eternity is now in the hands of a human! Now, i will take back what once was mine!”. The Fallen Archangel whose great in stature and with his wings fought the human! But the power of the sword that was once wielded by an Archangel leveled with the Fallen Archangel’s strength and might! The Fallen Archangel was banished in existence by the same sword that he once wielded in The Heaven!

Later on as time passed by, the man started to wither in old age. There was no one to take care of him. He had no son to inherit the sword. He can not bury the sword, nor he can not take it with him in his grave for the demons will know it’s location. The Village leader who is a woman suggested that she take the sword with her into the far lands in order to protect it. And so the man agreed for the sword should never be in the hands of an evil man. For it’s power is strong enough to put one kingdom into its knees. And so the woman took a journey together with her family not letting everyone know the real reason as to why abandon their home. And the woman bore a daughter. And her daughter married a man named Darius. So connects the details above. When the woman died of old age she instructed her daughter and her husband to hide the sword. She bore a daughter and not a son, she was optimistic that maybe someday her grandson will wield the sword at the right reason and the right time. The sword was hidden in disguise near the shelves. Its handle was made to resemble as one of the decoration on the shelves. The power of the sword was never known to any man outside the island where it was granted. But it was revealed to a witch from a demon! And so the barbarians directed by a witch set forth on a quest to claim it!

No one knew of the The Sword of The Gods not even the powerful beings that dwells in the caves. In that timeline, there were men who lives in obscurity in the caves in the mountain area. Their powers are recharged in darkness for their hearts are also dark. And they are men of power. Within their hands lies great awe and marvel for they are capable of creating wonders and even deaths unimaginable to many. They are men of power that no one can defy. They are awake at night and slumbers at daylight for the light of the day narrows down their capabilities.

One night they all arose altogether, there were 11 of them. They wore an elegant black attire that would combine the essence of a warrior and a gentleman. The Leader spoke to the one closest to his right 
-“What happened to the man that you spawned? How come there are no words from him yet?”. 
-“That huge fanged-bat is doing nothing all day but lavish on women! I will cut off his pointed ears if this goes on for an even more longer time!”
-“No! Just let him be. Let it be for now. Only time will tell what he can do with what we have given him. And at the right time, we will collect what he will establish… for us!”
Their leader continued…
-“The numbers of men are rising everyday, the tale of the Book of Power has already consumed the lust of many great men. It is as i have planned it to be. They set out for it. They will take the perils for it, they will battle for it! And when they have it in their hands, while they take their joy in claiming it. We will also exercise our right to take what is ours in the beginning of their struggle. The Book will be ours.”

So why not continue on The Last 5 year old boy on earth? Dont know? Just feel like it! Next? Is the story of how a butterfly saved the entire galaxy! Only one thing i can say…Hollywood has not yet pictured out how the alien invaders in that world operates their machinery.

Ill try to see about the love story. The one that started one morning outside the building at the library wherein i was able to pick up something on the road. In London! Yeah it was me! Again! Dont like it? Please click on the X button on the far right upper side of your browser. LOL!

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