This is the story of what happened in one Universe wherein one family of 4 was traveling from one Galaxy to another in order to avoid the turmoil in their home planet. The Patriot Program replaced a Senator temporarily while in crisis in an unknown planet. I replaced him. This is what happened to that family, this is how the story of how the conflict in their planet was resolved, by a Coup.

Vandreen Planet. All the senators conspired to one final solution. Genocide. I am one of the Senator of the planet that imprinted his blood as a sign of allegiance to the decision that we all believed was right. The great minds of our planet was able to convince us that if the continent continues to exist by the next 60 hours, the rest of the planet will suffer the same fate. After the incident, the Supreme Ruler of the Planet stood up in great anguish over the decision of the Senators that was secretly carried over without his last imprint. Three of us suggested to follow on the genocide with the Assassination of the Supreme Ruler. This conspiracy was found out. To assure of my family’s well being, i, together with the others decided to evacuate the Planet Vandreen. The name by the way was taken from the mineral that could only be found there. The only mineral that can be transformed into another element that is known to existence.

Fastforward… I was awakened by screams and applauses from a seemingly wild crowd! Im on a bed that’s almost of the same height with mine. My head is still shaking a bit and theres blood on my face. I was feeling dizzy when i got up. Around me are gadgets and even swords of different sizes and lengths. The wall infront of me showed a crowd outside from the circle holes. Then a robot approached me after getting inside. I didnt know the language it was speaking. I spoke on my own tongue and then it kind of like analyzed it then spoke again. This time on my own language. “You must prepare. Choose from all the weapons and everything infront of you. You are next”.  From there i realized that the ship was attacked by these people. And where is my wife and my son and daughter? I am still young, no one ages in our Planet. My age would resemble that of a 25 year old man in this earth. I cant fight off the robot. The door is locked and who knows what will subdue me outside the doors and im still feeling kinda dizzy. I want to go amok for what they have done to us but that will only end me right away. Infuriated and no chance of ruling over everything around me, i have no choice. From outside i was able to hear someone in his great voice when the ground was made to go silent. The robot handed me over a small gadget for my ears. It was a translator. A man with an authoritative voice spoke outside to everyone in the wild crowd.  “Each turn of the cycle of the moons this empire give you what you want like no other Planet can offer! Entertainment! We have gathered from afar off creatures, beings and even enslaved an Archangel! Hahahahaha! Battle! Shed your blood in fury! All of you inside your cages that hears my voice hear me say this! You are Entertainment! Choose!” The crowd continued on the next words “Entertain us!!! Kill for us! Fight for us! Freedom is your prize! Bore us! Die Instantly!”. The crowd then goes wild again then they were right away made silent. The man spoke again. The robot went up to me again and told me that i am next and i should choose my gadgets and weapons right away. There were alot on the huge shelves. I didnt want to do this. My thoughts dwell on my kids. What had happened to them? The last thing i recall is that there was an explosion on the ship. I was thrown afar off then i was knocked out. And my wife Sel, i saw that she was thrown afar off too. My tears fell for them. Maybe they are all dead and im the only one left alive. From the shelves i chose a sword. There were foot wear that can make you levitate. I wore one. There masks too that has special capabilities on them. One can analyze everything from pulse up to the organs inside of a creature and even inside machines. There are mechanical gloves that fires missiles and even lasers. There are armor too and of course a shield that comes out from a wrist band. I wore it. All the machines seems incredible. All of which have different logo that would suggest that it was stolen from other dominions. And i was thinking, what else could the others have? I was thinking that i will be facing a huge monster or a creature of the same height or size as i do but when the robot instructed me to go infront of the huge door and it opened I concluded that i could be terribly wrong! The Arena is twice the size of a football court and the crowd are thousands! And there are two gigantic screens on the left and right. It shows me. Everyone was going wild. The man who i was hearing awhile ago spoke but someone older than him pulled him back. I can see them from a distance with the eyewear that i was wearing. I was zooming on the upper most part of the Arena wherein i was sure, Leaders and possibly the King of the planet would be sitting. From both the left and right i can see two giants wielding swords, guards! They wear full mechanical armor. It was not clear if its day or night. I can see three planets close by on the sky and a bright light on far left. There are no planets of this formation from the Vandreen. It is from there that i realized that i am really far away from home, real far! I am a senator. I know and seen all the dominions in our galaxy! I can see from where i was standing the Special people of the Arena. I was zooming in on them and saw that the oldest was arguing with the younger one. It seemed like father and son. Then i saw him pointing at my direction. The crowd was going wild! Then the man from the elevated part of the Arena with the leaders raised both his arms and everyone ceased on screaming! The crowd is made of different creatures. There were humanoids too! The man spoke “A new day has emerge for our new Gladiator! And let me tell he is not just any other combatant that was given an honor to be where he is standing now! Monsters! Slimes! Entities! The Senator of Vandreen himself! Senator Ravi!!!” Everyone went wild upon hearing my name. Then the man who seemed to be the ruler of the Planet continued! “Battle tactics! Swordsmanship! And even the skills of the very warrior that we all once revered for the longest time and yet…of course he got cut in two! All in Senator Ravi’s memory!”. The crowd goes wild again and shouts in one accord! “Giant! Giant! Giant!”. The man made them go silent again and talked like a gentleman this time addressing directly to me. “Oh by the way Senator, i know youre confused. And that dizziness didnt come from the explosion. And let me introduce myself I am Emperor Hor-ex! Yes! I am also familiar to you, i must be. Your people chased me on your galaxy once but lets not talk more on that shall we?! And you heared what the crowd said…BRING OUT THE GIANT!”. From the other end of where i am standing, a huge light appeared! A huge giantic monster with horns on his head and sharp claws, standing like a minotaur with his long tongue, the crowd went real wild! It’s skin is clear from afar on which it is standing 40 feet tall, it looked concrete green and red. I can move real fast with the foot geat that i chose. The armor can also teleport me from only 10 feet radius. The sword can cut through gold. But it is nothing compared to the 8 fingers of the monsters with its blade like pointed nails. From my right, one of the creature was able to get my attention. It used a device to communicate to me. It informed me that the weak part is only his neck. The other weak part is his face but that will not an easy thing too. He also informed me not to use fire for it will only empower the monster in great rage. The most worrisome part that it informed me is that it may look brainless thinking of nothing but slash and eat but its brains are imprinted with the memories of the same warrior memories that i am imprinted on!

The gigantic screens showed me and the monster. From my distance i know that it is still a monster, the easiest way to kill a monster is for it to loose it’s temper. So from my left hand gear i fired a small rocket to its belly from where i was standing. I know it will get infuriated since it is where it tied up some body parts of other monsters that it ate. And everything fell on the ground! The monster ran amok towards me after it snapped it’s claws out real sharp and shining in metal like wolverine! I was able to spot that from where the Emperor is the older man was arguing with him. Calculating the monster, you cant side step on both corners its claws were long enough to reach you even on teleportation. And where would you hit it with its concrete hide? The target is the face or the neck. I was firing plasma bolts on its knees and was creating alot of dust from it. Still it’s speed didnt change. You can go head to head with a giant too especially the one with sharp claws. The firepower from my right mechanical arm was nothing but it was able to create a fog of dust, so thick that when the monster lunged his claws to cut me down i was able to hide from it.  I fired cables behind him on his ankles and it fell. I jumped real high to lunge my sword on its face but it is also quick and made a move slash me while on the air. The shield on my wrist band is impressive, it senses danger and it automatically came out throwing me afar off and before smashing my body on the walls, the thrusters on both my feet bursted out. The gigantic monster took out the cables on it’s feet. The crowd went wild. The creature that was giving me instructions communicated on me again. “Water! It’s skin will melt on water!”. But where the hell am i going to get water? I know he realizes that too. The giant regained composure, stood up and opened its mouth. It started to spew out smoke, black smoke! Then from the black smoke, fire!!!! My eyes widened in horror when it jumped at me right away. And again the shield automatically came out and this time it was wider! The giant monster attacked with fire but the shield withstood it. I almost got crushed when it striked its sharp claws! The shield was indestructible but the force is going to crush me. I bursted up to hit the monster’s face with the now wider shield and it almost stunned him. I was having thoughts of firing some missiles on the Emperor and then fly out of the arena but i dont think that there wont be some kind of shield to protect the Gladiators from flying out or firing at the VIPs including the Emperor who is now laughing at the scenery! My head was turning on his direction and the monster took advantage. I was thrown afar off from above and was trying to regain consciousness. The next thing i saw was that the monster was on top of me on the air with his right foot on to crush me. And from everyone’s view! I got crushed! Everyone went wild! The monster was still pushing with his foot onto where he thought i am now, crushed and dead. He wasnt able to see from his big foot that covered me, the teleportation light that got me on top of it’s head. And from there, i lunged my long huge sword on its brains. It is almost 10 feet long and 2 feet wide but it is incredible light weight. The left side who was cheering for the monster got cut off from their celebration of thinking that got crushed and then. The right side of the arena yelled out loud in return seeing that my sword pierce through victory inside the giant monster’s skull. It was still struggling to stay alive and had no clear mind anymore and it was slashing his face with its blade claws. It thought that i was still on it’s head. Until it’s right claw punctured its head and it fell dead even more. Everyone cheered out real loud! The gigantic screens showed my face and still i was thinking about my family. I wanted to cry. I was thinking that maybe they were horribly fed to other creatures. From there, i know theres nothing that i can do for them. I believed that they are dead. I know how planets are with these kind of entertainment. Captives are good for two things, Entertainment or nourishment.

The Emperor spoke “I think i made a mistake…oh no…You are not Senator Ravi… No i dont think you are him… Youre a Gladiator!!!”. Everyone yelled out loud. The sound of all their cheers is not a pleasing sound to my ears. It is an annoying misery for me. I want to fly out but i know, i cant just do that. The 4 giant guards appeared again on both sides with their swords. The robot communicated with me to get back slowly. Holding the sword on my right hand, my tears were falling. Maybe i shouldn’t have left Vandreen. And the story that happened in Luzon wherein a daughter of a Mayor was the only survivor to a massacre in their house one night. And her bf ended up as one of the suspect. Having no choice, the daughter of the Mayor Karla turned to an old ancestral house that they have in the mountains. The ancestral home turned out to be haunted by her dead relatives. Having no choice, being pursued by both cops and the killers, the haunted house with a chilling history about their clain is the only place safe for them two.

I am still writing the continuation in my cheap tablet. Next is the fight against the 4 armed dark green/black colored creature whose also taller than i am. Almost comparable to that picture above, i think it’s his cousin. Recalled something too…apart from this inter-galactic mayhem that i was in before. With the helped of the others, we were able to get this inter-galactic teenage violet-skinned entertainer to sing infront of the door, in which only her voice can open.  Ill try to recall that too. And i also have a faint memory of what we did in this one earth world in New York. There were 4 of us, one africa american and one female. It’s a story about a human that’s been overwhelmed by a powerful force and it is prophecied that only the 4 individuals from different parallel earths can stop the human that’s not himself. I can still recall that later on we found out that the human is actually just a little girl. And the only way to stop her rampage like Jean Grey in the X-Men movie is to kill her. And the Scariest place on Earth. In the Parallel world, it is located in the desert. An underground cave that will lead you to a relic guarded by Red Devils.

Plus, i might write down the story here as to how i rescued one 14 year old girl from her kidnappers because her stupid brother Vincent infuriated their enemies with his boastful talks over the phone. It’s a short story actually, her sister just ran to the car and no furthermore shootout happened. I might write that one here. And yeah i recall now. the adventure with my Super Secret-Agent ex-Girlfriend, we ended up at the earth’s core!!! It happened here during my vacation from my Carnival life!

And also about the Portal to another world! Or maybe the Parallel World of this earth. It’s a 20 ft swim to the bottom, situated on a mountain resort! In one Parallel Earth, it was not 20ft! So what we did is to dig it down and make the depth 20 ft.! And it worked! No breathing apparatus…touch the floor on the 20ft swim down. It’s actually guarded by enchanted beings. Now in this world, i dont know what’s the twist. Maybe you have to do it at night or maybe only by day. Or maybe the most difficult thing is that its on a predetermined cycle. Worse, maybe lets say during an eclipse! Or more worse, maybe only someone who has travelled on all worlds that exists now. Only someone who has the frequency of all worlds inside him. Or more worse than that worsest of all crap, the depth has to be more than 20ft, maybe it has be 50ft now. That’s one hell of a story!


Ravi! In different tongues the crowd composed of different races, horned, tailed, spiked, two headed, tentacled and even humanoids all mixed in one cheer for me. The sound of their applause is a pollution to my ears and they were all entertained. That is why I’m walking back to my cell just on the side of the arena. My thoughts dwell on my family, my tears fell for them. Maybe this is what I’ve got in return for the deaths of everyone in the plagued continent. Both young and aged perished in just a flash. There is no cure for the virus that will turn them into an abominable deformity. Maybe the God that some of them worshipped has cursed my family especially me. When I got inside my cell the doors secured me in. The robot whom is part organic advised me. “Do not put yourself too much in such grief, believe me if you want to live longer. No use weakening yourself for the dead.” He left me with a table of very nice food of all kinds. I didn’t ate yet. My mind dwelt much on my family. I can still recall my son talking to his older sister informing him that he will join the Armed Legion when his age permits. His sister cuts him short. “…You mean when mom permits” I was listening to them on one side and very amused. I recall Sel my wife talking while setting on the navigation. “So, maybe this time you will be able to put more attention on me…”. She has no idea the kind of attention that I was planning on later with her. Like any other race in the alliance, we lavish only once on our intimate desires only ones sometimes twice in what you call a year in this earth. Libido is power. We recognize that fact that’s why Vandreen has never been intimidated by other races. My tears fell for my family. Then I recall one time when the rectangular white ship of God The Father, the leader of the alliance visited us. In front of everyone wearing white raiment that glows extravagantly he tells us all and the entire planet was watching him “…whosoever among you will call on me and ask for my help with faith, I will hear him and I will give him directions. He will not suffer defeat”. All the senators was amused of him. Some laughed and said “We don’t need him, we have Vandreen”. Yes. We all put so much faith on the existence of Vandreen. It is on that very moment that i believed deep inside and felt God the Father’s words to be reliable and I knelt right away and prayed “God the Father help me. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what happened to my family.Help me. ” After that, I ate and it was really good.

There is no darkness in that planet. I recall that it is this dominion that we are after because of space piracy but their importance slipped my mind. After considerable hours of sleep, I dreamt. It was weird, it is as if I am a father and a husband to one different race in a beautiful planet and we are not humanoids. In that dream, we were happy as a family. The others live far away. The vegetation was nourishment enough. My loving wife and my proud son. Then a huge ship hovered down on our planet! It took my wife and son but our race was able to free them, in turn I was deceived and taken. It was weird! It is as if it was really me. I also dreamt of how I was conditioning myself. The robot informed me that I must train and he will take me to the training chambers, in there I was given instructions and warnings. I saw and met other races. None.of them talked much. We can never be friends. What’s the point? Were all going to kill each other anyway.

When I got back inside my spacious holding area there were new gadgets, armor, weapons and even over all face covering. The items they took from piracy! The robot told me, “Entertainment. Make them all love you and you will live longer. That is what you are now!”. One by one.I inspected my new toys inside my cell and I also tried it. The food is always delicious. It.increased my muscle mass and it made me taller. In my mind “Entertainment, if that is what I’m cursed to be then I will give them a good show that they’ve never seen before. If this is what I am now then so be it, everyone on that arena will end up in pieces with me” .

I will be continuing on this story maybe by tomorrow night or the next night. Saw this news about Power Rangers. In this other media i mentioned one story about them. Its me again! It’s a dark story and not a ridiculous childish genre and i hope the writers of X-Men will really do a good job coz that’s whats on the news. Anyway, with mine the Power Rangers Story. We were not really called Power Rangers there. No one called us Power Rangers! We didnt call ourselves that and we are just 3. We are college students who stumbled on a lost boy who asked for help and i took him on my house together with two of my friends. Later on that night at my home all alone with the boy we got attacked by an armored alien! That’s where he confessed where he came from and from what he did  to the armored alien, i believed him. The outfit is also different. It resembles the ironman suit except that only vital portions of the limbs and the body are covered by the armor. And a long saber on the hip that would really cut off a man in half. One similar thing with the movie here is that when we transform we really have to say “It’s Morphin Time!” The boy is a prince from another planet. Before his father lost his breath after being attacked in their home planet, he sent him to earth with the powers to give to the rightful ones that can protect him. It was months after the first attack of the aliens and the three of us got a beating. We realized that we have to train on how to handle a sword and we have to get real fit. So we trained real hard not letting  everyone know what were training for. The aliens were not childs play, theyre comparable to the mortal enemies of The Predator. Theres no giant robot too. Later on, one Chinese guy who was a witness to our battle with the aliens approached us and offered help to train us. We got lucky that night that he was there watching us defend the place! He insisted that our fighting techniques is not enough to protect the innocent like him and his family. And that he believes that it will not be long that we will get killed.  The chinese guy trained us.  The armor is capable of jumping from almost 50 feet, you can magnet yourself on the walls. But you cant fly. Your speed, strength and agility is amplified 50x too. Still without the proper skills and technique, youre gonna end up impaled by the aliens and eaten by them. One of us almost got killed when the aliens attacked us separately in our homes. The ceiling and everything fell on her, she hasnt transformed yet. They thought she was dead. Luckily she was able to transform even with those debris on top of her and she surprised her attackers exploding out of the piel of debris with her sword.

To be continued…


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