Sacrifice : The Bruce Wayne Story

“I am not asking you to do everything for me Bruce, i know you have your own plans in life. We all do. Your mother is even planning to leave me and go back to Ireland! I know she told you everything that i want you to be. But now is not the time for you to understand the things I want for Gotham. I dont want to see everything that i have built for go to nothing. Someday you will have to make a choice. You will understand. I know you will. Youre a smart boy. But we all make sacrifices, we all do. Someday at the right time i will make sure that you will make your own too. And that will be not just for me but you and everyone in Gotham. You will have no choice. Your are my son… You will make that sacrifice.”

I was just a young boy, dad brought me to this special place near the manor. He said it’s where he would always find time to think of everything in his life. It’s where he would plan things for himself. And it’s where he proposed to my mom. At that time, when he was talking to me, i think he was rude. Sacrifice at a very young age of a man is hard to grasp. What is Sacrifice? Mom scolded dad after i asked her all about Sacrifice when we went back home.

Never forget your first time. I didn’t! It was at that night that I became one with the ideal of something that can not be broken. An ideal that came from my father’s last will. I trained and I transformed everything in me into something that I thought I don’t have to be. It is also at that point that I recalled my father’s words about sacrifice. And after realizing things through my own eyes I decided to be what I am wearing now, I decided to honor my father’s last will in which I initially turned down.   I never thought it will end up like this. I have to make the sacrifice. Without my sacrifice all that my father have worked for will be lost, without sacrifice Gotham will be lost, without my sacrifice the secrecy of our endeavors in the US military will be lost to the enemies of the American race. And without sacrifice I can never be trully happy with the woman I love. I am the one that must make the sacrifice, why? Because i am  Gotham. My family is Gotham. The Wayne family is Gotham and this is it, the only solution in order to maintain Gotham I must make the sacrifice. Because I alone can secure what my father have worked for in the past. My thoughts dwell on my fiancee and her family. If I don’t do this what kind of Gotham will our son grow up to? So that is why I will become who I must be, the embodiment of the Wayne family’s sacrifice. I guess maybe a year or two, everything will be solved. Standing tall and wearing the armor without the mask yet, that is what I am thinking.

Alfred spoke to me before getting in front of my Tank.

“If your father was in the same age you are now, he would have done the same…make him proud…If Brenda calls I’ll tell her youre at the Pentagon.”

A year and a half in the making, I wore the mask… “Alright dad… Here’s goes half of your fortune. If this doesn’t work, you’ll just have to find another guy.”

Next…  The beginning of it all.

Story update August 5, 2014.

When I was just a young boy there were times that I would feel bad things about our family. It is as if i knew the time will come that something bad will happen to us. I always had this feeling of badluck. Sometimes Alfred doesn’t get to pick me up but a big man and always in a hurry with the others. Dad is always at the manor inside his office with people that I haven’t seen before at the gatherings. They’re the ones that dad would make mom upset. Every time I see them at the house they never smile. It is as if their endeavors is not something to be taken lightly. Dads always tensed but resolved. New Project. That’s what he would always tell mom. She doesn’t want to get involved. But that’s how it always has been at the manor. People who are always seemed to be in a hurry and looks serious with their moves and faces. Never saw one of them smile. Theyre working on a new project. That’s what mom would always tell me. At one time I heared dad in a loud voice outside his office at the house while i was playing “The President could never be part of this”. Then an hour after that a displeased man went out of dads office and passed by me playing with my toy. I greeted him but he just passed by saying “You are going to grow up all by yourself someday..”. I never told anyone about it. Mom doesn’t want to do anything with those weird people. She would often be out of town on a business trip. Shell be gone for a month and sometimes two. One morning mom and dad told me that dad is going out of the country for a long time and we should pray that their project goes well. Before dad left with his men he hugged me tight. “This is for you Bruce…”. I can see that dad did the same to mom, he hugged her real tight. Mom cried a bit and I knew from there that its not about business. A month came and even three months then one morning mom hurried to me inside my room and told me that dads coming! From the way I analyzed things, they were able to accomplish a very crucial task and their lives were at stake.

Mom is the one whose always managing the business and she’s always not around. I don’t get to roam around the city always and not with at least 10 men with dad and mom. I don’t know how hard it is to explain things but I guess that’s just the way we are. My parents went overseas together and it took them months. Things went real boring with only Alfred around. But everything that i need and all that i wanted was just only a pen and piece of paper away.

Then the day that would mark the beginning of a new life started. I’m not a big guy at school and I often get bullied.. One afternoon at school i ended up in a fight, 3 to one. Of course we ended up at the directors office. After class in the aftenroon, walking to the waiting are inside the garden landscaped school, Alfred excitedly hurried to me and told me that mom and dad is with him. He also got surprised to see my black eye. There were more or less 12 people from a distance and I was already worried that mom might scold me for fighting at school. Alfred was calm “Just tell them the truth anyway it was not your fault”. Mom and dad was being surrounded by the big men, when we got close to them, mom approached me real upset “Tell me what happened!”. I explained to them that it was not my fault and they can talk to the director if they want. But mom explained that there’s no time and we have to leave. I can see dad from an distance explaining to four of his men and he slightly put his eyes on me. One of the mother of the boys that beat me up went to mom to apologize and she apologized to me too. Then mom said “We have to live now, you go on a separate car. Tomorrow. we will go to that place you mentioned over phone tomorrow alright?” Mom then turned her back in a hurry after kissing and hugging me, dad was walking towards us to talk to me too but mom restrained her in his right arm. So dad just left some words from a distance  Mom scolded him too while walking saying “Do not motivate your son to vengeful!”.

We were on a convoy of three cars. Mom and dad took the red car in front while me and Alfred took the black one behind. Inside the car Alfred asked me “Well how did it go Master Bruce?”. I answered “Were going to that place that I told you about”. I was explaining to Alfred when suddenly we heared an explosion! I saw that the red car in front of us exploded while were  on the road! I was able to hear the exchange of messages of dads men over the radio. “Go go go! Move pass it! Follow the drill!”. The black car just moved on and real fast. “Falcon one, this is a bad idea! I can see two choppers on the screens here, we should go back”.”Roger that black eagle, were turning around!” The convoy made a turn to go back when they spotted choppers near the mountain. I was able to see the red car that my parents took and its blazing in fire in the middle of the road. I asked Alfred about mom and dad and if they’re ok. His eyes were in tears and told me “Theyre ok! Just sit tight…”. He was very tensed. The nearest and safest place is the school so we went back there. Dads men instructed Alfred, “Your duty is to keep the boy safe no matter what, you understand?”. He was in a hurry and holding his machine gun. I was still able to hear him after closing the door “Take your positions and do not let them get pass that fountain! Shoot everything that comes out of the tree line.Secure the back!” There were shootings and explosion after half an hour. It went for a long time. Then Alfred decided to spill out the bad news because I kept asking him.“Master Bruce, your father begged me once that it is possible that he and your mother may be lost in an accident. He said hes going to do everything for me if I promise not to leave you until the last breath of my life. Master Bruce, I heared what your father told you awhile go. He told you to be brave… so please be brave to what I am going to tel you. Your parents was lost in that explosion. They were inside that car. And those men shooting at your dads men are the ones responsible. Be brave Master Bruce…” In my innocent age, i didnt know what to think, it’s hard to understand and to put together the belief of mom and dad being gone. They were actually in that blazing car that we passed by when we turned around.

I didn’t know what to say and I didn’t cry yet. Alfred hugged me while we were hearing gunshots outside. “Be Brave Master Bruce, be Brave…”.

Story update August 6, 2014.

There is not just one world. There are other dominions owned by God the Father and the members of The Union of Kings. They are the dominant alliance in EXISTENCE. As long as the events in other worlds is made aware to all worlds, they can never be taken. Everything is all about frequency, the brain is in tuned to the frequency in all Universes and Multi-verses. Anyone’s creativity that was put in public and brought to the world’s awareness is the frequency that have gotten to it’s creator. It is the reality from other worlds.

Call that funny but, there are Christians who believe those words to be true. Ive read that book in Indonesia years ago. But then who am i? Im just supposed to be some people’s object of suffering delight! hahahahaha!

So here continues of what happened back there where a coup happened in America. Wrote this hours ago in my tablet.

I am Prime Minister Bruce Wayne, this is where my sacrifice brought me now. It brought me at the Presidential seat now located at the tallest skyscraper in New York after the coup wherein the President himself blew up The White House. I can also recall that moment the General shouted in reply to his threat “Then we will all have to start all over again!’. And these are the memories that I keep on pondering with every time the luxury of solitude visits me at my office. And now here I am, recalling the day, the very first day that I met my wife. First lady Rachel Dawes.And I always can’t help it, for it was in those days where in my early age I was struggling to live a normal life without my parents. It makes my tears fell every time I recall that day, the day where I shed all my tears for my parents at the funeral. Their coffins are being lowered down and from the crowd I ran in front of the grave, Alfred restrained me but I was strong enough to get off from his hands. In front of them I spoke my last words for them two. “I won’t be afraid dad! I promise…and mom I’ll never forget all the things you said to me. I promise I’ll never forget them too.”. No one saw me cry at the manor or at the conference. But this time I knew it was the final minute of being close to them and that’s where I realized what I haven’t grasped yet, mom and dad will be gone and they’re gone forever. Everyone who has to shed blood for other people has their own traumatic experience. That was mine in a very early age in that world.

First 30 days of my life after the funeral was spent at the manor and no one else there but Alfred. One time I saw a little girl roaming around below the narrow beach at the back of the manor situated down below. I was surprised because no one goes there and now there’s a little girl so I hurried to get to her. I was strolling around too and same thing with her, I’m not supposed to be where I am. She was drowning when I got to her. I took a long stick and made her grab it. Luckily I was able to save her. She was trying to get the ball that fell off from above.

-“Are you OK?”

-“Oh my , moms gonna get upset. Thanks for saving me. I’m Rachel”

-“My name is Bruce and you’re not supposed to be here. Kids aren’t supposed to be in this place.”

-“Oh really? Then you’re not supposed to be here too.”

Without warning Rachel kissed me in the cheek. Then continued on her talk.

-“You saved my life! I live just over there”

I got horrified when she said that.

-“What? You mean at the haunted house?”

-” Its not haunted! You bumblebrat, The Dawes family owns that place. You must be a Wayne.” Dad told me about the manor next to us”

I heated Alfred shouting for me so we said our goodbyes and parted.

After a week I went through psychiatric help. They thought I might need it. I can still recall what the lady psychiatrist told me.. .” Life is not just supposed to be here in this place…its.boring here. You need to be


To be continued in this blogspot


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