The Last December

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I am supposed to write about The Story on Van Helsing but i have already written it 4 years ago.  Thought it was not as detailed as what im planning to write again, its boring doing it all over again. It by the way involves the book that has no name. It is colored maroon and divided into two. The other half is colored white pages. The other half is in black.  To an ordinary man, the pages are nothing but blank spaces. To a holy man, the white pages contains writings only decipherable to him. The other half of the book which is colored in black is only decipherable to a man destined to awaken the lord of defilement. Anyway, in that world the first time i opened it, it was nothing but blank pages! Its the book that me and Karol around the Vatican and the nearby homes of Italy which is under attack by evil spirits possessing everyone. I think the most horrifying scene that me and Karol stumbled upon is this home wherein there was this old woman sitting on the floor and facing down sideways. It was dark and only his entirety is visible to us. The entire room which is very spacious is all pitch black. She was murmuring when we came in. The door was not locked. Come to think of it, it is really very lucky for us that we never stumbled on that family earlier on wherein Karol was not yet ready. He was not yet able to discover everything within him. Before that house, we were walking really jolly on a dark street. No one was around at 730pm. Everyone was inside on locked doors because of the frequent possession. And i  was joking Karol about his wife and how was his first time with her. He made me promise not to tell anyone. I guess, its his way of showing off since i would often refer to his woman like mannerism. Its just funny messing with Karol with those talks, it amuses me with his responses.

Anyway, when we opened the door we were sure that there was trouble there for it was not locked. And it was Karol who suggested to investigate inside the house. Then we stumbled on this old woman sitting on the floor. She was murmurring! Karol stepped infront after my talks of offering her help from a distance didnt seem to matter. I told Karol that its not a good idea touching her. But he insisted and tried to hold her shoulder but then the old woman just stood up like she was a doll on strings being held up just like that. Her eyes were gleaming red and it seemed like shes never slept for a day. Then she spoke “Who do you pray for? What do you pray for? Time will come that there will be no one else to pray to.”. She smiled hideously and then spoke again “So have the two of you made your prayers? Have you prayed for him? And how about you have you prayed for your friend?  Have you prayed already so that that it may take you in to the light!” As soon as she said that, the entire place lighted up. All the candles lighted up. And we were both shocked to see 3 kids aging 5 to 8. One female and two males. Two adults male and female and one old woman. And then another man. All of them were floating upside down in the air like their balloons in the sky moving slowly. Karol ran back behind me while telling him “Now you know why i told you not to touch her.”. He replied “You go first again!”. The Archbishop stripped me off of all my weapons. They said that there will be no killing but only reading. The possessed are innocent people. So its always me first wrestling the possessed then while restraining them Karol would read the incantation from the book. The long crystal thing that the priests gave me got broken 2 days before that. Its shaped like a primitive handgun in which pointed to the possessed it will have him loose consciousness for us to read the incantation. The old woman which is obviously possessed holding both her hands and slowly walking towards us with her big smile was talking with her scary voice which is obviously not hers “I have asked these people the same thing! Look at them! What do you think were their answers? Do they know how to pray? hahahaha! Now answer me! Have the two of you prayed for each other?!”. I hurried to restrain the old women but she threw me off and then rushed to me holding me in my neck trying to choke me but i was also holding both her hands from squeezing my neck entirely. She was very strong and slammed me against the wall and she lifted me up several feet from the ground with her floating in the air. Karol shouted “Mr. Vanhelsing do not hurt her!”. It was really one inappropriate suggestion basing on the situation and shouted at him “Tell that to her!”. The old woman kept on asking and taunting while she was elevating me up against the wall holding my neck.”Have you said your prayers for him? Do you even know how to pray?! Tell me!!!”. Karol started to read the book and the old woman put me down, he tried to ran to Karol but i jumped on her and she went on top of me again shouting the same thing “Do you know how to pray?!”. I replied taking off her hands off my neck overwhelming her strength “Every hour and every minute!”. Karol warned me again not to hurt her so i just went behind her to put her to sleep. She tried to struggle to get me off but she lost her air. And Karol read the words from the book.

Thats all ill write about that. Lets start with the love story that everyone is amused about at the facility in the Patriot Program. I cant seem to recall everything yet in that world and living that life as part of a relaxation period but this is all just to it for now.

Month of June of the modern time, London.

This is a love story.

I work as as the New Accounts personnel at The Bank of The United Chambers of Commerce. Morning and everything seems to be as how it was as with the other days. Normally i would take most of my job from one of the senior female employees of the bank. Shes aged almost 40 and also direct with her instructions. She doesnt like to repeat herself.

From a distance sitting among everyone else in my own desk there’s this woman that caught my attention. She’s in my estimate 5’7 and fair skinned, red hair and beautifully worried face. She keeps looking at her papers then was making calls. In my mind “Hey stop calling the nanny, I already told her what to do with junior. She’s might be busy doing the laundry.”. I was telling myself she looks good in my apartment. Theres one lucky guy out there. She must be talking to someone from home. Half an hour have passed and I’ve got people asking me some little overview bout car loans. I was scanning some papers and trying to see how much work load I’m gonna get later on at 1pm. My job responsibility changes at the middle of the day.  I’m kinda feeling like Stanley Ipkiss. Looking down on the papers a voice enters my ears “Good Morning! Is this where I could talk to about making a loan in this bank?” I was not looking up yet and I replied “One fine day!Take a seat please!”. When I look to whose my next listener to my scripted explanation, I got startled. Her hair and her eyes, her lips. I don’t know why but I was like in a trance. I was imagining holding her in my left arm while my right hand was shooting down ninjas and then she looks at me and her lips gets closer. That thought got cut off when she raised her voice a bit “…the collateral!hello! Are you listening to me?”.

Its the beautiful woman that I was observing just awhile ago!

-A yes, we will require an applicant to file finance records. If you’re an employee you will have to…
-No! Havent you been listening to me? I said I want to know how can I avail of a business loan. I have an existing business going on. And what are the requirements? What are you going to ask for a collateral? See? That’s what I’ve been talking about.Collateral.

She got really upset. She was already explaining things and I was dreaming in front of her.

– Oh I’m sorry most of my customers were asking me bout car loans. And yours is obviously not. Actually our existing plans with your nature of loan does not require a collateral. I’m sorry but only people with businesses tied up to this bank and its affiliates can avail of your certain type of loan. I’m sorry…

She asked for more explanation and options. I gave her a lot of options. Suggested some banks too but she was there already. She was utterly broken down. She looked like she really needed it. Looking down and disappointed she was asking me if theres something I could do and talk to the manager. But its really impossible. I felt real bad. I wish I could help her. Its like the world fell down on her. Her upset mode at me has now turned one disappointing moment for her. Felt real bad. I was suspecting she really needed the money to save her business. When she got up and left she apologized for the way she acted at first. Told her fault. I was not in the same world with her, told her that. Her name is Miss Jennifer Hicks. I made her sign the form for new accounts out of  getting out of place when she cut me off my imagination. I was not supposed to do that. It was lunch break and I still felt connected with Jennifer’s bad feeling. Felt a bit sympathetic and kind of affected too. It was 2pm and the boss still haven’t called me in. If he doesn’t call me in then my duties in the desk doesn’t change. Still thinking deeply, I took out Jennifer’s file. New accounts. Shes not supposed to fill out that form. Scanning through the details, she’s single! 25 and she owns a restaurant! I’ve been thinking deeply. There a way to get the amount of loan that she wants but I’ll have to be the guarantor. She’s got a resto! Why not? I took more time thinking. Then I thought of becoming stockholder of her resto. OK her phone number is here. She needs help. Its not about ninjas. Its about her resto! So that’s what I did, i called her up and told her to get to this place and told them that I’m his friend and I’ll be the guarantor. And I’ll meet with her there too. Tonight! She insisted tonight. She was very happy and was not expecting me to help her furthermore. She called me a lifesaver and I just laughed. I told her see ya at 8pm at my friends place. She replied its a date! In my mind O my God! This is really happening. I’m going to be in a date with Jennifer. Just as after putting down the phone the boss called me in Hey Mark! Let’s go. Its all here!

Ill be continuing this and also about the things that would sometimes transpire at the office in the bank. And of course Mrs… I cant recall her name yet. Shes in her 40s, i get most of my work from her!






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